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publié le 17 octobre 2017 Beauté › Maquillage

The biggest surprise in my tests was just how inconsistent the Touch Bar Pro’s battery life was. I have tested hundreds of laptops over the years and Macs have almost always excelled at meeting or beating their promised battery lives, both in my longtime battery test regime, and in typical daily use. But the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar wasn’t as reliably consistent as previous Macs.On my rigorous test, which I’ve used for years, the machine actually exceeded Apple’s claim of up to 10 hours of battery life. The test involves setting the screen at 100 percent, keeping it on and undimmed constantly, playing an endless loop of music, and leaving Wi-Fi on to collect email, tweets, and Facebook posts in the background. Result: 11 hours and 38 minutes.So, my best advice is that even a mainstream, non-pro user can’t count on this laptop lasting the promised maximum of 10 hours — even in light to moderate use — let alone the 12 hour maximum a new Air can pull off. And you won’t have an accurate estimate to go by. Apple rates both the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro for up to 10 hours of battery life, and that's either with web surfing or iTunes movie playback. Even after half a dozen battery tests, I'm still noticing some inconsistencies in my results: 13-inch battery life is sometimes in the seven- to eight-hour range, with some tests hinting at a ten-and-a-half-hour capacity. Testing on the 15-inch model has also been inconclusive. I've generally seen between nine and 10 hours of video playback, but in one instance I exceeded the 13-hour mark by lowering the brightness slightly. I'll be conducting more tests and updating this review with final battery life results.

And for now, that’s the problem with the Touch Bar: It’s not especially useful for either regular people or for the mythical “pros” the new MacBook line is supposedly designed for. The Touch Bar is most compelling for professionals, but these people live and die by their memorized shortcuts, so for now, the Bar isn’t not going to going to make a big impact. I don’t need Touch Bar in Photoshop because I’ve already memorized how to switch between the Heal and Lasso brushes. Yet the lack of usability for Apple’s former core market could change once third-party developers figure out how to create really customizable tooltips for the Touch Bar.That’s not to say they’re all intended to be the only computer someone who uses heavy-duty creative apps needs – the Mac Pro and iMac are there at least in part to meet those needs. But these are computers that the vast majority of people who use a Mac for work would be fine to use as their only machine – that’s certainly the case for me. This 15″ version I’ve been testing is slightly less portable than the 13″ version, but can be significantly more powerful, and could handle pretty much any video or photo editing task you’d want to throw at it.Apple rates both the different 13-inch MacBook Pro models as having the same battery life on their product page, but in our review of the $1,499 model we noted a few factors that suggested otherwise. The $1,499 Pro has a lower-wattage processor and a battery that’s larger by 10 percent or so, for starters.

Our battery testing bears this out. The Touch Bar-equipped Pro’s battery life is by no means bad, but it is quite a bit lower than the $1,499 MBP (and slightly lower than the 2015 MBP) in our light Wi-Fi Web browsing test.Apple built the Touch Bar as an open platform, one that any third party can program to (but not for web apps since there’s no HTML or Web API). There’s also no guarantee that companies like Google will ever write to it. In my tests, Chrome, obviously, has no interaction with the Touch Bar. I somehow doubt that Chrome will ever work with it, but its also clear that many other third-party developers will be happy to tap into the visual touch panel with the ability to accept up to 10 fingers of input at a time. Adobe has already committed to a Touch Bar-ready Photoshop by the end of this year and Touch Bar abilities are also coming to Microsoft Office, Pixelmator, 1Password and Live Home 3D.In the end, your decision may come down to something much more practical -- ports. Are you ready to move into the USB-C only future, where connecting a USB key, HDMI output, Ethernet cable, or nearly any other accessory will require a special cable or dongle?

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People love Apple computers because Apple gets the basics right. The keyboard, the trackpad, the screen, the speakers, all the table-stakes things too many companies get wrong. And in most cases, Apple made the best even better with the new MacBook Pro.The upside is battery life on the MacBook is much better, so you likely won't need to charge it during the day. Apple says you'll get up to 10 hours per charge, but I didn't get that close. It was more like eight hours. (Although I tend to keep my screen brighter than most people.)LAS VEGAS — CES was full of wild stuff. Drones that automatically follow you around. Self-driving cars. A TV as thin as a credit card.But while most of the show is about looking forward to what's next in tech, I had a lot of trouble staying in the present. I'm in the market for a new laptop, and I was hoping the biggest showcase of gadgets in the world would give me some good guidance.As a Mac user since 2004, I had high hopes last fall for Apple's redesigned MacBook Pro. I still think it's probably the best laptop around, but not without some serious caveats, most notably its battery life issues. After giving it some more thought, I decided that was a dealbreaker and my search continued.

The new MacBook Pro's battery life problems turned out to be a deal breaker.Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderI'd still like to avoid making the jump to Windows or one of Google's Chromebooks, but the rest of the MacBook lineup is horribly flawed. The MacBook Air is great, but it still has that old, low-resolution screen and the same basic design from over six years ago. Ouch.Then there's the newer, super-thin MacBook. While I'm in love with the design and ultra-portability, it's slightly underpowered for my needs, and I'm not confident it'll last me more than a couple of years before I need to upgrade again.I just don't feel confident buying a new MacBook today.After a disastrous run with Windows 8, Microsoft has redeemed itself with Windows 10, which finally feels like a mature operating system and an enticing alternative for Mac lovers like me. Over the last year, laptops running Windows 10 feel a step ahead of what we're seeing in the MacBooks. Touchscreens. Thoughtful, opinionated designs. And plenty of power under the hood. The MacBook Pro's new Touch Bar has some clever uses, but it falls short of what's possible with a full touchscreen. (Apple remains steadfast in its position that laptops shouldn't have touchscreens.)The new Dell XPS looks interesting, but it doesn't have enough power.Business Insider/Jeff Dunn

But even the newest Windows 10 laptops don't cut it for me. Dell introduced a new version of its XPS 13 laptop with a touchscreen that folds over into a tablet mode, but like the MacBook, it doesn't have enough power for me. I'm intrigued by HP's Spectre laptops, but the design doesn't exactly blow me away. Same with the latest stuff from Lenovo. I've also been testing Microsoft's latest Surface Book, which seems like the best of the bunch to me, except I'm not wild about the detachable screen.Plus there are still a few quirks with Windows 10 that bother me, like the lack of touch-friendly tablet apps.They're great for doing just about everything you want to do on a computer, but still have some limitations when it comes to running traditional apps. Samsung had the biggest Chromebook announcement of CES, releasing two touchscreen models that can run Android apps.But Chromebooks and ChromeOS, Google's operating system for these laptops, are in a weird transition period right now. Google is gearing up to radically change ChromeOS and merge it with Android into one super operating system for laptops, codenamed Andromeda. As enticing as some Chromebooks may be, I think it's worth waiting to see what Google announces this fall before investing in a Chromebook.Buying a laptop used to be relatively easy. As a Mac loyalist, I'd just get the best MacBook and be good to go for several years. But that won't work today. There are too many compromises with every model in the MacBook lineup, and I can't buy any of them with confidence.

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Making the leap to a new platform like Windows or ChromeOS comes with its own problems. ChromeOS is still half-baked and it'll be several months before we see Google's grand vision for it. And while some Windows 10 laptops are intriguing, there's no perfect laptop, and it's going to be awhile before we get some more options.It's easy to think of Tesla a car company because, of course, it makes cars. That's what you see when you spot a Tesla on the road.But that whole car-on-the-outside thing can be deceiving. In fact, although Porsche 911s certainly look cool, the killer app of the legendary sports car is actually the engine, the famous flat six. Tesla's are no different. Exterior-wise, the Model S is a sleek sedan, and the Model X is an equally sleek SUV, with exotic falcon wing doors.But it's what's inside that counts. Seriously — Tesla wouldn't the $40-billion market cap electric carmaker we know today if it hadn't taken the plunge on an offbeat battery-and-drivetrain design a decade ago.Tesla's batteries are made up of about 8,000 lithium-ion cells wired together and yoked to the software and cooling systems necessary to keep them humming as they pipe as much as 100 kWh of juice to one or two electric motors. This was, initially, a sort of quick-and-dirty way of taking off-the-shelf laptop-style cells and putting enough of them together to delivery performance and range.Other companies might have favored a more monolithic design, but Tesla did have time to do that.

Other the years, that decision has been vindicated. Tesla has a unique design for its batteries, but it works. And it worked so well that it might be the most valuable part of the company.This week, Oppenheimer analysts Colin Rusch published a research note, generally supportive to Tesla's prospects, in which he highlighted the value of the stuff that makes Teslas go.We believe Tesla’s battery pack and drivetrain IP represents substantial value for the company given that it has produced a significant volume of vehicles, he wrote.We also believe it is possible to quantify the business and its potential impact based on penetration rates. We believe this business could be worth $15-20 [billion] by 2022.Rusch's point about drivetrain value isn't new. Back in 2008, when Tesla was struggling and lurching toward a narrow avoidance of bankruptcy, it realized the value of its drivetrain technology and sought to share it with investment partners. This was before the Model S arrived, so Tesla was looking for ways to monetize whatever it could.This led to powertrain deals with both Daimler (Mercedes parent) and Toyota (both Daimler and Toyota has since sold their stakes).Back then, having untapped value in the drivetrain was extremely useful. Now that Tesla is riding much higher financial, however, the lucrative drivetrain IP that Rusch discusses could be dangerous.

Tesla has already open-sourced all its patents, so that's not the issue. The risk is that Tesla isn't just a car company anymore; it's a vertically integrated energy firm. A conglomerate, with auto, solar, battery manufacturing, and energy storage businesses. In fact, the brutally capital-intensive nature of the car business could come day induce Tesla to start thinking about offloading some of its own assets at some point. And anyone wanting to catch up quickly in the electric-car space could cast a covetous eye on Tesla's tech.We're a long way from that happening, but it's worth remembering that Tesla has tapped the heart of its vehicles before, and could do so again.Alienware released the first details on its next wave of gaming laptops Friday.As always, the new Alienware 15 and 17 are a pair of incredibly powerful, high-performance machines: This year Alienware has managed to pack a VR-capable PC into portable package; one that’s almost 25 percent thinner than the previous model.Both the Alienware 15 and 17 will feature Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia 10-series GPUs, and DDR4 memory running at up to 2,667Mhz. Both machines will have a 68 watt-hour lithium ion battery, with the option to upgrade to a 99 watt-hour battery. (According to Alienware, the upgraded battery is the largest it could use without running into issues with FAA flight regulations). The 15 features a 15.6″ display. The 17 has a 17.3″ display. Both have 1080p IPS screens with an anti-glare coating.The new design, which looks considerably sleeker and more refined compared to your average gaming laptop, uses anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy to keep weight down. Steel reinforcements keep the laptop stiff and sturdy, and copper pieces help with thermal management.

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