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publié le 6 janvier 2018 Beauté › Soins

Zimperium researcher Simone Margaritelli has hacked his coffee machine finding a way to brew coffee using the command line.Margaritelli (@evilsocket) says he reverse engineered the app used to control the Smarter AM coffee machine.It means hackers can choose to ignore apps when they need a coffee and instead stumble over to a laptop and bash away at a terminal.There is some usefulness however; Margaritelli says he and other hackers might prefer the code crunching as they work from laptops.Since I work from home, most of the times I’m using the computer keyboard, not a smartphone, therefore I wanted a console client for it, Margaritelli says[This is] something that the vendor never released, so I started reversing the Android application in order to understand the communication protocol and write my own client implementation. His hacking did not uncover serious security bugs but it would let fellow hackers on the same network as the coffee machine to mess with its firmware without requiring authentication, something that could leave the device bricked.Even if the mobile app requires you to register an account, access to port 2081 is completely unauthenticated [so] anyone on your network could access it and even flash a new firmware with no authentication required.

The company was last year found to be spilling WiFi passwords all over London through vulnerabilities in its iKettle line.The devices would brew cleartext WiFi passwords when a physical attacker shipped a disassociation packet to the devices, after setting up a mimic SSID WiFi network.Attackers would gain their target's WiFi password when the device reconnects to their evil access point.The same Pen Test Partners researchers mapped iKettles across London making the attack vector significantly more fun. Episode 13 S I just need a bit of help with the O.I.A.A.P. the new Boss blurts, bowling into Mission Control with a folder tucked under his arm....The Overarching Information And Architecture Project, the Boss says, too green to know whether our blank expressions are genuine or whether we're being obstructive.You know you're not suppose to capitalise the A in AND, don't you? the PFY says, opting for obstructive. It smacks of desperation. It should just be O.I.A.P.The Overarching Information And Architecture Project aims to determine the systems we have, the systems we need and what systems we will need into the future.I'm sorry, I say. I think I may have temporarily lapsed into a coma - It's a medical condition. I have a note.

And Overarching bit is a little redundant too isn't it? The PFY chips in. I mean you could just call it the I.A.P and it would still be the same thing.Just a quick slap, I urge the Boss. Then really put the slipper in when he goes down. It's the only thing he understands.There are five main exercises undertaken by managers who don't have the wherewithal to do their job but want to look like they're contributing: Either way, it's a black hole into which time and energy will be poured whereas the maximum workplace benefit would be derived from nailing the Boss into an airtight soundproof cupboard in the basement with an open drum of calcium chloride for several months.It's a fairly transparent attempt to get rid of everything we have here that he doesn't understand and replace it with some lame version of the same thing which costs four times as much, does half the job but produces a nicely coloured pie graph. So we're probably talking E.And we all know who the one respondent was - a crawly sycophantic toerag from the Hell Desk who thinks he can suck his way to the top by agreeing with every inane thought which crosses the Boss' mind.So it's Catch 22 - If providing input to this process is a drain on your time and will to live, being on the Committee is like being immersed in a jar of turd-scented treacle with a urinal drain as a snorkel. Which accounts for the lack of respondents.

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YOU MISSED THE CHAIR! I say, a couple of seconds even later, AND BANGED YOUR HEAD ON THIS RUGGEDISED LAPTOP.You only get a chance to use the old master reset on a Boss a couple of times in their career before the deja vu kicks in - and if you've got to play that card you may as well play it to get out of being on a Committee. Especially a committee like this one which a scope so open-ended it could see you through to retirement.As it turns out while we dodged a bullet avoiding the committee we collected a 40 pound shell we got slapped onto the working party. Apparently the first thing the newly-formed two-man committee did was create a list of people who would be on the two-man working group - the PFY and myself.So perhaps one too many master-resets after all.Now the Committee of an infrastructure and architecture project has the dubious pleasure of scores of seemingly endless meetings to decide upon a project framework, project goals and project champions before getting down to the real nitty-gritty important stuff of deciding the font to use in the survey document, but the Working Group will be the people who'll actually administer the survey.They'll talk to people individually, collate their responses, analyse those responses against the project framework and present the analysis to the committee so that it can be completely ignored when the Boss does everything he wanted to do in the first place but needed an investigation to support.

so to give you a bit of background for your questions I thought I'd give you an overview of our EXISTING infrastructure first I say to the Boss and sycophant. So you have a better idea of what we have and what we do and what to ask.So we've got.... nothing? the sycophant says sarcastically, gesturing around the mostly empty room.Not quite nothing, I say, pointing as I step backwards through the door. There's that large drum. And this nail gun.BT customers are unable to delete BT Yahoo email services - despite an exodus of users seeking to leave the security-challenged webmail biz.Since allegations arose that Yahoo built an app to enable it to scan all of its users' emails at the request of US intelligence, many users have sought to delete their email accounts.That was in addition to Yahoo!'s confession last month that hackers had stolen the credentials for at least 500 million of its customer email accounts.BT had outsourced its webmail hosting to Yahoo - and has a total of 7 million accounts. BT had said a minority of its customer base had been affected by the breach, but declined to say how many.

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One of customer got in touch to report that BT customers are currently being locked into their BT Yahoo email service.A recent screengrab of a customer attempting to use this function seen by The Register reads: “Sorry the delete feature is currently unavailable. This feature will become available by the end of September.The customer said BT/Yahoo! had also made it impossible for BT customers to configure the forwarding of emails to a third party address from their BT Yahoo addresses.He said: BT is being about as communicative as Trappist monks about this.He added: BT refuse to acknowledge any contractual responsibilities to customers with regard to email as they see email as a freebie add-on to the broadband service.Other customers have also complained on BT's forum. One said: Help! I have tried to delete email sub accounts but unable to do so. Any help and or advice will be greatly appreciated.Another complained: It's October BTYahoo get it sorted or did you mean September 2020?Apparently these problems also affect customers who have migrated to the new BTMail email provider Critical Path/Openwave.

A BT spokesman told The Register: “We apologise to customers who have been unable to delete their Yahoo! account. We are working quickly to sort this out and expect to have this fixed soon.” US trade watchdog the FTC has terminated second-hand electronics reseller Laptop & Desktop Repair in Sparks, Nevada – after the biz shafted people out of millions of dollars.The company, operating under such names as,,, and, offered online quotes for used smartphones and laptops.Once the quote had been calculated, people sent in their hardware for assessment and were given a much lower revised quote – typically between 3 and 10 per cent of the original amount offered.They had three to five days to request that their hardware be returned, but the FTC found that the company seldom answered its phones and was closed on weekends, even though the firm counted Saturdays and Sundays in its time limits.This is a classic case of bait-and-switch updated for the 21st century, said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.The defendants in this case lure consumers with false promises of generous payments, then hold consumers hostage once they have mailed their devices to the company.After an investigation by the FTC and the US state of Georgia, the biz has now been shut down and had its assets seized. The FTC said it had received thousands of complaints about the firm, which kind of makes you wonder what took them so long.

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