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publié le 15 janvier 2018 Beauté › Parfum

There is additional software – the Seagate Dashboard, which offers users either one-click on-demand or customisable, scheduled backups for their devices.The BPUS box is 9.6mm thick, and Seagate says it's more than 50 per cent thinner than other 2TB drives on the market. It has a golden or platinum metal finish, "designed to complement the looks of stylish computers, tablets and phones."The drive inside is likely Seagate's Ultra Mobile Technology product, which was announced as a technology in September, 2015, with two platters, a 7mm thickness, 2TB capacity, and 3.17oz weight. The rotation speed was unspecified but we think it's 5,400rpm.The LaCie Chromé is a mirror-finish desktop external drive sitting at an angle on a rounded base:It's a Neil Poulton design; he's designed other LaCie external drives, and features 2 x 500GB M.2 SATA SSDs inside the aluminium casing, with USB 3.1 gen 2 technology (10Gbit/s) with USB-C connectivity and a flash drive inside. The SSDs are in a RAID 0 configuration and the bandwidth is up to 940MB/sec.Seagate suggests two hours of 4K GoPro footage could be written to the drive in a little over one minute. You could edit hi-res video stored on this drive. It does not have a Thunderbolt interface by the way.

The USB-C connector has no up or down side and the connectors at both ends of the cable are the same. It is compatible with standard USB 3.0 (Type-A) ports via an included adapter cable.There is a fan to introduce cool air and a heat sink that draws hot air away from the SSDs.As usual with LaCie and Neil Poulton drives, the launch blurb goes into design rhapsody mode:This signature device has been designed in collaboration with acclaimed industrial designer Neil Poulton to bring uncommon sophistication to a workspace. The elevated form is an homage to a 1935 bronze statue from Constantin Brâncuși, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. Once machined, the enclosure is hand assembled, then chromed to a mirror polish. Forged from solid chromed zinc, the stand securely docks the product with powerful neodymium magnets – and detaches for easy transport.Enjoy this Neil Poulton quote: "The LaCie Chromé is a concept reduced to its essence: a rectangle tilted onto its corner, melting into its base like quicksilver."LaCie's Porsche Design external mobile and desktop drives also use the USB-C connector to hook up their aluminium rectangular slabs to desktop or laptop hosts. The design house is Porsche Design Group (Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, not the VW-owned Porsche cars business).There are mobile drives in this set with 1, 2 and 4TB capacities. The desktop versions have 4, 5 and 8TB capacities.

The rounded corners, high-polish beveled edges and a sandblast finish combine to form the distinctly Porsche Design modern and elegant style. Since 2003, LaCie and Porsche Design have worked closely to deliver products with flawless functionality in its purest form. The sports and luxury-lifestyle brand and the leading technology company complement one another, with technical influence from LaCie and an exclusive and impeccable design presented by Porsche Design."Discerning consumers value elegant design in their devices and accessories," said Dr. Christian Kurtzke, CEO, Porsche Design Group. "These new drives meld high-tech materials with the sleek visual purism of Porsche Design's iconic style."If the drive is connected to its own power source then it will power a connected and compatible* notebook and charge its' battery. That's a property of the USB-C connector used.The 1TB LaCie Chromé has a 2-year limited warranty that can be extended and upgraded. It includes complimentary web-based resources, in-house technical support and worldwide repair and/or replacement coverage.

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Its MSRP is a cool $1,100.00 and this shiny little desktop exec toy should be available this quarter through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Resellers.The Porsche Design drives have a 2-year extendable warranty like the Chromé product. A 1TB Porsche Design mobile drive starts at $109.95 while a 4TB desktop version starts at $209.95. Buy them from the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Resellers as well as Porsche Design Stores and online. * When the product is connected to a standard electrical wall outlet, it delivers up to 30W of power to charge compatible laptops such as Apple’s MacBook.Ohio's Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) slipped out a quiet end-of-year confession that it has lost a backup DVD with information and documents on 50,000 individuals.The loss was discovered on November 10, 2015, but only made public on December 31. RITA's statement says the agency was preparing a bunch of backup DVDs for destruction when it noticed that one of the cases was empty. The backups had been stored offsite at a "third-party vendor's secure facility."By November 17, the agency had worked out what data was held on the missing DVD: copies of income tax documents, as well as "names, addresses, social security numbers and possibly dates of birth."Individuals who may have been affected will be offered a year of free credit monitoring by Experian.News website notes that it's not the first time RITA has mislaid data. In 2006 a laptop belonging to the agency was stolen from an employee's vehicle.

The agency's announcement is here. At the time of writing, RITA's site was down, but it appears to be staggering to its feet now. Here's a copy in Google's cache just in case. We launched as an email newsletter in 1994, hit the web four years later and are now a multinational media entity operating on three continents. Millions of people read us every month, which is humbling.We may have missed our birthday, but did do some proper “we've turned 21 and that means we're probably quite grown up now” introspection, and resolved to make a few changes.We're not changing the fundamentals. You'll still get a very familiar Reg package complete with cracking headlines, stories written in playful language, plus a mix of business, personal and weird technology. There’ll be plenty of science and bootnotes. Regulars like BOFH aren't going anywhere.But you will see us re-focus our energies on the things we do best: serving IT professionals of all sorts by breaking news and offering insightful analysis on business technology and the policies that shape it.We'll continue to Bite The Hand That Feeds IT, a phrase we understand to mean considering information with studied scepticism informed by long experience, not negativity or cynicism.

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It's never been more important to take that stance than it is today, a time when governments and vendors subject you to pervasive surveillance and therefore make deep consideration of policy essential. 2016 is also a year in which suppliers will accelerate their moves to subscription models, an arrangement promoted as flexible and cheap by an army of communications professionals dedicated to putting a ShinyHappyTM sheen on everything.In that and in every other area we cover, The Reg will crunch the numbers, reveal the gotchas and try to keep the wool off your eyes.Among our plans are a new way to treat the news of the day, so that you – and our team – can get across a day's news quickly, then delve into deeper coverage of the things that matter most to you.As an older and wiser publication, we've also come to realise that some of our more adolescent behaviours are starting to look a little inappropriate. Expect less SHOUTINESS, an evolving sense of humour, more modern and global cultural touchstones, science coverage that gives proper prominence to peer-reviewed, evidence-based research and a recognition that attempted self-aware hopefully ironic sexism is almost always indistinguishable from actual sexism.

Forgive us the use of the term “reader experience” but we're going to try to improve it too. We'll revisit the site's design on all devices and for those of you who read through aggregators. We're also conscious that the web can now host any form of content, but we rely heavily on the written word. Indulge us in an experiment or three as we explore how to use the medium.Regular readers have probably noticed that we've already made some changes. A few of our writers have moved on. We've retired the Weekend Edition, which did lovely things for our Saturday and Sunday traffic but turned out not to be the best use of our resources.The Reg team thinks it has given itself a nice set of challenges to chase in 2016. Our overall resolution is to become an even better business tech news publication. We want new regular readers to admire our improvement, former readers to find reasons to return and of course to attract new readers too! Those readers might be career techies, technology managers, a CIO, a CEO or a student. Whatever your role in making IT a part of business, we're aiming to be one of your valued sources for insightful news. And hopefully the number one source.

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