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publié le 9 janvier 2018 Beauté › Tatouages

Same issue with two desktops and two Kindles: one PC is home built with Win10 Pro. The other, a Dell with Windows 10 Home. Both fail with a BSOD when I plug the Kindle into a USB 3 port. Both work fine when I plug the Kindle into a USB 2 port. Both worked with USB 3 ports prior to the Anniversary Update. Oddly, my Surface Pro3 which has only one USB3 port works fine. All very mysterious. So far, there is no mention of any fix, and no word from Microsoft. One workaround is to plug the Kindle into the machine during boot-up or while the computer is sleeping. That seems to avoid crashing the operating system.Analysis Sprint and T-Mobile US are introducing "all you can eat" internet plans, and as you might expect, someone at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco is horrified. Somebody always is.The EFF tut-tutted at dirt-poor Indian farmers getting Ceefax pages on their mobiles for free – and the Indians obligingly banned it. The EFF tut-tutted at Netflix peering directly with big ISPs to remove stutter from its movie streams, a much more efficient delivery arrangement that actually saved Netflix some money. The EFF tut-tutted at T‑Mobile US for working with video providers so videos wouldn't count against your bandwidth cap. But the Binge On deal proved so popular with customers, the EFF looked silly, and even sillier after Google joined Binge On.

It seems that no good deal can go unpunished, whatever it is – and if it offends the slacktivists' idea of internet purity, then it must be forbidden.T‑Mobile US' problems with its ambitious new all-you-can-eat deal aren't oddball activists, but economics and physics. All-you-can-eat internet plans are never really all you can eat – nor can you reasonably expect them to be, given finite resources and cost constraints. And not one, anywhere, has lasted very long.Deutsche Telekom-owned T‑Mobile US is the third largest of the four national mobile networks in America, and so it likes to make splashy pronouncements. It even pretends not to be a mobile network at all. But fair play to them, under CEO John Legere, T‑Mobile US has tried to simplify pricing, improve customer service, and innovate where it can, surpassing Sprint in the process.The odd thing about T‑Mob's One plan is the echo of H3UK's One plan, launched in 2010. Back then, Hutchison's 3 was the fifth largest out of five operators and also liked to make splashy announcements. The One plan was a great way to entice new customers, and 3 shifted a lot of iPhones. But after four years it scaled 3 back, as it repositioned itself more upmarket. The One Plan became "unlimited data plus tethering," and you can still buy an unlimited bucket from 3. Now called the "Advanced Plan," it costs 33 quid and 30GB of hotspot data is thrown in, when you commit for a year.

T-Mobile US's One plan introduces a new pricing structure that rewards multi-SIM family packages but makes the on-ramp quite a bit steeper. It's $70 for one SIM, the second is $50, and each additional line is $20. So a family of four pays $40 a head for unlimited LTE. If you're Octomom, the price goes down to $20 per line.(T-Mo says lower-priced plans will continue, starting at $50 for 2GB, but this is clearly a push to volume users and away from bargain hunters.)T-Mobile US says the highest three per cent of users – those using more than 26GB of high-speed data per month – "may see their data traffic prioritized behind other users once they cross that threshold during their billing month."CCS Insight notes that "in general, plans have adjusted to reasonable modern-day data use," meaning that you get what you pay for.The biggest complaint about the small print that comes with AYCE plans is tethering. Laptop users expect broadband quality, not downsampled video streams. And they burn through a lot of data. T‑Mobile US has put tethering outside the One plan, as a $15 bolt-on, and that buys you 5GB of data.It seems a sensible precaution. Full high-def video will also require an extra $25 a month per SIM. Ouch. Experience suggests that as long as operators put the caveats up front, people don't care. It's the bill shock that they really do mind.

For connoisseurs of net neutrality nuttiness, the Witchfinder General Barbara van Schewick offered the most far-fetched reasons for why T‑Mobile US's Binge On was eeeevil, here [PDF]."A customer who has used almost all of her data could still binge on HBO, but would be unable to make an important video call with her doctor," she wrote. And best of all: "Binge On harms free expression by favoring commercial entertainment over other forms of video content." Like watching lectures by law professors on net neutrality, I suppose, or Albanian folk-dancing. So-called artificial intelligence reader performs reality check Email is a fundamental format for modern life, but one that many of us have yet to fully understand.While a concise/firm response may seem perfect to you, others may see it as, shall we say, a little rude. Likewise, your careful and accurate rundown can often result in people's eyes glazing over and failing to respond with the information you asked for (at the end of the 800-word exposition).Boomerang says it hopes to change all this with an artificial intelligence reader that plugs into your Gmail and will let you know if your email is going off the rails in terms of length, subjectivity, politeness and so on. And it breaks each part down, providing you with the overall likelihood of you receiving a response to the email you are about to send.

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Hands On Microsoft’s Continuum is one of the spookiest computing experiences you can have. Either plug a phone into a dock, or turn on a nearby wireless display and keyboard, and the phone doubles up as an ersatz Windows PC. No more lugging a laptop around.Back in January, we described Continuum reviewers as sharing the surprise and disdain that Samuel Johnson had for women preachers. So has much changed? Is Continuum still a limited use novelty or a transformative feature, allowing you to shed multiple devices for one very powerful, pocketable one?HP is betting on the latter. HP has put a lot of thought and work into making Continuum usable, and so finding a profitable business niche. It’s about to debut not just a powerful Continuum-capable phone, but a static and mobile dock and a streaming app service that plugs the gaps left by lack of native x86 support.So as a prelude to our rundown of HP’s work, we took Continuum for a work out with the latest cut of Windows 10 Mobile (this week’s, in fact) and the most powerful Continuum-capable Lumia, the 950 XL.You can see why people dismiss Continuum as a novelty. It’s a pretty damn novel experience. First impressions are unsettling: yes, your phone really is a PC. It isn’t just projecting. Look! The same start menu. Look! The same wallpaper. Fire up Outlook Email and it’s really the same software!

In the latest builds of Windows 10 mobile, Edge really shines in Continuum. I kept trying to trip it up, but came back surprised. It’s just a pity that the latest Edge won’t run the handy extensions (ad blocker, Evernote clipper, Last Pass) that the desktop Edge can now run. Hmmph.Plug in, detach, and go: this basic part of the Continuum experience is really fundamental and should work perfectly. You shouldn’t get BSODs or catatonic screen flickering. And by and large it does. That wasn’t true a earlier this year, when the phone could have random seizures (and, yes, BSODs too).Getting going with Continuum has obviously been a major focus for Microsoft this year, so much so it’s brushed aside niceties. It's really now plug it in and go. For example, I noticed every time I un-docked, there was a polite dialog box on the phone asking me whether I’d want to connect via a cable or wirelessly - a box that had been displayed back when I plugged the phone in. It’s just that Continuum is in such a rush to turn your phone’s display into a touchpad, you don’t see this request until you undock.I found I could plug in a random, ancient USB headset and Continuum picked up the audio output stream nicely. (But wouldn’t take audio input.)I’ve been trying Continuum with two Lumias, the 950XL and 950. The former has the notorious (for overheating) Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, last year’s flagship SoC. The latter runs the more modest Snapdragon 808. And you know what? It doesn’t really matter which you use. There’s a fraction more lag switching between apps, but not much. There’s a fraction of a second Alt-Tabbing, which brings up the expected thumbnails.

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Here’s where the Wow wears off. Continuum only supports UWP [Universal Windows Platform] apps, and Microsoft provides a few of those out of the box on a Windows 10 device: Outlook email and Calendar, and the Office apps. Once you stray off the reservation, the app prospects gets thin. But before we get into that, you’ll notice something else first. What Continuum most desperately needs is for those UWP to work optimally. And right now, they don’t. UWP apps only run full screen, with some ludicrous consequences.Full screen is fine for Word, or Excel – most of the time you’ll want every pixel devoted to the task in hand. But with a simple app like ToDoist, it’s just plain weird to see a simple, minimal two column app cast across a huge HD display. Even running two apps side by side would be vast improvement to your work. I’m not sure why this isn’t a priority for the Continuum team rather than clever tricks like screen scavenging (casting your session onto another PC), aka Project Rome. But early adopters will find this a bit baffling. Optimisations needed: ToDoist on a giant HD display doesn't make great use of the space One UI omission causes a minor wrinkle when it comes to closing apps down. With no close dialog button on the apps, you do this from the task switcher (Alt-Tab). Some apps use the space really well - an honorary mention should go to phone blog Windows Central which in its article view, displays the comments in a column beside the story. It’s a model implementation.

And here’s the rub, and Continuum’s biggest problem right now. The apps you thought you could run can’t, and remain greyed out on the Start Menu. Continuum-compliant UWP apps are only trickling into the Windows Store, slowly. A typical bunch of Windows Store apps. Many are greyed out, and will only work on the device itself So there’s a UWP Facebook and Twitter, and even a UWP Daily Mail, which produces a nightmarish experience as an amplified, pixellated Sidebar of Shame blasts into your face in HD, a collage of ISIS atrocities and boob jobs that really belongs in A Clockwork Orange. But alas, Slack and Evernote haven’t made the journey to UWP yet. For me, they’re indispensable for the day job. (Tip: Beware the Slack trap, and try almost anything else.) So it’s a deal-breaker to keep picking up the phone to reply to an IM. It's a deal breaker too that I can't access years of files which I need on-hand and searchable. The native software doesn't do that. It's going to need a virtualised kludge to run.I appreciate that making Continuum UWP-only is a political choice by Microsoft. Much of the point of Continuum is to lure the Windows developer base forward, onto a more modern platform which is essentially display independent, by demonstrating new use cases. That’s a noble goal. But for now, Continuum guinea pigs will find going back to their phones a bit baffling and frustrating.

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