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publié le 28 février 2018 Beauté › Tatouages

The aggravating part for many users, however, is that the bug was first filed for Chrome version 22, way back in September 2012, yet Google has so far ignored it.The problem has to do with how Chrome forces Windows machines to manage processor idle time. When a computer isn't doing much, it sends its CPU to sleep to save power, waking up at intervals when if there are any events that need handling. On Windows, these checks normally happen every 15.625ms, but that interval can be adjusted – and this is where Chrome goes awry.Instead of waking up the processor every 15.625ms, Chrome tells Windows to have it wake up every 1.000ms. So while your PC normally wakes up the processor 64 times per second when it's idle, as long as you have Chrome running, the processor wakes up 1,000 times per second.Chrome doesn't have to be running in the foreground to have this effect, either. There's only one platform timer, so when one application changes its resolution, the new value becomes a system-wide setting.

Naturally, if your system's processor is never allowed any rest, the effects of any power-management techniques will be virtually negated, and your battery will run down at a much faster rate than it should.Unfortunately, despite repeated complaints from Chrome users over the years, as documented in Google's bug tracker database, the glitch has never been addressed – until now, that is.Earlier this week, Forbes ran an article pointing out the lingering bug and the drain it continues to be on Windows users' machines. Shortly after it was published, the bug was assigned an official owner, just one month shy of its two-year anniversary.I can confirm that this bug has been assigned internally and our team is working to resolve it, a Google spokeswoman told The Reg via email on Friday.Pics July isn’t over yet and so it follows, neither is, er, marketing Christmas*. This time Currys/PC World was playing host to this summer PR tech fest that showcases products that’ll be in stores leading up to festive season.Push aside the wrapping paper and ribbons and with any luck you’ll spot an early outing of a product or three that have yet to hit the reviews circuit.

In this respect, Currys didn’t disappoint with HP’s SlateBook 14 lingering in the boudoir zone. This is HP’s first Android laptop and features a 14-inch, full HD touchscreen display. It currently runs Jelly Bean Android, which means the touch element is a lot more intuitive than Microsoft’s fondlebook approach with Windows 8.Running the show is an Nvidia Tegra 4, quad-core ARM processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB SSD although the chap from Curry’s said it was a 64GB SSD, which is an option, so whether this is the configuration it intends to sell will no doubt impact on price, which is currently showing as £329 for the 32GB model on HP’s site.Dressed up in yellow and black, the SlateBook 14 is quite distinct from HP’s coloured Chromebook 14 range and there are a number some styling differences beyond CPU and RAM. For a start, the SlateBook sports Beats Audio, but will those days be numbered given that Apple is the audio kit firm's new owner?I listened to BBC 6 Music streaming on the SlateBook 14 to get an idea of the sound, but really, it’s just a case just low-fi laptop speakers again, even if there are four of them, which probably explains why the output could, at least, get rather loud. The only sound enhancement in the Android settings was supplied by DTS, so where the Beats Audio tech tweaks linger, I’m not so sure.

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The keys on the chiclet keyboard were a tad smaller than most laptops I’ve seen of late, but both the spacing and feel was good and typing on Kingsoft Office was easy enough with few mistakes. There are two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0, HDMI, a mic/headphone combo jack socket and a microSD card slot. The 3-cell 32WHr battery is supposed to be good for nine hours and the Curry’s chap had been using it on and off all day reckoned that was about right.HP SlateBook 14 Android app simplifies linking to a remote camera snapping another camera user He was more keen to show off the app side of things, with a Panasonic Lumix TZ-60 linked up to the SlateBook 14 with a Wi-Fi direct connection, enabling remote control of the camera from the laptop touchscreen. It’s not exactly new, but the point was to illustrate how apps simplify these tasks in a way you don’t typically experience on a conventional laptop OS.Also on show was Lenovo’s N20p Chromebook, which grabs features from the company’s Yoga range. However, it can’t completely fold over back to back to take on tablet form. Instead, it can flip round, presentation-style, up to 300 degrees. As appearances go, it’s arguably the most business-like Chromebook you’ll find and features an 11.6-inch 1366x 768-pixel touchscreen, up to 4GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. In keeping with all the latest Chromebooks, an Intel Celeron CPU runs the show.

Something for the Weekend, Sir? What do the following have in common: a hand holding a half-litre carton of milk, the back of a balding head, a grinning selfie taken in a mirror and a wonky street scene with nothing of any interest going on?A number of colleagues have spent the last few weeks playing the part of volunteer Glassholes and have been telling us how exciting the experience has been.If we don’t believe them, well, just look at the scintillating proof: one of them can actually photograph the carton of milk in her hand as she carries it back home from the local shop! How did she ever manage to do this before Google Glass?Without her Giggle Specs, these little slices of life would be forgotten. That carton of milk would have remained unrecorded, the balding head unshared, the selfie unshot and the street scene ignored. What a tragedy that would be, what a loss to the world.Hmm. It’s not exactly attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion or C-beams glittering in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate, is it?To be fair, these colleagues are freelancers who’ve had to buy their Google Glasses with their own money in the hope or expectation of writing up their experiences for newspapers.

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If the Giggle Specs had just turned up unsolicited in a box from a PR company, these same reviewers might have been more critical, but the act of spending your own money tends to focus the mind. As a result, these normally dour and hard-to-please IT hacks have spent the last few weeks doing Brian Cox impersonations: “It’s amazing!”All this Google Glassy-eyed wonderment is getting rather grating, to be honest, and I can see it ending in tears before long. Ill-conceived love, as Ebenezer Blackadder explained to his shrill god-daughter one fateful Victorian Yuletide, is like a Christmas cracker: one massively disappointing bang and the novelty soon wears off.To be fair yet again, the Giggle Specs HUD, connectivity smarts and wobbly head gestures are something you have to experience for yourself and can’t merely be described to someone else or demonstrated with a bland photo. By all accounts it’s an amazing product that does all this amazing stuff that is amazingly amazing. I should bloody well hope so too, otherwise it would just be a ridiculously expensive but disappointingly shit digital camera connected to an overblown social networking service that you don’t use.

Somebody's watching me The issue of privacy is often raised but I’m afraid that boat sailed long ago. It’s hardly as if Giggle Specs adds to surveillance culture – if you don’t realise you’re already being watched and have been for years, you’re clearly not a regular Register reader.No, the stories we hear about Glassholes being threatened in the street by unhappy punters are less about privacy as the fact that most sane people naturally feel uncomfortable when a camera is pointing directly at them.Imagine you’re standing at a bus stop and a stranger walks over, holds up a smartphone in your face and takes a couple of snaps. Creepy, right? Now imagine standing in that bus queue next to a stranger wearing Google Glass. Every time he turns in your direction, you’re going to flinch.But this feeling won’t last. It used to freak me out using a laptop with a built-in webcam staring at me all the time. I even used to put masking tape on the lens to protect my privacy, but these days I couldn’t give two hoots. Paranoid I may be, but I doubt the months of digital video held in NSA vaults of me picking my nose are going to get me rendered on a top-secret Ryanair flight from Stansted to a five-year waterboarding holiday at Guantanamo.

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