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publié le 5 mars 2018 Beauté › Cheveux

All of that money will go towards making the Gigafactory produce more lithium ion batteries annually by 2020 than were produced worldwide in 2013, while driving down the cost per kWh of Tesla's battery pack by over 30 per cent.The Elon Musk-owned firm handed over just five slides on its blog to fill in the blanks on this ambitious vision. According to the slim presentation, Tesla is hoping that its mega-battery-plant will be producing the battery power for up 500,000 vehicles in 2020, which it will be manufacturing from raw materials.One slide was almost entirely taken up with a rather amateur rendering of the factory in an as-yet undecided desert-like location, which the firm said could be Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Texas, surrounded by renewable power sources like solar and wind. Musk could potentially get a solar farm on the cheap, since one of his other companies is solar energy outfit SolarCity.The factory wouldn't be expected to start production until 2017 at the earliest, after which battery packs from the plant can go directly to Tesla's vehicle assembly line in California at a rate of 50GWh a year by 2020.

If the colour coding of the slides is anything to go on, Tesla has already had its partner discussions, but although the project mentions these $3bn partners, it hasn't named any of them. Panasonic is almost certainly on the list, since it already provides the firm with batteries and it's reportedly been shopping around for investors in the plant in Japan.There's also the possibility that Apple is planning to join in the Gigafactory fun. According to some maths by eco-friendly motor website Green Car Reports, Apple is likely to have had battery consumption in fiscal 2013 of around 3GWh, based on its reported sales of 71 million iPads and 150 million iPhones and some rounding up for laptop use. Tesla's cars sucked up a little over half that number at 1.75GWh, so as it stands, Apple would probably like batteries on tap at home in the US as much - if not more than - Tesla.

Miscreants have forged a variant of the infamous ZeuS banking Trojan that targets enterprise data held by clients of CRM giant ZeuS variant does not exploit a vulnerability in the platform itself but rather penetrates the insecure devices of corporate workers accessing The attackers wait for the user to connect to in order to extract company data from the user’s Salesforce instance, according to security researchers at cloud-based security outfit Adallom, which discovered the threat.This is not an exploit of a vulnerability; this Zeus attack takes advantage of the trust relationship that is legitimately established between the end-user and once the user has authenticated, Ami Luttwak, co-founder and CTO at Adallom explains in a blog post.The threat was discovered after a single user performed hundreds of view operations in a short period of time, triggering off alerts at Adallom, a security service provider for the victim's employers. This triggered an investigation. Initially the firm's security team suspected a sales rep was “downloading” their Rolodex by mirroring their instance to disk. A subsequent investigation revealed a worker's poorly secured and pox-ridden Windows XP home laptop (running an old version of Internet Explorer, and an expired security scanner software) was behind the problem.

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The Zeus variant on the compromised machine was configured to detect authenticated sessions ( instead of banking sites.The variant was designed to crawl the site and create a real-time copy of the user's instance. A copy of the temporary folder that was created contained all the information from the company account.While our customer is still investigating the intent behind this attack, it’s easy to imagine how having real time access to a company’s CRM might be useful to its competitors’ sales process, Luttwak explains.Zeus is traditionally used to pilfer online banking credentials and transactions. The latest variant is thought to represent the first time a Zeus variant targeted at harvesting data from enterprise SaaS applications. Although novel the threat the not particularly sophisticated and the tailored SaaS data exfiltration capability is all that really distinguished it from the many banking trojan and other nasties created using ZeuS.

ZeuS is most accurately looked at as a crimeware creation that makes it straightforward to create highly customised banking trojans or other nasties, as the CRM malware isolated in the Adallom case illustrates.Adallom reckons the malware used in this attack was planted like a landline on the compromised Win XP device (a home computer used by the worker involved to catch up with work at night or the weekend) using a phishing attack. Much the same approach could be used to harvest data from any software as a service application.All existing Zeus variants in the wild can be fairly easily re-purposed to steal information from SaaS applications, it’s just a matter of adding another webinject configuration pack, Adallom's Luttwak concludes.

We are currently under responsible disclosure with several SaaS vendors for other attacks that have impacted our customers. Some, like the Office 365 'Ice Dagger', are sophisticated. Others, like this 'landline', are not. However, they all target digital assets inside of SaaS applications because that’s where enterprise data is migrating.Adallom's warning is underlined by a case last November involving attempts to use malware against client of ERP giant SAP. Security researchers at ERPScan discovered a variant of the well-known Shiz remote access Trojan (RAT) which searched infected systems for the existence of SAP applications.Apple has admitted a bug in Mac OS X 10.9.1 allows hackers to intercept and decrypt SSL-encrypted network connections – and has promised to release a fix very soon.Sensitive information, such as bank card numbers and account passwords, sent over HTTPS, IMAPS and other SSL-protected channels from vulnerable Mac computers could easily end up in the hands of snoopers as a result of this security hole.

The Cupertino giant issued updates for versions 7 and 6 of its mobile operating system iOS on Friday to address the same flaw in iPhones, iPads and iPods.But it quickly became apparent that the vulnerability also exists in desktop and laptop computers running Mac OS X Mavericks, the latest public release of Apple's desktop OS.The security hole was created by a trivial programming cock-up, which causes Apple's SSL/TLS library to skip over vital verification checks of a server's authenticity when establishing a connection.A malicious router, Wi-Fi access point or other man-in-the-middle system could exploit this to silently masquerade as a legit website or online service, and thus intercept, read and tamper with the private contents of a victim's supposedly secure connection.Apple's Safari web browser and Mail client running on OS X 10.9.1 are vulnerable to SSL snoopers because they rely on the broken crypto-library; other Cupertino apps such as Facetime and iMessage, and third-party programs using Apple's crocked code, are all faulty as well. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are not vulnerable because they don't use the busted SSL library.

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Tech-savvy users can use the otool command-line utility to determine whether an application is vulnerable by inspecting the libraries it loads. Apple's broken SSL library is version 55471, so grepping for that number from otool's output will reveal whether the program is using the knackered Security framework. For example......produces no results because Apple's SSH (which declares itself to be SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.2) uses version 55456 of Apple's Security framework library. Unfortunately, several apps are using version 55471:We are aware of this issue and already have a software fix that will be released very soon, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters this weekend regarding the SSL certificate validation bug in OS X 10.9.1.Meanwhile, someone's set up a website called, a reference to the C code bug at the heart of the problem, so that users can check whether their web browsers running on OS X 10.9.1 are vulnerable. Updated2 Apple has updated its mobile operating system iOS to patch a bug that blows apart the integrity of encrypted connections.Versions 7.0.6 and 6.1.6, available now for download, fixes a vulnerability that could allow an attacker with a privileged network position to capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS, according to the iPhone maker. This is due to the Secure Transport component of the operating system failing to validate the authenticity of the connection, suggesting some sort of failure to verify the certificate or identity of whatever system a vulnerable iDevice was connected to.

In short, users should apply the security update as soon as possible to avoid falling foul of a man-in-the-middle attack: we can imagine a malicious router or Wi-Fi access point exploiting this iOS flaw to silently masquerade as a legit server, and thus intercept and decrypt the private contents of a supposedly secure connection.SSL and TLS are used the world over to prevent eavesdroppers from snooping on network traffic to and from sensitive services, such as banking and shopping websites and email servers. But this only works if the other end of the connection can be verified and trusted.Apple admits this issue was addressed by restoring missing validation steps. It reserved CVE-2014-1266 for the bug on January 8 this year, but when and how exactly the flaw was introduced and subsequently discovered is not clear.

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