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publié le 6 mars 2018 Beauté › Hygiène

The company actually has in mind a broader array of printed foodstuffs – ChefJet is the first of “an entirely new, kitchen-ready 3D printer category for edibles” - but why not sugary treets or clever cake decorations. Scale models of the Empire State Building or Iron Man’s mask that you can eat, anyone?There will be two models: the ChefJet is a monochrome, countertop sized job with a build volume of 200 x 200 x 150mm. The ChefJet Pro can do multiple colours and has a 250 x 250 x 200mm space for pastries and such. ChefJet printable nibbles come in a variety of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon.Of course, you might quite reasonably think this kind of thing simply devalues the dexterity and skill required for truly amazing candy and icing statuary, but I can see this thing making primary school cake sales considerably more interesting than they are - not to mention more competitive, too. Well, for parents who can afford the “sub-$10,000” price tag for the Pro model or even the $5,000 or so 3D Systems is going to want for the regular version, that is...

The problem with the Miix 2 is that it’s a Windows 8 machine, but this laptop-tablet hybrid was worth a second look nonetheless - which is more than you can say from most of its competitors. Tablet screens that dock onto a keyboard unit are nothing new - Asus pioneered the idea a few years ago - but Lenovo’s engineers have rigged up the Mixx 2’s screen to attach to the keyboard unit with magnets rather than latches.The upshot is that it’s easy to separate the two parts, but when connected they stay together. Separate magnets work to keep the screen upright and, when you’ve done working, stuck flat against the keyboard. What you can’t do, alas, is fix the keyboard section to the back of the tablet as if the Miix had a wrap-around hinge like Lenovo’s Yoga laptops do, but you can have the screen upright and facing away from the keyboard.Specs-wise, the Miix 2 has an 11.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 display, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and optional 3G. It has a Core i5 processor. Lenovo also has a 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 model in the pipeline, this one with a Bay Trail Atom CPU.

No, it’s not a Star Trek tricoder or Feinberger, but it’s arguably the closest thing we have to Doctor McCoy’s handheld bio-sensor and readout. For the latter, the Scout makes use of - guess what - a smartphone, but the interesting part is the round sensor that’s able to take your temperature, measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level, monitor ECG and blood pressure, and even sense 12 different chemical signatures in your wee.All this in a small, 16mm high, 55cm-diameter disc that uses Bluetooth Smart - aka LE - to communicate with the host phone and has a micro USB port to keep its on-board battery topped up. When using it a few times a day, it will last for about a week, says Scanadu.Scanadu’s been seriously on the case since it sailed past its Indiegogo crowd-funding target last year. That means it’s now on course to ship the gadget and its accompanying iOS and Android apps this coming Spring. Keener on Trek than Tech? Scanadu hopes to have a limited edition model on sale signed by Leonard Nimoy.

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Here’s an interesting take on the smart TV: a $99 dongle for your telly that superimposes a UI and information on top of what you’re watching - or somewhere between you and the screen, if you’re watching through 3D glasses. The idea is you use your iOS or Android phone or tablet as a no-need-to-look controller rather than as a second screen.Cute, but that’ll be a hard sell. Punters like the second screen because they can glance it it without disturbing other viewers. Who wants to miss Sherlock’s death-defying plunge because a fellow sofa surfer immediately filled the screen with Wikipedia’s Arthur Conan Doyle pages?The InAir sits between your TV and an HDMI video source, so presumably it won’t overlay its UI on top of content picked up by the telly’s own tunerStill, it will be interesting to see what SeeSpace can do to make the UI accessible yet undisruptive. More to the point, perhaps, I’m curious too see whether its planned Kickstarter fund-raising campaign will show there’s demand for kit like this - or that punters are more than happy with what smart TVs are already delivering in this area. If the funding comes through, InAir could be out in the second half of the year.CES 2014 You can see yourself reflected in the bright shiny, mirror-smooth surface of La Cie's Sphère - a storage ball - and you'll pay a lot of cash for the privilege.In this case mirroring doesn't mean data protection but the device's surface reflectivity, devised by a French designer called Christofle. The ball is actually covered with polished silver plate and has the posh Christofle signature stamped into it.

LaCie's marketing blurb croons: Gracing any desk or table, the LaCie Sphère never fails to turn heads and spark conversation.The product costs $499 and stores a terabyte of data inside its USB 3.0 accessed ball, using a 2.5-inch drive we think. There's no power cable, the USB link delivering power as well as providing data access. It comes with LaCie Backup Assistant software.A 1TB WD My Passport Essential SE 1 Portable Hard Drive (USB 3.0/2.0) can be had for £127.99 on Amazon so you're paying well over the odds for this load of balls. But the Sphere will look good next to a Mac Pro with its mirror-finish black cylinder. Just remember not to put the Sphere silver ball on top of the Mac Pro's black cylinder because it will mess up the Pro's cooling.

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Look, no wires - LaCie Fuel is a 1TB wireless portable hard drive for Apple's iPhone, iPad and Mac lines (in a boring oblong case), powered by a battery and with AirPLay compatibility and Dropbox integration. Its battery is recharged through a USB socket with a cable and wall plug. LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 with data travelling at up to 1,375MB/sec from its pair of 500GB SSDs (Samsung XP941 PCIe x2 SSD) in a RAID 0 configuration - but with no hardware RAID controller, LaCie relying on OSX's software RAID. It's a Neil Poulton-designed, black-coloured desktop external drive - Christofle had no part in it. AnandTech has a mini-review of it. Seagate's 500GB Ultra Mobile HDD is being used in one of Haier Computer’s 13-inch Tablet/PC products - the Sailing P13A. Seagate's Rescue data recovery plan has been extended to Staples in the USA NCIX and Canada Computer in Canada. If files are lost or damaged then the consumer now has a path to recovery of the data that is affordable, Seagate says. With no Apple iWatch launch to divert attention, established smartwatch player Pebble could launch its new design, Steel, without fear of being sidelined. Steel marks the company’s attempt to break out of the nerd ghetto and enter the mainstream. It’s a metal cased watch design to be attractive rather than practical, though it’s no less water resistent and functional than the current, plastic-cased Pebble. No more functional, either, unless you count its LED battery charge and alert type indicator.

Steel shows Pebble willing to grasp a key smartwatch nettle: people buy watches more for looks and perceived quality than for functionality. The problem is, no matter how useful you think a watch might be, you’re not going to buy one you think is ugly. That hasn’t been an issue for smartwatches so far; the current audience buys for functionality first. But it’s going to become more of a problem as vendors seek to draw in non-techie buyers.Steel is a good step forward, though it’s not a design I find attractive. Martian Watches’ new model, Notifier, is. It drops previous Martians’ faux-fancy square design and cramped, half-height analogue watch face for a round, full-face watch into which the company’s trademark single-line OLED readout has been placed. It also retains the ability to integrate with a host phone’s voice control.Steel ships at the end of this month - supply is limited, Pebble warns - for $249 and comes with both metal and leather straps. Notifier will cost $129 when it ships in Q2.

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