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That said, the firm is clearly still benefiting from the demise of rival Comet, though Dixons would also argue that an overhaul of its store format and efforts to improve customer services - work started by former CEO John Browett - are also paying dividends.In a Chrimbo trading statement covering the period from 1 November to 4 January, Dixons said group sales were up two per cent in constant currency, with business in the UK rising five per cent and two per cent in Northern Europe where it had festive scuffles with rivals.This has been a lively Christmas with plenty of ups and downs, said James.He described Black Friday weekend in Blighty as remarkably busy but added this was followed by a somewhat quieter couple of weeks as we approached Christmas Day.But punters flocked to the stores the day after Santa emptied his sack, and business took off like a rocket said James, making it a record day for Dixons, with more than £100,000 flowing through our tills every minute.The CEO added: This is especially encouraging as we have already passed the anniversary of Comet's departure from the market.Despite jettisoning businesses in Southern Europe in recent years across countries including Spain, Italy and Turkey, Dixons has retained a foothold in the region in Greece, and here sales fell eight per cent due to a tough economy.

James said the overall numbers were good, but I am mindful that what recovery there is in the UK is still fledgling, and we continue to plan accordingly.We have some strong comparables in the fourth quarter and, with a later Easter as well, I expect performance in the remainder of our financial year to be more modest than the year to date. It was a year of generally positive flash transitions, with cell geometry shrinking, all-flash arrays springing up, flash companies being bought, flash companies crashing back to earth after inflated IPOs or just crashing, and happiness spraying out like sunshine from three hybrid flash/disk array suppliers.Trying to keep up with all this and fit it into a big picture was like trying to sip delicately from the water coming over Niagara Falls.

Still, some things became apparent from under the drowning flood of product and technology flash news. There began to be a general acceptance that access to I/O intensive random data was best done using flash rather than disk and that all-flash arrays definitely had a role as the best container for networked storage of hot, random data. Disk was as good as flash for streaming data and also much cheaper on a $/GB basis. So-so disk arrays were best for nearline, cool and possibly cold data, and also for large files with streaming access.The consensus view was that fast thin and light notebooks needed flash for the best performance, as did tablets. But thin and hybrid 2.5-inch flash+disk drives could be used, manufacturers started suggesting, in both tablet and ultralite form factors to provide flash speed for hot data and cheaper disk capacity for the relatively bulk cool data.We'll look at the business side of things in a later article, but right now let's take a look at developments in flash technology.We didn't see triple-level cell (TLC) NAND push into enterprise applications in 2013, TLC flash being slow and having a ridiculously short write endurance level. Also flash foundries prefer to make single and multi-level cell (SLC and MLC) on their foundry production lines because these command higher volumes and deliver a better return on manufacturing investment. TLC flash remains relegated to thumb drives, camera flash cards and the like.

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There was the beginning of a transition towards 1X (19nm-10nm) flash cell geometries from the 2X (29nm - 20nm) technology. Toshiba for example is building 19nm kit now. As a reminder the smaller the geometry the more NAND flash chips can be cut from a wafer, thus lowering the cost/GB. However the shift is not even across the industry; Micron is transitioning to 20nm now with a 16nm process starting production samples this year.One thing that didn’t happen was the emergence of any non-volatile technology to take over from flash. It’s generally agreed that flash technology may be unable to develop usable enterprise flash storage with acceptable endurance down at 15nm and below. Phase Change Memory and varieties of Resistive RAM, such as HP’s Memristor, are still future tech, with 3D NAND taking up the capacity slack by cramming more flash layers onto a flash chip with connecting tunnels (through Silicon Vias or TSVs) linking the layers to a base logic layer.

Micron expects to commence 3D NAND production sample shipments before mid-2014, perhaps as early as by April. But volume production won’t take place until 2015. Samsung heavily publicised its 3D_VNAND technology but production doesn’t actually look to start production this year and it’s not an orderable product.Jim Handy of Objective analysis produced a fine series of 3D NAND papers on his Memory Guy web site, discussing the technology and manufacturers’ plans.The EU is launching an anti-competition probe of major Hollywood studios and Europe's biggest pay-TV networks over their exclusive licensing deals.The European Commission's antitrust division said it was looking into the territorially exclusive contracts to see if they stopped broadcasters from being able to offer their services across borders, contrary to EU rules.The EC said it would be looking at restrictions in agreements between film studios like 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros and Paramount and telly firms like BSkyB in the UK, Sky Italia, Canal+ in France and Sky Deutschland.

Competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in a statement that the EU wasn't trying to make US film studios sell rights for the whole continent, but it still needed to ensure that customers weren't being unfairly treated.I want to be clear on one point: we are not calling into question the possibility to grant licences on a territorial basis, or trying to oblige studios to sell rights on a pan-European basis, he said.Rather, our investigation will focus on restrictions that prevent the selling of the content in response to unsolicited requests from viewers located in other Member States - the so-called 'passive sales' - or to existing subscribers who move or travel abroad.To illustrate: if you subscribe to a Pay TV service in Germany and you go to Italy for holidays, you may not be able to view the films offered by that service from your laptop during your holidays. Similarly, if I live in Belgium and want to subscribe to a Spanish Pay TV service, I may not be able to subscribe at all if there is absolute territorial exclusivity, he explained.

The investigation comes after the European Court of Justice ruled on a Premier League football licensing case. The court said that current licensing provisions stopped satellite broadcasters from competing with each other across Europe and the argument that copyright holders wouldn't get their money if the contracts changed didn't make sense, since the deals could take into account audiences across borders if necessary.In the context of the investigation we are launching today, we will carefully examine if the principles set out by the Court of Justice should also be applied to other types of audiovisual content such as the popular films licensed by the US studios, Almunia said. Review When Toshiba Portégé turned up and I lifted the out of the box, I started laughing. Now, I’m not suggesting that the arrival of Toshiba Ultrabook is a joke, quite the opposite in fact. What amused me was just how light it was – a mere 1.2kg for this 13.3-inch machine.

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I’d prepared myself to haul something heavier, only to find I was clasping a mere wisp of a notebook measuring up at 316 x 227 x 18mm.Toshiba Portégé Z30: in the UK it's preloaded with Windows 7 Pro with 8.1 Pro upgrade discs - no optical drive in the box though Now, that’s more like it. I’ve dragged around a fair few notebooks claiming to be in Ultrabook club that have firmly reached the boundaries in terms of size and have felt decidedly like heavyweight laptops of old.At first glance you might think that someone from Toshiba has been moonlighting for Acer designing Chromebooks. Yet unlike Acer’s 11.6-inch plastic pal that’s fun to be with, the Portégé Z30-A 10Z features a magnesium chassis and metal outer shells. The the palm rests look the part too, but have more of a plastic warmth to them.

Perhaps keeping things a little warmer still is the 2.1GHz dual-core Intel Core i7-4600U CPU which relies on the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU for visual duties. Being a fourth generation Haswell chip there are battery life savings to be had here, Toshiba claims up to 12 hours from its four-cell 52Whr, 3380mAh Li-Po battery. We’ll see how it goes.There are Core i3 and Core i5 incarnations of the Portégé Z30 series, with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD – but this core i7 model has double the capacity of both with 8GB of RAM (upgradable to 16GB) and a Toshiba THNSNH256GMCT 256GB SSD.So at least you're not tied to build-to-order on-board soldered RAM and storage decisions.Talking of decisions, out of the box the Portégé runs Windows 7 Pro, however, in the box is a package of two Windows 8.1 Pro discs that will upgrade the OS and load up all of Toshiba's extras. What's wrong with this picture is the Portégé has no optical drive and no matter how hard I shook the box, an external USB DVD drive didn't drop out of it. Feeling adventurous though, I did attempt the upgrade with the help of a Plextor PX-L611U DVD writer – more on this later.

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