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That solved one problem – the Copland debacle – but it created another: which operating system to choose. Apple discussed with its former hardware honcho, Jean-Louis Gassée, about buying his company and its OS-under-development BeOS, but balked at Gassée’s asking price, which was said to be $200m.When word got out that Apple was sniffing about for a new OS, Steve Jobs threw his hat into the ring. As The New York Times tells it, Amelio was out of the country, so Jobs left a message for Hancock. According to Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, Hancock preferred Sun’s Solaris, but in any case she returned Jobs’ call “immediately”.On 20 December 1997, Apple announced that it would acquire Jobs’ NeXT Software for $427 million in cash and stock, and that Steve Jobs would join Apple in an advisory role. “We always talked about him being on the inside,” Hancock said at the time. “We’re hoping he can show us where to go from here in emerging markets and technologies.”

Jobs showed her where to go, all right. Even before he wrested command from Amelio of the company that he had co-founded, he convinced the doomed CEO to remove Hancock from oversight of R&D.But on 7 January 1997, near the end of a Macworld Expo San Francisco keynote presentation that could most kindly described as discombobulated, Amelio betrayed no fear of his new adviser, and invited him to share the stage and give a demo of Apple’s latest acquisition.Jobs came onstage to whoops, whistles, shouts and applause – and true to form, spent the first few minutes of his stage time wooing, soothing, complimenting and seducing developers. “We’ve got to get the spark back with the developers,” he said. “We’ve got to get the developers back.”In the following months and years, Jobs went on to get the Macintosh back – on track, that is – and when that was accomplished, the developers came with it.

Now, 30 years on, those Mac developers are outnumbered by iOS developers, and it’s far from a safe bet that the Macintosh will be around in another 30 years’ time, what with the increasing importance of iDevices to Apple’s bottom line, and with the personal computing market – both desktop and laptop – melting into relative irrelevancy.But for those of us who’ve been there for every step of the way – and for those of you who joined up 20, ten, or just a few years ago – it’s been one hell of a collection of memorable moments, eh?I, for one, will never forget the moment I first heard the car-crash error sound on my Power Mac 8100.According to IDC, worldwide shipments of desktop systems fell 10 per cent in 2013, the biggest decline in the platform's history. IDC also predicts that for the first time tablets will outsell laptops and in fact the entire PC market by 2015.To borrow IDC’s terminology, this is a clear sign that we are moving from the second platform of computing – one typified by desktop PCs, local area networks and email – to the third platform: that of cloud computing, mobile devices, social networking and Big Data.

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In the enterprise it is now well-documented that this shift has been brought about by the cost and efficiency benefits of the new computing paradigm on one hand, and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend on the other.As we embrace a new age of technology, the pull from employees to use more consumer-oriented technology and services has been equal to the push from the IT department and business unit managers looking for better ways of working.Today the average worker wants and expects to be able to consume data anywhere, at any time, on any device and – if at all possible – for free. This is playing a major role in the move towards the third platform of computing.The laptop will still be with us for some time, partly because it fits the mobility requirements of the modern corporate and home user. But there can be no denying that the nature of endpoint devices is changing. In the near future it is likely that these devices will become completely clientless – dumb platforms with no computing power of their own, beyond what is needed to drive a mobile internet connection. In this scenario all compute and storage activity would take place in the cloud. The device is relegated to a mere access medium.

This will naturally have a huge impact on resellers, notably those that have centred their businesses on hardware sales. User devices are undergoing a process of commoditisation where what you connect with is far less important than what you connect to.Differentiation in the future will no longer come from being able to offer the latest must have device from electronics companies, but will lie in being able to offer the fastest, most flexible and complete cloud package. Compute and storage power will still matter, but it will be the compute and storage power supporting the private, public or hybrid cloud rather than that in the device.To stay relevant, hardware resellers will need to make a move into cloud in some way shape or form. We will increasingly see resellers evolve their propositions to either offer hardware services to cloud service providers, or to become service providers themselves.

If they do not choose one of these paths, resellers will need to become cloud brokers, willing to assess cloud services on behalf of their customers, and partner with the right service provider to meet their client’s needs.Those resellers that evolve into service providers will need vendors and distributors that can provide elastic web-scale private cloud infrastructure that delivers the simplicity and low cost of the public cloud. This will make it relatively easy for them to transform their business models and head into what will be in many cases highly unfamiliar territory. In fact, the availability of simple, secure and cost-effective cloud infrastructures that resellers can trust will become vital to future channel success.The way people want to consume data, coupled with a massive shift to cloud computing, is fundamentally changing the IT landscape. Hardware and the devices we use within the enterprise will become much less important to application performance than the underlying cloud infrastructure.

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Those resellers still focused on differentiation through the on-premises equipment they offer need to start making new plans for the future. Feature Thirty years ago this Friday, at approximately 9:45am on Tuesday, 24 January, 1984, the Macintosh introduced itself after Steve Jobs unveiled it at an Apple shareholders' meeting in Cupertino's Flint Center for the Performing Arts.Hello. I'm Macintosh. It sure is great to get out of that bag, the odd-looking 16.5-pound box said in its robotic text-to-speech voice, based on the Apple II's Software Automatic Mouth, the precursor to MacInTalk.History is made of such moments – identifiable points in time before which something wasn't, and after which something was.On the afternoon of Sunday, 20 March, 1983, for example, Jobs famously said to then–PepsiCo headman John Scully, Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world? In one moment, Apple changed direction – as did not only the future of the Mac but also the career of Steve Jobs.

A few months later came another pivotal moment: at 10pm on an August Sunday, Mac programmer Steve Capps hoisted a pirate flag painted by Mac icon-designer Susan Kare onto the roof of the Bandley 3 building on Apple's Cupertino campus.Before that night-time roof raid, the Macintosh division was essentially indistinguishable from other Apple workgroups in an increasingly bureaucratic company, one that was struggling to deliver on its commitment to the costly Apple Lisa and its game-changing GUI, the Mac's precursor. After the Jolly Roger flew, however, it was clear to all onlookers that the team was guided by one of Jobs' maxims: It's better to be a pirate than join the navy.The thirty years since have seen many memorable moments in Mac history, some which brought good news to the Apple faithful – think System 7's introduction on the morning of 13 May, 1991 – and some which led in the opposite direction, such as the board meeting called hastily at 7am on 17 June, 1993, during which Apple CEO Scully was ousted and replaced by the arguably disastrous Michael Spindler, who nearly flushed the Mac maker down the toilet.

The Mac's ten-thousand, nine-hundred, and fifty-nine days have seen many decisive moments, but we've selected a mere 10 that we think are especially noteworthy. You'll likely disagree with some of our choices and have some alternate suggestions of your own – we'd love to read about them in the comments.There can be no argument, however, about the Mac's significance in the history of personal computing. Supporter or detractor, you must admit that Apple's pioneering mass-market point-and-click PC has indisputably changed how we all interact with the digital world during the Mac's first 30 years.As for the next three decades, well, your guess is as good as ours – but here's our countdown of the 10 most influential moments that have shaped the past 30 years. Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh.Steve Ballmer can rightly be faulted for his stumbles during his tenure as Microsoft CEO, but in perhaps his most famous performance in that role, he was spot on: when it comes to a platform's success, it all boils down to Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!

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