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publié le 3 mai 2018 Beauté › Tatouages

"In the case of a vehicle like a hoverboard, the batteries are so large and powerful that the resulting fires can be large enough to burn a house down," Popular Science writes.To illustrate this, Maxim dug up a compilation video which shows what can happen when lithium-ion batteries are placed under stress — like being smashed repeatedly with a hammer. Or in the instance of a hoverboard, when it crashes into a wall or stumbles on a pothole. “There are a lot of factories in China that now make Li-ion batteries, and the reality is that the quality and consistency of these batteries is typically not as good as what is found in top tier producers such as LG or Samsung,” said Whitacre.A BuzzFeed report shows that many hoverboards are made in Shenzhen, China, the same mega-manufacturing city where the iPhone is built. The boards are then distributed and sold by a lot of different companies, which makes it difficult to track which models are at risk of catching fire or exploding, Tech Insider's Steve Kovach notes.The issue may also be related to other poorly-made parts. At the beginning of December, the UK government seized 15,000 hoverboards due to safety issues with the plug, cables, charger, battery, or cut-off switch within the board.

Inspectors also found that many of the boards had plugs fitted without fuses — a device that breaks the electrical circuit if the current exceeds a safe level — which increases the chance of the board overheating and exploding or catching fire.In the meantime, big retailers like Amazon and Argos have taken steps in the last week to stop selling hoverboards.Being a new parent is an exciting and occasionally stressful journey into uncharted territory. There are so many things to learn about your baby and all the different products you need to keep your little one happy and healthy. One of the most important and expensive purchases you'll make when you're outfitting your nursery is buying a baby monitor.Parents are spoiled for choice nowadays, thanks to the rise of the connected home and new technologies like live-streaming video and high-resolution cameras. No matter which type of baby monitor you buy — whether it be an old-school audio-only monitor or a fancy Wi-Fi video monitor — it will have two parts: a monitor in the baby's room and a receiver that you carry around with you to hear and/or view your baby.

There are many factors to consider when you look into getting a baby monitor, and we've done a lot of research to help you choose the best one for your needs. Below, we've broken down all the key terms you need to know and factors your need to consider before you jump into our top picks for baby monitors.You'll want to consider what type of baby monitor you want, the pricing, security, ease of use, range, and whether you want it to be part of a large smart home ecosystem.There are three main types of baby monitors: audio-only monitors, video monitors with dedicated viewers, and Wi-Fi video monitors that send a live video feed to your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have an audio-only baby monitor or one that incorporates video. Some parents choose to use smart home security cameras that send a video feed and alerts to their phones via an internet connection instead. Your choice largely depends on your budget and how high tech you want the baby monitor to be.

Audio baby monitors are generally cheaper, ranging from $25 to $150. Video and Wi-Fi-based baby monitors can be more expensive, often starting around $80 and going up to $300. The most important thing to look for in all kinds of baby monitors is audio quality. Regardless of whether you want a video-based baby monitor or not, you need clear audio so you can hear your baby properly. You'll also want one with sound activation so that you don't have to listen to white noise 90 percent of the time. With sound activation, you'll only hear the noises from your baby's room when there's something important to hear.Some audio-only monitors also have LED lights that flash different colors to alert you to changes in your baby's mood or environment. The lights can be helpful if you want the monitor in mute mode or if you're just in a noisy room and the monitor's volume is down.When it comes to video monitors, you'll want to make sure that the one you're buying offers night vision and a decent resolution. Most baby monitors with a dedicated viewer sadly have low VGA resolutions, which are much worse than the majority of smartphones you can buy these days. A few have a 720p HD resolution, which is decent. We hope more baby monitors go that route in the future.A Full HD 1080p resolution is ideal, but can be pricey, and you'll only get it with Wi-Fi-based video baby monitors that stream video to your smartphone or tablet. For those monitors, you'll need a strong Wi-Fi signal. Some video baby monitors of tilt, pan, and zoom functions so you can see different parts of the baby's room or zoom right in on smaller details.

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If you opt for a Wi-Fi video baby monitor, you'll need a strong internet connection, because if your internet fails, so does your baby monitor. These baby monitors operate like your average smart home security camera from Nest, Canary, or others. You connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network, and then you can access live video anywhere on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Many of these types of cameras offer encryption and other high-tech security features. However, not all of them are optimized for monitoring your baby. The best thing about using a connected camera as your baby monitor is that you can watch your baby right on your phone or tablet while you're out of the house. The main downside to a Wi-Fi baby monitor without a dedicated viewing screen is that watching your baby could drain your device's battery. Beware that you'll also need a strong Wi-Fi connection to support this kind of baby monitor, especially if you have a lot of connected devices competing for bandwidth in your home.The more old fashioned video monitors are better if your internet isn't reliable because they use a dedicated video monitor instead. You can also choose to pair high-tech Wi-Fi security cameras with cheaper audio-only baby monitors to have the best of both worlds.

Baby monitors may not seem high-tech (and some of them aren't), but there are a lot of terms you need to know before you buy one. We've broken town the most important terms to know and what to look for in a baby monitor.Security is a mixed bag, especially as baby monitors get more high tech. If tech giants like Apple and Google run into security flaws, high-tech baby monitors are sure to experience similar problems. However, some less high-tech baby monitors aren't secure, either, and many suffer from signal interference. We've checked each company's security policy to find the most secure options for you. Digital vs Analog: Digital monitors encode signals so that no one else can listen in. Meanwhile, baby monitors that use wireless analog transmission aren't private. Anyone with an RF scanner can intercept the signal and listen. We recommend you look for digital baby monitors only.

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Frequency: Some baby monitors operate on the same 2.4GHz frequency band as household products like microwaves, cordless phones, wireless speakers, and so on. When the monitor is on the same frequency as a number of other products, you can experience interference and static. You may want to get a monitor that uses a different frequency like 1.9GHz, which the Federal Communications Commission sets aside for audio-only applications. It's called DECT, or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.
Range of signal: Some baby monitors have better range than others. If you live in a big house with multiple rooms, range will be a key consideration for you. Anyone who lives in a single-story house or a smaller apartment may not need as much range. Many baby monitors have an alert when you get out of range, and the packaging typically gives you an estimate of the range. Bear in mind that range varies widely from home to home. The construction of the walls between you and the baby monitor may even limit the range.
Check the return policy

Every family is different, so it can be hard to choose the perfect baby monitor for your needs. For that reason, we recommend you look into each product's return policy. Some companies are very good about letting you return baby monitors, but others are not. You may need to try a few different ones out before you find the winner. Obviously, we hope this guide assists you in making the right choice, but it's always good to have a backup plan. We've noted the return policy for each baby monitor we recommend in this guide.Although the LeFun C2 720p Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor is our top pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the NestCam Wi-Fi camera, the VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor, and the Phillips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Monitor. 
Why you'll love it: The LeFun C2 720p Baby Monitor is the cheapest Wi-Fi video baby monitor you can buy with night vision and a 720p resolution.
Who says Wi-Fi video baby monitors have to be expensive? LeFun's C2 720p baby monitor is on sale for a mere $55.99, and it's one of the top-rated, best-selling baby monitors on Amazon.

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