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publié le 25 janvier 2018 Beauté › Ongles et mains

(And if you think Oh, that's obvious, of course I'll change the key frequently: my phone still connects to a local company's guest Wi-Fi when I'm driving past, using the key I entered several years ago). With a cabled network, people have to get into the building physically to connect up, you can shut down unused switch ports, and you still have admission control functionality available should you want to be doubly sure that a device appearing on a port is legitimate and welcome.And having said all of this, if you still try to argue that wireless is the way to go, answer me this: if you love wireless so much, why not fit 802.11ac adaptors in all your servers the next time your data centre LAN kit is due for replacement?Don't get me wrong, wireless networking is great ... but only where its advantages are actually advantages. When you're sitting at your desk, a bit of wire is your friend: it gives your computer high-speed access to your data and applications. Where you're wandering around the building with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, the wireless network is fantastic because it gives you mobility at the times when you don't need super-fast performance.

But remember: the reason the wireless LAN is usable when you're bashing on your laptop in a meeting room is that most of your colleagues are sitting at their desks throwing electrons down bits of wire. Like 2.5-inch external drives which abandoned power cords ages ago, the 3.5-inch innov8 draws power from its host through its USB C wire.Seagate says it uses Ignition Boost Technology “which eliminates the need for a power adapter on an 8 TB desktop hard drive for the first time.”We guess it’s a kind of built-in adaptor. Seagate hasn't provided any details about it, saying only that it “is a true engineering milestone and breakthrough.”A Seagate blog about the drive states: An internal battery gives the drive a boost during its spin-up phase. Once the drive is up and running, the speedy new USB 3.1 bus technology works to keep Innov8 humming along—and keep the drive’s battery charged.It continues: Early on, when the drive is still cool, the battery supplies supplemental power to the hard drive ... But once the drive has warmed up, its power requirement is reduced and the host system is able to recharge the battery.So that's it; an internal battery to boost power during spin-up. Neat, but hardly a true engineering milestone.

The Seagate blog says there is an Archive HDD inside the casing, which means it uses shingled magnetic recording, has six platters, reads and writes at 190/150MB/sec respectively, and spins at 5,900rpm. Obviously it is meant as a backup drive for notebook and desktop users.The drive has a natty shiny aluminium wrap-around, six-ribbed side look, one rib for each platter, with textured dark grey top and bottom surfaces. The thing can lay flat or be placed vertically. Its casing was designed by Huge-Design, a firm which has done product designs for GoPro, HP, and Nike.Customers get Seagate Dashboard software, with either one-click on-demand or customisable, scheduled backups, plus 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and Lyve software compatibility, so users can back up, access and share files from any device/location.The Innov8 drive will be available in April for $349 (US MSRP) through, Amazon and other resellers. Get a datasheet here, although it hardly tells you anything at all, just relatively useless guff like the box dimensions; there being nothing about shingled recording or the spin-speed, rendering it virtually useless. The FAQ is slightly more interesting.

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Telecoms regulator Ofcom will not release details of its proposals for greater structural separation of Openreach and BT until the end of the year.In February the regulator stopped short of recommending a full separation of BT and Openreach in its Digital Communications Review.Ofcom will now draft its proposals for discussion between October and December, which will go before the European Commission to force the issue of greater independence.It said: We will develop detailed proposals to bring about greater independence and autonomy of Openreach for discussion with the European Commission, according to its Annual Plan for 2016/17.Ofcom will also publish plans to open access to BT's telegraph poles and ducts by competitors as part of its Wholesale Local Access market review, also due in the third quarter of the financial year.It said enhanced structural separation was needed as it had found evidence that Openreach still has an incentive to make decisions in the interests of BT, rather than BT’s competitors, which can lead to competition problems.

In a briefing following the publication of its once-in-a-decade review, Ofcom's group director Steve Unger said that in an ideal world the regulator would have recommended a formal separation of the businesses, due to the significant failings of the current model. However, the property and pension costs associated with that option led the regulator to reccomend a “formal separation in everything but name” approach.Ofcom chief Sharon White insisted that formal separation would remain an option for the regulator.When we describe this as an option over which we reserve the right, that is genuinely the case. It is not there in the background because we forgot to take it off the table.Jonathan Oxley, group director for competition at Ofcom, said BT had submitted voluntary proposals for reform but they didn't cut the mustard.Also speaking after the publication of the review, Mark Shurmer, BT's group director of regulatory affairs, said BT hoped it could still reach a voluntary agreement with Ofcom.He said: The alternative to a voluntary separation is that we would have to go to Brussels. That will be a long process, so it would be in everyone’s interest [to avoid that route].

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that the recalled battery packs - built by Panasonic - were shipped in 91,000 notebooks in the US and 10,000 in Canada between June 2011 and January 2016.The recalled batteries power Toshiba Satellite, Portégé and Tecra models and were sold through Staples, Office Depot and the website.The CPSC notes that some of the now-recalled packs were also sold individually or as repair kit by Toshiba.While Toshiba's website calls the recall voluntary, the CPSC is advising that consumers immediately check their notebooks and, if using a recalled battery, remove the unit and use AC power until a replacement is delivered.The CPSC said that it has received four reports of the batteries overheating and melting, though no injuries were reported.This is far from the first time notebook batteries have been recalled. The lithium-ion power packs are notoriously prone to overheating and catching fire when damaged, or due to manufacturing defects.Such recalls have in the past forced PC sellers to call back millions of notebooks from their owners and added up to cost component vendors hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Some 1.5 million Verizon Enterprise customer records have been stolen and are being sold on a criminal hacking forum, according to reports.A trusted seller on a popular but shadowy unnamed criminal forum asked for US$100,000 for the database or US$10,000 for batches of 100,000 records, investigative blogger Brian Krebs reports.Verizon Enterprise counts 99 percent of the Fortune 500 among its customer base.Verizon told Krebs it had found and fixed a vulnerability in its enterprise client portal and is contacting customers.“Our investigation to date found an attacker obtained basic contact information on a number of our enterprise customers. No customer proprietary network information or other data was accessed or accessible,” the company says.The unnamed seller is also reportedly selling vulnerabilities in the Verizon website. Buyers will receive the stolen databases in MongoDB format.The information will be useful in crafting personalised, and therefore more enticing, phishing messages, which is a crucial first step in many attacks against enterprises. The idea is to simplify what Docker's developer relations director Mano Marks says (video below) is a “dependency hell” created by the multi-layer installation currently required – installing Docker Toolbox, then installing Docker Machine, and then configuring a suitable VM (like VirtualBox on OS X).Announced just before Easter, the Windows and Mac OS beta offerings are designed to let devs get a taste for Docker on the desktop or laptop, without having to run up a server implementation.For OS X users, the Docker engine runs in an Alpine Linux disto, using the xhyve Virtual Machine. Windows users can run it up on Hyper-V and use Docker to manage the virtual machine.

“All you need is Docker, git, and a text editor or whatever version control system and IDE you want to use,” Marks says in the video.The native applications have a native user interface, auto-update, and a bunch of bundled tools: Docker command line, Docker Compose, and Docker Notary command line.DNS servers and networking integration for OS X and Windows, to make it easier to access containers over the LAN; In Mac environments, the native release is designed to work with the OS X sandbox security model: “we are working closely with Apple to achieve this”, the announcement notes. Marks also notes that “you can develop apps on your machine without having the runtime or framework installed on your machine”.For Mac, the minimum requirement is OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite) or above running on a 2010 or later machine with Intel support for memory management unit (MMU) like extended page tables. Windows users need a recent Windows 10 Pro and Hyper-V.Amazon Web Services (AWS) released WorkSpaces, Windows desktop-as-a-service, towards the end of March 2014.We took an early look, but encountered several niggling problems. Don't dive in: it will get better, was my conclusion.It is time for another hands-on, but first a quick recap. WorkSpaces provides a Windows desktop on Amazon's cloud. There are three specification levels:In addition, you can pay $15.00 extra per month for Microsoft Office Professional, or you can save $4.00 if you bring your own Windows 7 desktop license. There are clients for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebook; other operating systems such as Windows Phone and Linux are not supported. Standard Windows RDP clients are not supported.

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