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publié le 24 avril 2018 Beauté › Boxs Beauté

For the less well-heeled gamer, Iiyama’s ProLite E2473HDS-B1 is a lower-cost LED-backlit display with a decent set of inputs and a fast response time, without any fancy controller add-ons or support for 3D. It uses a TN panel which can’t match the sheer image quality of IPS, but it certainly outpaces it with a gamer-friendly response time of just 2ms. It’s also one of the best-performing TN panels around, making it a good all-round display for when you might want to knuckle down and do some actual work. If you’re a gamer at heart, but want a decent display for all your other tasks, the E2473HDS-B1 is a great buy.Featuring a 23in IPS panel in a stylish, slimline enclosure, the aptly-named Blade 2 has been made as thin as possible by moving as much of the technical gubbins as possible into the base – which features a row of wipe-clean touch-sensitive buttons as well as VGA and a pair of HDMI inputs. There’s no self-assembly required with this monitor as the hinged base folds flat for storage. Although contrast and black levels weren’t quite as strong or consistent as I’ve seen from other IPS panels, picture quality clearly outclasses TN displays and an overdrive feature helps tweak response times for gamers.

The 21.5in Philips S-Line 221S3UCB is very different from the other displays I’ve looked at here. It’s not particularly stylish, nor does it offer particularly exciting performance. It comes with no controls whatsoever – not even brightness, and has no video inputs. This is because this monitor uses a single USB 2.0 input for both power and display connections, making it a very simple addition to your Windows laptop with the minimum of fuss. Yes, there are now 23 and 24in USB monitors available, but these tend to require more power to run making them more demanding on your laptop.Sometimes you simply don’t have the room for both a monitor and a TV. Samsung’s T24B750 handles both functions in a single futuristic-looking device with its off-centre stand holding the 24inch TN-based panel aloft like a flag. Screen quality isn’t as good as an IPS display, but this is much more than a standard monitor with a Freeview Tuner slapped on the back, the 24in T24B750 supports Samsung’s Web-connected app-driven Smart TV functions, a built-in wireless access point and wireless Full HD video from your laptop using WiDi. You can also watch video from your android phone with an MHL connection.

ViewSonic’s VX2370Smh-LED is a striking 23in IPS monitor. Its frameless design lends it a distinctive minimalist appearance where the monitor itself seems to all but vanish, leaving the picture hovering as if somehow suspended in mid-air. It has an unexpected and very profound effect on concentrating the mind on the picture and is also great for multi-monitor setups. The display produced impressively accurate colour right out of the box, although a little backlight bleed was present in the lower left corner which was only really visible in a darkened room. It’s built in stereo speakers and multiple inputs make it a great all-round display at an excellent price. Infosec daredevil John McAfee claims he became a spymaster in Belize after giving laptops infected with espionage malware to police and government officials.McAfee, who moved to the central American low-tax haven some years ago, further claimed he supervised a ring of 23 women and six men as operatives, and tasked them with striking up relationships with targets and extracting secrets.

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The eccentric millionaire hatched the scheme after a crack Belizean cop squad raided one of his properties, shot one his dogs and seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in kit. The Gang Suppression Unit was searching for a supposed meth lab and guns but found nothing. No charges were brought but the incident put the founder of antivirus biz McAfee Inc at loggerheads with the authorities.In a quest to exact revenge after receiving no apology for the bungled bust, McAfee set himself up as a spymaster, as explained in a lengthy article on his official blog:I purchased 75 cheap laptop computers and, with trusted help, installed invisible keystroke logging software on all of them – the kind that calls home (to me) and disgorges the text files. It also, on command, turns on and off the microphone and camera – and sends these files on command. I had the computers re-packaged as if new. I began giving these away as presents to select people – government employees, police officers, cabinet minister’s assistants, girlfriends of powerful men, boyfriends of powerful women.

I hired four trusted people full time to monitor the text files and provide myself with the subsequent passwords for everyone’s email, Facebook, private message boards and other passworded accounts. The keystroke monitoring continued after password collection, in order to document text input that would later be deleted. So nothing was missed…I next collected my human resources for the complex social engineering I would have to do. I arranged with 23 women and six men to be my operatives. Eight of the women were so accomplished that they ended up living with me. It was amazingly more efficient and they were easily convinced to check up on each other. One was so accomplished that she became a double agent and nearly got me killed.The tech tycoon claimed he infiltrated two national telcos using his operatives in order to tap the phone lines of his enemies. He further claimed various social engineering tricks were put into play.In all, McAfee reckons he set up an extensive spook network with tentacles into every aspect of life in Belize. By his own account, the malware maverick was looking for evidence of corruption to turn the tables on those who trashed his property.

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But what he apparently found were details of extramarital affairs and far more disturbing information. He alleged data uncovered showed that officials were helping Hezbollah-aligned terrorists to get Belizean passports and identification cards.Mostly this supposed intelligence came from electronic taps on immigration department computers but McAfee claims he had some human intelligence as well:I had located an individual working in immigration who was trustworthy and willing to talk. I discovered that an average of eleven Lebanese males were given new identities each month. One month there were sixteen. McAfee claims he sent one of his female operatives to befriend one of these Lebanese militants, who supposedly turned out to be sexually violent and intent on using Belizean papers to gain entry to the United States:Belize is clearly the central player in a larger network whose goal is to infiltrate the US with individuals having links to terrorist organizations. What is different today from the wholesale Belizean passport selling of ten years ago, is that the false citizenships that are created for these men are coupled with a network of handlers designed to move the individuals, and their cargo, into the US Making a laptop with a screen that spins within its bezel isn’t a new idea. Early in 2011, Dell tried the trick with its Inspiron Duo netbook, but sadly that proved to be a woefully poor device. Now Dell is trying again, this with Ultrabook hardware and Windows 8 as the basic ingredients.

It helps that, unlike the Duo, the new XPS 12 isn’t built down to a price. The entry level Core i5 version will set you back a cool £999 but the full-fat Core i7 version I have been testing will take £1299 out of your wallet. For that sort of cash I expect something rather special.The money certainly gets you some quality materials. The body is made from a mix of carbon fibre and aluminium, while the screen is faced with Corning Gorilla Glass. The whole thing is very solid, with only the aluminium screen frame demonstrating a wee bit of flex, though not enough to keep you awake at night.The notion is that when you want to use the XPS 12 as a laptop, you rotate its 12.5in screen so its facing you across the keyboard and trackpad. But it you’re in a tablet mood, you spin the screen round to face the other way and close the laptop’s lid.While the black and brushed aluminium colour scheme is undoubtedly smart and business-like, all the black surfaces are matte which means greasy fingerprints quickly multiply.At 1.45kg the XPS is 200g heavier than a 13in MacBook Air. That’s not enough to get bent out of shape over in my book and while I wouldn’t want to hold the XPS one handed for long, the Dell machine is certainly light enough for prolonged two-handed use in tablet form.

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