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publié le 23 mars 2018 Beauté › Forme & Santé

Liz - grams to grace (Liz Klein) not to smoke, but when she was on the train to Manhattan to work out his phone and when answering the phone, and she the same trunk passengers glare at her, as if she lit a cigarette in the compartments.

While she tries to keep her voice small and brief, she says, "everyone is looking at me as if I'm infringing on their privacy." He worked as an assistant principal in a public university. At the same time, it is illegal to answer a cell phone while driving while driving in the Westchester county suburb of New York. But sometimes

"When you have a date or need to contact your child, you have to make a phone call," she says. U.S. lawmakers have also gradually began to focus on the things that related to mobile phone use, some local, state, and members of congress are also proposed, to limit the driver using a cell phone while driving device.Cell phone signal jammer are used as a tool to ban mobile phones.

At the same time, when the user at the airport, the Broadway theatre, and even a funeral occasions when answering the phone, such as a loud bell and loud conversation is answering the telephone of mobile phone users feel quite audience. A Joe Louis arena in Detroit beer vendors part-time work of accountant, Ronnie Coleman (Terry Kuhlman) said: "these arrogant guy always when you focus on a cell phone to bother you, as if must be noticed by the other."

The use of mobile phones in public places is increasing. In April last year to an annual study showed that the Yankee group found that the investigation in the mobile phone use occasions, the use of 21% is in the home, car, and work out of place, compared with earlier last year, up, up from 15% a year ago. And the number of mobile phone users is increasing. The number of wireless users in the United States is now close to 117 million, according to estimates from the mobile communications and Internet association, a trade body. But as people use their phones more frequently on various occasions, mobile phone users have to decide whether to answer the phone at all. National railway passenger transport companies in the United States in January when started banning cell phone users in the morning bus answering the phone in the car, the agency now has to extend the program, decided in Washington, weekend train back and forth between New York and Boston, also want to ensure a quiet car.

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