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Then there’s the obvious power-related stuff. Regardless of what gadgets you bring on your travels, it can never hurt to have a few spare microUSB and/or Lightning cables around in case one gets misplaced along the way. Again, Anker has reliable and affordable options here with its PowerLine microUSB Cable and Lightning-to-USB Cable.Likewise, if you wind up in a hotel room that doesn’t have enough outlets to charge all your devices, a small power strip like Belkin’s SurgePlus Mini Charger can come in handy.Finding steady internet on the go (or in a spotty hotel room) is a notorious hassle, but you can bypass much of that annoyance with a mobile hotspot. If you can’t or don’t want to use your phone as such, Verizon’s Jetpack MiFi 6620L is a dependable, consistently well-reviewed option. Like most MiFi routers, it’s not cheap, but Verizon’s network has long been the fastest and most expansive in the country. If you live on the road, it could be a wise investment.Finally, your gear will be more prone to disasters when you’re outside the confines of your home. As such, it’s worth another reminder that you should really go out of your way to backup your data before heading off. If you’re working with a handful of important files in particular, bringing along a spare flash drive is a simple and space-efficient way to keep them safe.

The differences between most USB sticks aren’t enormous, practically speaking — just make sure you buy a USB 3.0 one — but the SanDisk Extreme gets you proven fast read/write speeds and a fair amount of space at an affordable price. With a 4.6 rating after 1,800 Amazon reviews, it’s shouldn’t let you down. If the netbook ever truly died, it sure didn’t take long for PC makers to resurrect it. Microsoft watched as Apple’s iPads and Google’s Chromebooks ate away at the low-cost computing market those Windows laptops once dominated, but now that the thirst for affordable tablets has slowed, and the capacities of cheap PC hardware have grown, manufacturers are going back to the well.In today’s context, though, these new machines aren’t reborn netbooks so much as they’re Microsoft’s response to Chromebooks. With their limited storage, modest internals, and dirt cheap MSRPs, they’re meant to be secondary or travel devices, things you’d give to your kid or take on the flight when you want to give your XPS 13 or MacBook Air a breather. And as with Google’s devices, their weak specs push you toward basic tasks in the cloud. You’re mostly using them to browse the web and stream a couple videos.

The difference is that these things run full Windows 10, so, if you need it, you can still use traditional desktop apps like Word and Excel. Now, because Windows still has to work on devices nine times as expensive, these cheaper notebooks aren’t nearly as fast as the best Chromebooks – which are wholly Web-focused – in practice.But that’s the bet Microsoft is making: Enough people will trade some speed and, in some cases, better hardware for the flexibility and added productivity potential of a desktop OS. That nearly all of these machines come with a free year of Office 365 only solidifies the sales pitch.Affordable laptops like the HP Stream 11 and Asus Eeebook X205TA helped carve out this market, and we’ve previously touted the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11. After a little more testing, though, we’d currently recommend the Lenovo Ideapad 100s to anyone interested in this kind of device. Its 11.6-inch model currently retails for $171.75.

All the conceptual ideas noted above still apply here. Nobody will call the Ideapad 100s strong – videos in Microsoft Edge (which tends to run better on Windows 10 than Chrome and such) take a moment to load, gaming is just about impossible, and trying to run more than a handful of apps simultaneously brings the whole thing to its knees. Photo editing isn’t exactly fun, either. That’s what a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM will do to you.Use it in moderation, though, and the Ideapad is surprisingly fluid. There’s hardly any lag once everything’s up and running; we could, say, take notes in a large Google Drive doc, browse Business Insider, and stream a 720p YouTube video all at once without much trouble. Desktop apps like Word and Evernote are perfectly agreeable, too. Again, if you need to, you can absolutely get lighter work done on this thing. The performance here is never anything more than “fine,” but it won’t make you tear your hair out. That’s a positive in this market. While the Ideapad feels swifter than something like the Aspire One Cloudbook, it isn't an immense difference. What sets it apart are its battery life and chassis. The former is very good: about 10-11 hours on a charge with average use. Battery life should always be a plus with such low-power chips, but Lenovo’s made good use of the Atom unit here.

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The Ideapad’s design is its biggest selling point. For the most part, and especially from the outside, it comes off more expensive than it is. Its colorful frame is fun and sturdy, and its smooth matte finish doesn’t get destroyed by fingerprints. It’s superbly light and compact as well.Its display neatly folds to a 180-degree angle, too, which is a clever way around the unsurprisingly poor viewing angles on its 1366x768 TN screen. If objects look washed out (and they will), just push the whole thing back. The rest of the panel, by the way, is serviceable. It’s not sharp, and its colors don’t pop, but it’s bright and accurate enough to be better than what’s on most sub-$200 Windows machines.There are a couple of quirks worth noting, though. In many ways, the Ideapad’s keyboard and trackpad are great. The former is fast, spacious, and comfortable, especially for an 11-inch device, but it flexes a ton. Whole chunks of the board spring up and down as you type, always reminding you that you’re using something cheap. Still, outside of that annoyance, it’s very good.

The trackpad, meanwhile, is accurate, but doesn’t support multi-touch gestures. That means no pinch-to-zoom, two-fingered scrolling, or anything like that. Even for an ultra-budget machine, this is a truly strange omission.There are other ways the Ideapad feels $170: The keyboard has no backlight, both USB ports are 2.0 instead of 3.0, the speakers and webcam are rough, and only 17GB of the stated 32GB of flash storage are usable out of the box. (You can help that with a microSD card, at least.)For what it is, though, the Lenovo Ideapad 100s works well for casual users or frequent travelers. If you can live without Windows, we’d still recommend a Chromebook to most – the performance gains are noticeable, and Chrome can do more than you might think. If you can’t, though, this is a good value. During Monday's big event, the biggest glimpse at Apple's future came not from the Apple Watch but from the company's new laptop, the ultra-thin MacBook.

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It's gorgeous, and people were going bonkers over this thing, even though it will sell for a hefty $1,300 or more starting April 10.First, there's the price. You're paying a premium because Apple pulled off some engineering magic and created a beautiful computer that is not much thicker than an iPhone yet powerful enough to run a full desktop operating system. In fact, it is $300 more expensive than the cheapest MacBook Pro but has weaker specs. (The Retina MacBook Pro starts at the same price as the new MacBook). It is not the best deal on paper unless you value design and portability over everything else.Then there are the ports. Or, rather, the lack of ports. The MacBook has only one: a special USB C port that is designed for charging the computer, connecting video cables, and plugging in accessories. That means you will not be able to transfer files using a traditional USB stick, and you will have to get a special adapter for a lot of other things.macbook usb c portApple

Finally, I'm not a fan of the fact Apple did away with the MagSafe charger in favor of USB C. If you're like me, you have a habit of tripping over your laptop's cables. Apple's MagSafe charger is a brilliant solution: It holds the charging connector firmly in the laptop but will not do any damage if you yank it out. When I was in college I did some major damage to my old PowerBook when I tripped over its charging cord. I have a feeling there will be more than a few damaged USB C chargers from new MacBook owners. USB C charging feels like a step backward.But let's rewind a bit. The new MacBook reminds me a lot of the first MacBook Air that launched in 2008. That computer was underpowered, had very little storage, and had minimal ports. It was light, thin, and beautiful, unlike any laptop anyone had seen at the time, but it was also way too expensive for what you got. As with the new MacBook, the original MacBook Air was a marvelous feat of engineering that most people probably didn't need to buy.

Two and a half years later, the MacBook Air was the best laptop in the world. Apple improved everything from the processing power to design to battery life. Today's MacBook Air is even better.I bet we'll be having a similar discussion about the new MacBook in two or three years. It's ahead of its time now, but eliminating ports and going fully wireless in favor of an ultra-portable design will be the new norm. Eventually you will not need to plug a zillion accessories and projectors into your computer. Everything will be wireless.Plus, traditional computers don't need to be as powerful for the stuff most people need to do, hence the exploding popularity of Chromebooks. The new MacBook is Apple's answer to that burgeoning trend. People use their laptops to email, check Facebook, do some word processing, and maybe stream some movies. You don't need a beast of machine to do all that. And if you can get one with a high-resolution display and knockout design, something like the new MacBook is really appealing.

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