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publié le 27 février 2018 Beauté › Tatouages

The UK site has no instances showing the “cc”, and when I played this Batman movie I could not make captions appear. It looks as if it does not yet work on UK models, though Netflix app users may be luckier.The CPU may have altered, but the performance hasn’t. Geekbench 3 yields 64-bit single-core and dual-core ratings of 2800 and 5382, respectively. The 2012 Mini El Reg reviewed had a 2.5GHz Core i5-3210M, based on Intel’s third-gen Core architecture.Its clock speed was almost twice that of the Haswell CPU in the new model and with a slightly higher (3.0GHz to 2.7GHz) Turbo Boost speed. The previous Mini was tested with Geekbench 2 which generated results not directly comparable with those of Geekbench 3, but numbers from the database of the benchmark’s developer, Primate Labs, put the old model on averages of 2630 (single core) and 5418 (multi-core).So the new model, with a lower average clock speed, is delivering very slightly better performance. But it’s not a stellar increase, and certainly no reason to sell off your 2012 Mini for a new one. Indeed, given the upgradeability of 2012’s model, you might even prefer to seek one out second-hand and spend the difference getting yourself an SSD and a big memory boost.

The former, in particular, will be a noticeable improvement as you reduce the ‘lag’ of the 5400rpm HDD thanks to faster start-up times and application loads.The one piece of good news here is that Apple has knocked £100 off the price tag. The base 2012 model would have set you back £499; today’s entry level Mini is £399. Price reductions are nice, but in this instance it’s small compensation for the loss of a memory slot: most of that £100 will go on a measly 4GB build-to-order upgrade.Spending £170 more than the base price gets you the 2.5GHz Core i5 version, 8GB of memory and a 1TB HDD if you need the space. A further £230 (total: £799) buys you a 2.8GHz Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD plus a 256GB SSD. Both the latter versions include Intel’s Iris Graphics; the baseline model has Intel HD Graphics 5000.The cores are the same; the Iris just has a higher clock speed than the 5000. It’s more a nice-to-have than a must-have, especially if you’re not gaming. Two years on, my ageing copy of Doom 3 steps from 44fps to 54fps at 1920 x 1080.The Mac Mini remains a stylish, very compact desktop with the ability to drive greater-than-HD displays. It’s no games machine, but it does make for a very nice general productivity box. Thanks to OS X’s foundations, it’s a great Unix machine too thanks to wide access to both open source and commercial software.

I’m going to get one to keep in the office, to save me carrying a laptop back and forth. I just think I might see if I can find a discounted 2012 model, its initially wobbly HDMI output now long fixed, rather than the current one and grab some extra memory for it.Just because the Fire TV spec shows Bluetooth, don't expect to be able to connect all your devices to it. For a start, there's no Bluetooth audio support. So if you thought you could stream music to it from a Bluetooth phone or tablet, think again. Likewise, gamers and solitary movie buffs will be no doubt disappointed to discover that the Fire TV can't stream soundtracks to Bluetooth headphones either.Even though apps use a web view arrangement, there is no web browser on the device. That seems a missed opportunity especially given the very useable accuracy of the voice control. Even without it the user interface is reasonable for a sit-back experience but could be better; for instance, a zoom feature would be useful for text.Out of the box, the Fire TV lacks the ability to stream media from your own network, so if you've a NAS box crammed full of your music and video files then you'll be frustrated here. Roku provides a simple media app that supports most formats apart from .AVI. The Fire TV has a Squeezebox player, among others to can overcome these shortcomings but overall, this level of compatibility could be much more refined.And talking of refinements, surprisingly, there is no access to the Amazon Store, which looks like another missed opportunity and particularly annoying for those seeking some instant gratification music purchases.

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While Amazon provides plenty of content to view on the Fire TV some of it is going to be below par, which is where user reviews can come in handy. However, browsing movies on the Fire TV gives no access to user reviews, which isn't very helpful. Go to Amazon’s site, for example, and you can browse 1,170 reviews for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. On Fire TV, nothing.To add to the list of gripes, account management is a problem, too, as the Fire TV can only connect to one Amazon account. By default, everything on that account is available to any user of the device, including the ability to make purchases. You can limit this to some extent with parental controls, requiring a PIN to make purchases or blocking access to photos, but it is not fully thought through.In use you get the impression there is plenty of promise here. Fire TV is a neat and well-specified device. On this score it easily beats Apple TV, Roku 3 or Google Chromecast in memory and processor. The out of box experience is good, especially for Prime members who mainly have streaming video in mind. Voice search and photo sync are decent extra features. Add to that the potential of the device as a budget games console, and you have a worthwhile and good value box.

The frustration is that Fire TV could be so much better. There are too many feature gaps, some down to immaturity and a weak ecosystem, some caused by Amazon’s desire to promote its own content services, and some which are hard to explain, like lack of support for Bluetooth headphones. Certainly the Amazon Fire TV is a better proposition than a Fire Phone but it really needs to evolve before it can earn a full recommendation.But Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away. Obviously aware that a 5K display at this price will be tempting for many professional users, Apple has disabled the target-display mode that would have allowed you to plug a Mac Pro – or even the new Mac Mini – into the iMac’s display in order to save money on buying an expensive 4K display.Pricing comparisons are a bit tricky as the iMac’s 5K display is currently unmatched by any of Apple’s PC rivals. The 5K display recently announced by Dell is expected to sell for around $2,500 (approx £1,800 inc VAT) when it ships at the end of this year. But that price is for the display alone, so Apple could dangle an old ZX Spectrum off the back of the Retina Display and still boast about its value for money.

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Fortunately, the 5K iMac offers considerably more performance than a ZX Spectrum. Prices start at £1,999 for a model with an Intel 3.5GHz quad-core i5-4690 CPU with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB Fusion drive – Apple’s term for its hybrid HDD/SSD combo.That processor speed is only slightly faster than the 3.2GHz of the non-Retina iMac that is still on sale for £1,499, and a quick spin with GeekBench confirmed that its raw processor performance is only about 10 per cent higher. However, the Fusion drive and the inclusion of a Radeon R9 M290X graphics card give it a real performance boost in other areas.The conventional hard drive used by the non-Retina version of the iMac could only manage read and write speeds of around 180MB/s when running the BlackMagic disk test. However, the Fusion drive of the 5K iMac was able to manage a read speed of 710MB/s and write speed of 315MB/s.Graphics performance is considerably stronger too. When running the Mac-native version of Batman: Arkham City, the 5K iMac was able to hit 55fps even at 2560 x 1440 resolution with all graphics options on their highest settings.

By contrast, the non-Retina iMac could only manage 31fps, which makes the 5K iMac around 77 per cent faster on 3D graphics performance. The Mac Pro that we reviewed earlier this year managed 67fps on the same test, but that costs £2,499 without a monitor, so the 5K iMac certainly provides a better all-round combination of price and performance.A legal firm has launched a class action against Apple over claims the 2011 MacBook Pro suffered from random bouts of graphical distortion, system instability and system failures.In the legal complaint, the plaintiffs said the computer was described by many as a dud and defective from inception.The laptops in question went on sale in February 2011 and were sold until May 2012. The issue at the heart of this case relates to the two graphics chips used, which were made by Advanced Micro Devices and Intel.Apple used eco-friendly lead-free solder to connect the GPU to the main circuit board of the laptop. This material develops tin whiskers which can cause short circuiting and is also known to crack when exposed to high temperatures.

The plaintiffs are furious that Apple did not just recall the affected machines, instead offering physical repairs as well as a software patch.Just days after these laptops went on sale, consumers worldwide began reporting to Apple that the 2011 MacBook Pros suffered from random bouts of graphical distortion, system instability and system failures, the filing continues.Apple’s customers paid a premium for their products and were promised, and came to expect, the highest levels of performance, graphical richness, and durability. Apple, however, has failed to remedy the inherent graphics defect in the 2011 MacBook Pros,causing tens of thousands of frustrated and disappointed customers to air their grievances online.If the class action is successful, the plaintiffs would like to see a common fund for repairs for, or replacement of, the MacBook Pros as well as the payment of costs and damages.

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