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publié le 20 janvier 2018 Beauté › Maquillage

Lester joined The Register in 2000 to manage merchandising and photography but grabbed the nearest laptop and wrote his first article in September that year, about one of our own defecting to the dark side – or PR, as it is otherwise known.Among the 7,300 stories Lester produced for El Reg were regular features including Logo Watch, Strategy Boutique, Rise of the Machines, and Flame of the Week.It didn't get any airtime at the big opening day of the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but excitement is building around Apple's next-generation file system.Early specs show the system will bring your hard drive into the modern era, most notably by supporting native encryption. It will also time-stamp files by nanoseconds (rather than seconds), making it better for modern databases, and take snapshots of the file system, massively reducing the time needed to make backups.Other interesting features include crash protection, space sharing – which will enable much more flexible partitioning – optimization for solid-state hard drives, and a better system for cleaning up deleted files.In short, the new Apple File System (APFS) can be expected to bring significant advances in speed and efficiency, and the updating of Apple's file sharing technology, which hasn't changed in nearly 20 years (others, of course, have developed more modern systems that are now 10 years old).

APFS' preliminary information has been released to developers, and sessions on it will take place this week at WWDC. It is scheduled to ship sometime in 2017, meaning that the company may be able to boast big performance improvements in its products toward the end of that year. It is designed to work with all of Apple's operating systems – iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.There is still a lot of work to be done, however. It is not currently possible to start your computer directly with the file system, and it doesn't work with Apple's current encryption and archiving systems – presumably because it is intended to replace them.The file system is also case-sensitive and that apparently cannot be disabled, which will lead to all sorts of knock-on compatibility issues. Yep, you will have to buy more Apple gear: a new watch to go with your new phone to sync with your new laptop. Apple is always looking after that bottom line.Support documents published by 9to5Mac indicated the platform will be rebranded macOS, the name of the Mac’s original OS when it launched in 1984, one of four Apple platforms. The others are watchOS, tvOS and iOS.

9to5Mac later updated its story to say Apple had changed its pages back to read Mac OS X.The workstation NeXTSTEP 1.0 was originally unveiled in 1988, before going cross platform.Apple acquired NeXT in a reverse takeover that brought Steve Jobs back to the company he founded, and the platform was revamped extensively before launching as Mac OS X in 2001. Presumably, Apple now reckons it's so long (15 years) since the last release of the original MacOS, no confusion will be created.USB-C and Thunderbolt are the last mainstream connections devices will need to the outside world, according to analyst firm ABI Research.The company's new Device Connectivity Report predicts that by the year 2020 “Almost half of the smartphones and 93% of laptops will include USB Type-C connectivity.” In coming years we'll also see gadget-makers will offer “fewer connectivity types and ports per device as the industry steadily transitions toward wireless solutions and cable-free devices.”ABI analyst Andrew Zigani opines that “USB-Type C and Thunderbolt 3.0 will be the last major physical ports to gain major significance and mainstream traction.”Next up? Wi-Gig, aka 802.11ad, which has already made it on to some business laptop vendors' feature lists for 2016 and is expected to become more common in coming years. WiGig can handle video traffic to displays or general purpose data. WiGig Docks are starting to emerge, but before long it's expected the standard will appear in devices like televisions, projectors and monitors.

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Of course there are untold millions of such devices out there, most of which are good for years more use. Further, nobody is suggesting wireless charging pads are going to become so ubiquitous that we can all do without mains connections. So chances are gadgets will need at least one physical port for the foreseeable future.But Zignani reckons there's no need for the industry to consider mainstream connectors beyond USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.0. And seeing as Intel last year decided it's happy for the USB-C port to handle Thunderbolt traffic, rather than its own physical port design, we're on track for a single standard hole for most portable devices any year now.Special report In Australia and New Zealand, hackers are doing it for themselves by creating vibrant security conferences that run on their own terms and actively avoid the corporate-speak and fear-mongering that characterises so many vendor-led events.These conferences, or cons, are booming and showcase security skills that rival the best the global security industry can offer.The hacker-run conferences are nothing like commercial technology confabs: vendor pitches are universally banned, so are trade show booths. Bars replace bain maries full of conference casseroles and black metal-inspired custom shirts are the de facto uniform.At these events hackers reveal holes in the world's most popular technology and public transport systems to a soundtrack of sweeping moans of derision, laughter, and, for some cons, bursts of on-stage pyrotechnics.Most hacker presenters follow the modern line and push the companies they hack to fix holes ahead of their on-stage disclosures, yet blasé promises to fix earn retribution as zero-days are still dropped.

Delegates at these cons are a mix of professional penetration testers and security admins, hackers of dubious history, curious developers, and students. Some of those attending are partly responsible for defending the nation’s biggest and most important companies.Most of these volunteer-run and continually sold-out events cost between A$50 and A$150, with some occasionally free for the most broke hacker, and are home to a staple of community-run lockpick and capture the flag competitions lasting what is a typically two-day conference.After an arguable decade of hiatus, the cheap grassroots cons have spread out to cover almost all Australian states. Hackers have WAHCKON in Perth, CrikeyCon in Brisbane, Platypuscon in Sydney, BSides in Canberra, Unrest in Melbourne, and regional pillar Kiwicon in Wellington.These could not be further from the typical C-level security event where ticket prices demand up to A$2000, technical talks are scarce, and vendor booths and pressed suits are as prolific as branded backpacks.BSides Canberra, held on the shoulder of the Government’s large defence sector-orientated Australian Cyber Security Conference (ACSC), concluded its second and last day to a standing ovation. The $50 hacker meet run by security pair Silvio Cesare and Kylie McDevitt sold out quickly. “There are many reasons we started BSides Canberra,” co-organiser Cesare says. “We wanted to provide a local conference for Canberra at which we could inspire the next generation of hackers.”

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The popular pair have a focus on encouraging new blood into the security sector at large, and more specifically into the conference circuit to consume and present new research. To that end they have kept the ticket prices rock bottom to ensure it is accessible to anyone interested in the field.Sponsorship from community-centric security firms means the conference breaks even, throws two open-bar parties, and gives each of the 360 delegates a custom t-shirt and home-made Arduino badge that displays the conference running order. Says Cesare: “… we think there will be people at corporate conference that will go nowhere near a hackercon and vice versa but there will also be an overlap,” Cesare says. “We don’t make a profit … this is just our passion.”Highlights of the con include auctioning nasty Oracle zeroday flaws – one written on a napkin – to fund a ‘steak dinner’ for the organisers, a “nail-biting” capture the flag competition decided in the last four minutes, and some delegate badge re-tweaking. Who: A stable core 'Crüe' of Bogan, Pipes (retired), metlstorm, Sharrow, Ad, Vex, Madman, Squirrelboy, and Lisa, along with a retinue of volunteers who make the ship sail, and SiteHost who host the con's web presence gratis.Kiwicon celebrates its tenth year in November and is placed at the top of many Aussie and Kiwi hacker con wish lists. It has ballooned in size from a small gathering at a university campus building to outgrow Wellington's iconic Opera House and the St. James Theatre.

Local and overseas speakers come to offer technical strolls, highlight horrid holes in enterprise software and advice to improve delegates' exploitation prowess, and a litany of illustrations that paint the sorry state of information security. This all takes place against a backdrop of metal music and pyrotechnics. Attendees gain perspective on the event with the aid of local craft beer bearing Kiwicon insignia.The genesis was simple; if the Aussies can do it, surely we can? con organiser Metlstorm says. How hard can it be to get 80 people in a room, talk about computer hacking, then go to the pub? … From there Kiwicon just burgeoned into a monster that fundamentally is built in our own image of not taking ourselves very seriously.What is now more of a hacker themed variety show Kiwicon has become a slick entertaining production that balances showmanship with technical content that guarantees the expanded 2200 seats this year will again fill fast. The upcoming event will likely be the biggest antipodean security con, despite its banishment of the immortal trade event annoyances: vendor shillin', big money illin', no booth babes, no booths, no paid talks, no swag bags full of crap you're gonna throw out immediately, no bullshit, and of course the sticker shock of the ticket price, the respected penetration tester says.

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