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publié le 23 février 2018 Beauté › Miniatures

The MPAA confirmed to The Register that it did, in fact, investigate the Glass-wearing chap at the Columbus theater.Google Glass is an incredible innovation in the mobile sphere, and we have seen no proof that it is currently a significant threat that could result in content theft, the MPAA said in a statement.The MPAA works closely with theaters all over the country to curb camcording and theater-originated piracy, and in this particular case, no such activity was discovered.The US Department of Homeland Security polices piracy through its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch and the National Intellectual Property Rights Center. The office works with movie studios and cinemas to stop the reproduction and distribution of pirated films.

On January 18, special agents with ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations and local authorities briefly interviewed a man suspected of using an electronic recording device to record a film at an AMC theater in Columbus, Khaalid Walls, an ICE spokesman, told a reporter at the Columbus Dispatch. The man, who voluntarily answered questions, confirmed to authorities that the suspected recording device was also a pair of prescription eye glasses in which the recording function had been inactive. No further action was taken.Ryan Noonan, an AMC spokesman, told the newspaper: While we’re huge fans of technology and innovation, wearing a device that has the capability to record video is not appropriate at the movie theater. The disk drive industry went bananas in 2013, driven hard by cloud storage and flash, both sending the problems of bulk, nearline data storage disks' way.The 3.5-inch performance disk drive business is perceived of as being finished. Hot data will increasingly come out of flash cells and not off disk. Disks are unrivalled for cheap and fast enough online storage. In the 2.5-inch area there is still a need for fast drives of 10,000 rpm but this may be a short-lived phenomenon.

Object storage is a feasible technology for scalable, self-healing disk data stores seen through a file access presentation layer Desktop disk drive sales are falling as tablet computing gets more popular and tablet/notebook/desktop SSD use rises These trends have resulted in Seagate's Kinetic drives, two vast shingled drive trials, and WD's re-invention of hybrid flash/disk drives. HGST's late 2012 revelation of its Helium-filled drives was followed by a product announcement in the second half of 2013. We have also seen acquisitions by the three disk-drive manufacturers; Seagate-Samsung, WD-HGST, and Toshiba as they diversify into flash and also move up the disk storage stack from their disk drive and consumer/SME 1-8 drive slot array base, heading towards storage arrays.

Filling a disk drive enclosure with helium, a much lower friction environment than plain old air, means more platters and heads can be put inside a drive enclosure, thus increasing the drive's capacity. The drive industry had looked at this in the past but helium will leak through the smallest holes and this difficulty had helped prevent the technology become production-ready.HGST worked out how to hermetically seal the drive effectively, and up to 7 platters can be stuffed inside a traditional 3.5-inch disk drive enclosure. Currently 4-platter 3.5-inchers hold 4TB, 1TB/platter. Thus a 7-platter drive could hold 7TB.In the event HGST launched a 6-platter, 6TB Ultrastar He6 in November, giving it outright capacity leadership in the 3.5-inch drive space. Seagate is answering this with an anticipated 5TB or 6TB shingled magnetic recording (SMR) media drive early this year. It will, The drive manufacturers built hybrid and thin 2.5-inch drives for tablet and notebook use, aiming to add cheaper and denser capacity, with flash cache acceleration, and so provide an alternative to more expensive all-flash storage. The provision of 2.5-inch drives as 3.5-inch drive replacements in small form-factor desktops and notebooks also progressed throughout the year.

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More extreme 2.5-inch drives came along, such as HGST's 3-platter 1.5TB drive inside a standard 9.5mm-thick 2.5in form factor. Imagine the possible platter counts in helium-filled 2.5inch drives; four platters ought surely to be possible.Western Digital announced a radically thin single platter 2.5-inch drive, the UltraSlim just 5mm thick.Seagate dropped its 7,200rpm 2.5-inch drives in favour of 5,400rpm hybrid ones with data access sped by a NAND cache in March, and in June moved its hybrid notebook tech into the enterprise with a 600GB Savvio spinning at 10,000rpm and having a 16GB NAND cache. IBM signed up to use the drive.In February Seagate said it would ship SMR drives later in the year. It didn't. Instead it revealed in an earnings report in September that it had shipped a million SMR drives to an unrevealed customer or customers. (EVault - see below.)

SMR drives cram tracks closer together by overlapping groups of them, leaving valid read tracks inside the boundaries of the overlapped and wider write tracks. SMR drives can store more data than existing perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) drive technology drives but data re-writes are much slower, as all affected overlapped tracks have to be sequentially re-written.SMR drives also seem much more sensitive to vibration, meaning that they either have to be packed less densely in arrays or used in spin-down arrays where the majority of drives are inactive.Seagate joined the OpenStack Foundation and the Open Compute Project in February to help foster the growth of cloud storage solutions. Ali Fenn, a senior director at Seagate, said; We're not going to open source the internals of [our] drives, but we'll be looking to work with the communities' hardware and software players. We recognise that these are the stacks of the future. For Seagate cloud storage of data is becoming on of the most important technology direction drivers.

Towards the end of the year we saw one of the fruits of this when Seagate's EVault cloud backup subsidiary announced in December its Long-Term Storage Service (LTS2) for storing archival data on spun-down disk in the EVault cloud. We suspect this service uses Seagate's SMR drives but nobody is saying.After having talked about SMR technology in June, WD revealed that Facebook is trialling its SMR drives for storing photos in an online disk archive, with faster photo access than tape can provide. This is Facebook's cold storage idea.So the net of it is that both Seagate and WD have shipped around a million SMR drives each to low numbers of customers and have not made SMR drives generally available, despite their seeming lower cost/GB. Why is that?

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We surmise two things; re-write performance is dreadful and vibration is a killer. These prevent the drives being suitable for general enterprise and SME use, maybe for a good few months yet and maybe even forever, since alternative drive capacity-increasing technologies, such as helium-filling and HAMR (Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording) are here or close and will render SMR drives redundant except for the specific online disk archive with fast data access applications exemplified by Facebook's use of the tech for storing old photos and EVault's faster than (tape-based) Amazon's Glacier cloud archive at retrieving data.HAMR drives are still in the pre-announcement phase with WD's CEO giving a presentation off a prototype HAMR drive in November, more or less a year after Seagate's CEO pulled the same trick. Still no product though.Review Do tablets have to be dull, flat slabs? If you are Asus, Apple, Samsung or Nokia, the answer to that question is clearly ‘yes’. Sure, each may boast a decorative lip here, an extra button there, or an unusual profile curve someplace else, but essentially they all look much the same.

Sony once tried something different with its Tablet S and P models, but then made the Xperia Z Tablet another slab. Diversity of form, then, is not a keynote of the rise of the tablet. Until now.Lenovo’s Yoga 10 may have mediocre innards (about which more below) and a rather average screen, but by heck its designers have been at the Shredded Wheat. In a number of rather important ways this is the most usable slab I have ever had the pleasure of fondling.Let me give you a guided tour. On three sides the Yoga 10 is just another plain old Android tablet. It’s an average of 5mm thick and no wider or taller than it’s 10.1-inch screen necessitates. But at the bottom – assuming you are holding it so the Lenovo logo is the correct way up – is a 20mm diameter rounded protrusion. Think of a generic Android tablet with a long rolls of £1 coins glued to the bottom and you get the idea. Built into the rounded end is a small, pull-down stand.The benefits of the this design are several. Pull the stand down and the Yoga stands up at an angle of around 80 degrees. The stand is deep enough to let you use the touchscreen without the thing toppling backwards. Leave the stand open but flip the Yoga over and you can rest it on a flat surface at around 20 degrees. Or you can close the stand and rest it at about ten degrees. Between them, these positions have most bases covered.

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