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publié le 21 novembre 2017 Beauté › Parfum

I mentioned earlier that alongside your own toolkit that you carry around, you should have a stash of useful stuff in the data centre. Some providers let you have a plastic box in the bottom of your rack (assuming there's room) while others will rent you a small locker: whichever's the case, do it. Keep a comprehensive (but not vast) stock of power and network cables of all lengths and colours you might need, and if you can you should also have some spare hard disks and power supplies for the key equipment as these are the two things that blow up most frequently. Oh, and while we're talking about power, make sure you have the four-way power bars I mentioned in the stash, as well as having your own. Ensure you have the serial cable or any other custom configuration cable for every device in your installation, and a nice long cross-over Ethernet cable. Add some cable ties and more rack nuts and bolts and you're just about sorted.What you've just read is just the start to working in data centres: although they look simple there's a lot to know if you want to do it properly. But take a few tips from these ten points and you'll have learned from quite a few mistakes I've made over the years, and your first data centre installation will be a whole lot easier than it otherwise might.

Review My original idea was to review the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. But the thing about the Compute Module is that it’s not an end-user product: it was designed for manufacturers looking for an ARM-based platform on which they can build devices they can sell.Unlike the Raspberry Pi itself, the Compute Module is not intended for makers or for computing hobbyists. To evaluate the Compute Module, what I really needed to look at was a real product based upon it.In August 2014, a bunch of guys calling themselves the Five Ninjas – among them folk from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Pi-friendly accessory seller Pimoroni – announced Slice, a compact media player based on the Compute Module. Their inspiration was the original Apple TV – the x86-based silver one, not the iOS-running black box that Apple just made £20 cheaper.The first Apple TV was eminently hackable: rip out the custom Mac OS X install and make yourself a low-power Linux desktop or a more open, less tightly bound media centre. That’s what I did with mine, to run XBMC – now called Kodi – on it.

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Slice appeared on Kickstarter, and it immediately caught my eye as a more powerful version of the box I’d adapted my Apple TV to be. And it was based on the Compute Module, so two birds, one stone. I put down £109 for a disk-less preview unit and put a note in my diary in anticipation of Slice’s November release.Nope. It’s now March 2015 and the first Slices have only just left Pimoroni’s Sheffield assembly plant, each one with a custom motherboard containing a single, DIMM-slotted Compute Module. I have one here and so the question that must be asked is, does Slice, ahem, cut it?First, the Slice’s looks. Slice is a small metal box with a translucent plastic spacer running round the middle. The metal is anodised aluminium in one of choice of three colours (black, gunmetal and red) and very stylish it looks – and feels – too. The spacer provides not a view into the box but a way for the Slice’s 25 NeoPixels – individually addressable RGB LEDs, each with their own in-package controller – to shine forth.

These LEDs generate a rainbow of different colour sequences that are triggered as you interact with the Slice using its remote control, which is small, black and not at all bad, but comes over as a fattened up plastic clone of Apple’s slimline aluminium remote from China – which indeed it is.To be fair, compared to most of the cheap Chinese remotes I’ve seen bundled with media players over the years, this one is good and has at least been customised for the Slice.Obit Sir Terry Pratchett has left us at the age of 66, but he has gifted the next generation a massive archive of fiction and non-fiction that will delight, amuse and inform readers for years to come. It's a sad day at the El Reg offices, many of us were devoted fans.He was born on April 28, 1948, and wrote fiction as a teen. At 17, he started as a trainee reporter on the Bucks Free Press, seeing a dead body on his first day on the job because work experience really meant something in those days, as he put it.In 1980, he moved into PR and became the press officer for three nuclear power plants run by the UK's Central Electricity Generating Board. In the evenings, he devoted himself to writing, and in 1983 published the first Discworld novel The Colour of Magic, featuring the recurring characters of Cohen the Barbarian and the cowardly failed wizzard Rincewind.

He quit the day job in 1987 to go full time as a writer after the publication of his fourth novel Mort. Sir Terry wrote more than 70 books for adults and children, almost entirely using the Discworld, a flat planet full of magic, oddly bent rules of physics, and Octarine, the eighth color of the visible light spectrum.In the 1990s, Sir Terry was one of Britain's most popular authors, and put out a steady stream of Discworld novels with such much-loved characters as the witch Granny Weatherwax, Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, the Luggage (a homicidal suitcase on legs), the Librarian (a wizard turned orangutan), and Death, the curry-loving scythe-master who met all Discworld characters in the end.Sir Terry also wrote award-winning children's books and four science education tomes, a series titled The Science of Discworld, with professor of mathematics Ian Stewart and reproductive biologist Jack Cohen. These explored evolution, thought, technological advancement, and philosophy.

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A computer enthusiast since the early days (his first machine was a Sinclair ZX81), Sir Terry wrote all of his books via the keyboard, was a stalwart of CiX (the UK's first bulletin board), and was never without a laptop somewhere nearby. He added Hex to the Discworld as a semi-magical computer capable of great things, and was a keen computer gamer.He was made an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (an OBE) in 1998, and in 2009 was knighted by the Queen for services to literature. With the help of friends, he mined iron ore from near his home and made his own short sword, and designed a coat of arms with the motto Noli Timere Messorem (don't fear the Reaper).In total, Sir Terry has sold over 85 million copies of his books, some of which have been adapted for stage and screen. He collaborated with Neil Gaiman to write the superb Good Omens, which was adapted for BBC radio this Christmas, and the Long Earth series with Stephen Baxter.His fans were many and devoted, and since 1996 held and attended regular Discworld conventions, usually wearing in his trademark black fedora to cover up his expanding bald spot. He was forced to miss last year's due to ill health, but by then everyone knew what was wrong.

In 2007 Sir Terry went public with the news that he had developed early-onset Alzheimer's disease, a form of dementia, which he described as an embuggerance. He donated more than a million dollars to efforts to research Alzheimer's, and campaigned to highlight the disease, pointing out that it receives a fraction of the funding for cancer research despite dementia being a terminal illness.He tried a number of therapies to slow the disease, remarking that personally, I'd eat the arse out of a dead mole if it offered a fighting chance. In the meantime he continued to write using voice-recognition software, and an assistant, finishing his last Discworld novel last summer.After his diagnosis, he began to campaign for the right of assisted dying, making a BAFTA-winning documentary on the subject titled Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die. He said his choice would be to die at his home in Wiltshire surrounded by his family with Thomas Tallis's Spem in alium playing in the background.As I sit at my desk, I have two phones in front of me. One is a cordless Panasonic that talks to a base station via the DECT protocol, and thence to the public phone network via a knackered old piece of copper that broke the other day.

The other is a snazzy mobile number with a picture of a piece of fruit on it and the ability to talk 3G protocols.Now let's count the number of other ways I have of talking to people. There is the MacBook Pro I am writing this on, which has Skype. There is the Windows laptop next to it on which I am running an eval version of the 3CX IP PBX.Oh, and the MacBook and the iPhone have the 3CX client so I can test it, not to mention the FaceTime app on the iPhone too.The iMac in the corner also has Skype. The aforementioned PC has a Citrix connection to my office, with the Microsoft Lync client running; we generally use it for text-based instant messaging-style communication.If I bothered to get my Android phone out I would find a couple of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)-based phone clients on that too, as I used it when I went on a Mitel course not long ago.It is pretty clear, then, that there are plenty of mechanisms for voice communication – many of which extend to video too.How do you converge your corporate IT systems with your telephony service to give yourself a coherent, usable, stable, integrated service where the voice component doesn't require you to pick up a proprietary plastic thing?

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