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In general, these battery life figures are quite low, and that’s a product of the mere 50 Wh battery inside the Triton 700. Many other larger and heftier gaming laptops feature larger batteries, in the 75 to 100 Wh range, and those typically last between 1 and 3 hours in games. Yeah, that’s still not ages, but it’s a little better than these numbers.I will say, though, that if you are planning on utilizing Battery Boost you should also enable V-Sync, as for some reason you get nasty tearing in some games with V-Sync disabled and Nvidia capping the frame rate to 30 FPS.If you’re thinking of buying a gaming laptop and want to play games away from the power outlet, based on these tests I’d recommend a few things: 1) pick and choose the game carefully, something closer to a eSports title that doesn't rely so heavily on sheer GPU power will do better, 2) don’t get something too powerful, as you won’t be harnessing the extra power and it likely won’t last as long compared to a less powerful system.The GTX 1060 provides a decent mix of plugged-in power and battery stamina when capped to 30 FPS, though if you want to do a lot of gaming on battery, something like a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti could be a better option. No matter the situation though, don’t expect to get a lot of performance out of a system running on battery power.

We're all at the mercy of the battery packs inside our smartphones and laptops. Once these batteries die, our lives get put on hold until we can find somewhere to plug in again. So battery life estimates are one of the first specs a lot of us look for when choosing a new device.You don't want to spend all day worrying about when you'll next be able to charge up your laptop, so take some proactive action to limit the drain on its battery. With the right operating system tweaks and customizations, plus some good habits, you can go longer than ever without being shackled to a wall outlet.One of the biggest draws on your laptop's battery is that bright, high-resolution display. Anything you do to ease that strain will have a beneficial effect on the length of your battery's life.Start with brightness: Dial down the brightness of the screen as much as you can without straining your eyes, using whatever keyboard shortcuts your laptop offers. You can make more detailed modifications by opening up System then Display in Windows Settings or Displays in System Preferences on macOS.

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In addition, screens that time out sooner use up less battery life. To set this, and a bunch of other power-saving options, choose Power & sleep inside the System section of Settings on Windows or Energy Saver from System Preferences on macOS.The other settings available on the same screens let you put the hard drives to "sleep" (which means they take longer to wake back up, but use less power), put USB devices into a low power mode, and more. These tweaks won't make a major difference, but you can eke out some extra battery life by enabling them. If you're on Windows, there's a special Battery saver mode available which maximizes the time you get between battery charges. To find it, click the battery icon on the taskbar.The harder your laptop is working, the faster your battery will drain. Which is why, when you're away from a power source, you should close down any programs hanging around in the background that you're not actually using. If your laptop runs fewer applications, and avoids demanding programs (think games and video editors), its battery should take longer to drain.

Meanwhile, the browser is a bigger battery sucker than you might think. Resist the temptation to have dozens of browser tabs open at once, and your laptop's battery will thank you. And when you're browsing, avoid video streaming sites. They typically demand a lot of battery life, both because they keep the screen constantly active, and because they require a decent amount of processing power.Audio makes a difference too. Active speakers blaring out music will use up more battery power than silence—or a pair of plugged-in headphones. If you can, turn down the volume or do without the sound altogether.Maintaining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections also uses up battery power, albeit a pretty small amount. If you can disconnect your laptop and work offline—and do without a wireless mouse and other peripherals—you'll get a little bit more battery life as a result. We're not talking major improvements, but you might just make it to the end of the day.

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Lithium-ion batteries degrade naturally over time, but treat your laptop battery right, and you'll enjoy better battery life for longer. Avoiding environments that are too hot or too cold is a good start, as batteries don't like temperature extremes, which wear them down more quickly.Demanding applications on your computer can generate that heat your battery needs to avoid. Which brings us back to the idea of sticking to lightweight tasks and programs while you're away from a power source. If you really have to have a gaming session or encode some video, consider using a laptop cooler to dissipate the heat more effectively, and keep your laptop battery running for longer.There's an ongoing debate within tech circles over the "healthiest" approach to recharging batteries. The most up-to-date advice suggests that shallow discharges and recharges are preferable in the long-term, rather than allowing your battery to drain completely each time—although you should still do a full discharge about once a month. Unplugging your laptop once it's fully charged, rather than leaving it always plugged in, tends to be better for your battery's health as well.

Finally, if you won't be using your laptop for a while, Apple and others recommend leaving the battery with a 50 percent charge in it—leaving it fully charged or fully discharged for an extended period of time can permanently damage it.Many users learn little about laptop battery maintenance. As a result, the battery life of their gadget decreases sharply. Typically a laptop battery runs up to 3 hours, but after a while, we discover that the battery starts to run out quickly and requires more time when charging. Regardless of brand; battery degradation will take place overtime. But the very good news is, battery degradation can be minimised and potentially extended for longer time. Here are 13 tips to help you achieve that:1. Most laptop manufacturers (except Apple) don’t generally tell you about this, but a simple process known as reconditioning (or occasionally, recalibrating) can breathe new life into your laptop battery and add the capacity back. To do that, turn off your screen saver and any other power management tools that put your PC to sleep. Fully charge the laptop, and then let it run all the way down.

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