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What does this mean? The NTIA isn't sure beyond the fact that something clearly needs to be done. It points out that its analysis has only scratched the surface but even that initial review has made it clear that policymakers need to develop a better understanding of mistrust in the privacy and security of the Internet and the resulting chilling effects.It warns, not without some justification, that unless something is done to increase trust it may reduce economic activity and hamper the free exchange of ideas online.There are some policy plans afoot: the Obama Administration has put out draft privacy legislation, and the NTIA is running a number of processes with a range of stakeholders on online privacy and cybersecurity, including its current one on the internet of things.The release of this data however demonstrates that there is a very real impact of security and privacy breaches. And it blows apart the idea that a move to online activities is somehow inevitable by showing that people do in fact scale back when impacted. That reality may serve as a catalyst for businesses to get serious about fixing problems and invest in make the online experience a safe, more secure one. Students who have access to computer devices in the classroom do significantly worse than colleagues without them, a study has found.

In a study by MIT's School Effectiveness & Inequality Initiative, titled The Impact of Computer Usage on Academic Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Trial at the United States Military Academy, students whose classroom access to computer devices was prohibited performed better in exams.726 undergraduates studying an introductory economics course at the United States Military Academy were randomly separated into three groups.A control group was prohibited from using any laptops or tablets, another had access to tablets which were required to be flat on the table at all times, while the third was free to use tablets and laptops.The researchers found that permitting computers or laptops in a classroom lowers overall exam grades by around one-fifth of a standard deviation.The reasons for this were unclear, however, as a number of factors could potentially contribute to the lower scores, including the ease at which students could be distracted by surfing the internet, lowered note-taking skills, and changes in the teacher's behaviour when interacting with students on a computer.We want to be clear that we cannot relate our results to a class where the laptop or tablet is used deliberately in classroom instruction, as these exercises may boost a student’s ability to retain the material . Rather, our results relate only to classes where students have the option to use computer devices to take notes. We further cannot test whether the laptop or ta blet leads to worse note taking, whether the increased availability of distractions for computer users (email, facebook, twitter, news, other classes, etc.) leads to lower grades , or whether professors teach differently when students are on their computers.

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They conclude: Given the magnitude of our results , and the increasing emphasis of using technology in the classroom, additional research aimed at distinguishing between these channels is clearly warranted. Fluent, founded in May 2015 and now with $2.5m to its name, will use the new cash injection to expand its engineering team and expand sales. Fluent’s goal is to expand into supply chain management, sending invoices while creating an API and developer platform. The venture cash came courtesy of group of investors led by ff Venture Capital. Google has decided that emoji need to offer better role models for women and has therefore proposed 13 new ones, all depicting women in the workplace.Google's proposal (PDF) says the company “wants to increase the representation of women in emoji” and therefore suggests “a new set of emoji that represents a wide range of professions for women and men with a goal of highlighting the diversity of women’s careers and empowering girls everywhere.”

Google's four submitters cite a New York Times op-ed by Amy Butcher in which she wrote “How was there space for both a bento box and a single fried coconut shrimp, and yet women were restricted to a smattering of tired, beauty-centric roles? This was not a problem for our male emoji brethren. Men were serving on the police force, working construction and being Santa. Meanwhile, on our phones, it was Saturday at the Mall of America — women shopping while men wrote the checks.”The four Googlers also point out various studies that show women are the main users of emoji, so surely deserve emoji that go beyond cliches.The thirteen chosen emoji are also based on research into the most common occupations and take into account recent campaigns encouraging women and girls into professions in which they are under-represented.Emoji usually have secondary representations, but Google argues its 13 proposed characters should be depicted as women only because that's the point of this whole idea.The proposal ends with a call for “other members of Unicode to join us in creating a system of emoji design that can accommodate a broader gender spectrum.” Under the deal it will provide communications in remote areas and additional network resilience. Mansoor Hanif, director of Radio Access Networks at EE, said the deal will enable the biz to deliver a truly nationwide 4G network to rural areas.

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BlackHat Asia A world-first proof-of-concept worm - if unleashed - could spell disaster for the world’s critical infrastructure, including power utilities by making attacks exponentially more difficult to detect and stop.It is a stand-alone attack but The Register has confirmed a realistic stealthy end-to-end attack scenario can be produced by combining two independent research efforts.The programmable logic controller (PLC) worm is the brain child of German hackers Ralf Spenneberg and Maik Brüggeman of Steinfurt-based consultancy OpenSource Security Ralf Spenneberg, and, unlike any past attacks, is able to spread from devices without the need of an infected laptop or desktop.All other PLC malware such as Stuxnet relied on having an infected computer to spread to other controllers, meaning an infection could be stopped from proliferating by removing those machines.Spenneberg and Brüggeman claim the attack spreads like cancer between default Siemens S7 1200 PLCs, and could be reworked to target other systems.They say it can also be used in proxy-chains to gain a foothold into utility networks, depending on the PLC used.

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