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publié le 19 octobre 2017 Beauté › Parfum

The phone’s operating system, OxygenOS – OnePlus’ unique OS, based on Android Marshmallow – is completely customisable too, ideal for making the smartphone work for you. Inside, the fast Snapdragon™ 820 processor puts that charge to work, with minimum fuss.Even if you’re on the road, the OnePlus Dash Charge car charger – made from a single slab of anodised aluminium - makes sure your commute is put to good use. Getting you ready for whatever’s next, it gives a 60 per cent charge in 30 minutes. That’s the same time as the standard Dash Charge. Keeping you on the go – and away from charging points – is just one of the ways the OnePlus 3 can help you master your day, your week – your entire life. Because not only is OnePlus obsessive about building better phones, it also wants to help you better manage your fast-paced lifestyle – both at work and play.The new Moto 360 collection, unveiled at IFA in Berlin, features watches in two sizes and a range of styles, designed to provide greater customisation in a device that was always intended to resemble a timepiece more than a gadget. The watch now comes in a 42mm and 46mm version, with two different kinds of lugs (where the strap meets the watch face) to make it possible to create thinner straps just for female customers.Men (or those who prefer a larger strap) can choose from the two sizes of watch, select dark, shiny or gold metal for the case, and have a choice of two bezel styles and the same three metals for the bezel itself. Straps come in each of the three metals, plus black and 'cognac' leather. For women rose gold is offered alongside gold and silver, with a blush leather and grey leather strap offered alongside the metal versions.

The smaller version of the watch features a 1.37-inch 360 x 325 pixels display, while the larger one bumps that up to a 1.56-inch display with a resolution of 360 x 330 pixels. The watch also boosts the processor from the original's archaic Texas Instruments OMAP 3, all the way to a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon400, with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage which should make for much quicker performance.The disappointment comes in the display; the Moto 360 still fails to live up to its name and instead features a 'flat tyre' area of dead pixel space above the bottom of the watch. Though in practical terms this affected the older 360 less that you might have expected -- WIRED virtually forgot it was there during our time with the older watch -- it's still a let down, and a curious decision (if decision it was) given the ability of other makes of round watches like LG and Samsung to include all 360 degrees of screen. Moto 270 it is, then. In software terms this is still very much an Android Wear device, meaning that you'll get virtually the same core features as the consistently updated original. However this time the watch also features 'Live Dials' in its watch faces, similar to the Apple Watch's 'complications', which allow you to put shortcuts to information and apps on your homescreen.

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The real interest in the new 360 is in the customisation options, however, which as ever will be offered through Motorola's 'Moto Maker' tool. There are gold, bronzed, steel and dark steel metals, leather straps in various colours, and an emphasis on subtle, grown-up design absent from competitors like LG's Urbane, which is a clunkier piece of industrial design.Motorola also unveiled an activity-focused wearable in the Moto 360 Sport. This watch comes with GPS built in for tracking runs and cycles while leaving your phone at home, as well as a silicone body that is also designed to display information well in direct sunlight, wick moisture away from your wrist when working out and even cool you down with handy side-vents. Obviously the Sport is also a full Android Wear watch, and displays all the same notifications as the 360, but it's interesting Motorola decided to pull this category of watch out into a separate device, rather than just offering different straps for the purpose as others have done.All of the new Moto 360 watches will be available in the UK from September, Motorola said, via Moto Maker. Prices will vary based on your customisation options, but will start from £229. The Moto 360 Sport will also be available in the UK 'soon', it said.

Most accidents caused by smartphones are caused by distracted drivers or pedestrians. But a phone that bursts into flames – as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s have been doing – comes with a level of uncertainty that borders on terrifying, especially when these fires take place in airplane cabins. From the publicly available information, it doesn’t appear Samsung knows the technicalities of the problem, and external experts know even less. This uncertainty could cause consumer confidence to wobble, which makes it vital for the whole industry to identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Samsung has warned the debacle could cost the company more than £2 billion over the next six months, on top of the costs of recalling millions of handsets.The sheer scale of the problem could, however, be a unique opportunity to improve battery safety across the industry for the future. If Samsung made its faulty batteries available to researchers, it could effectively crowd-source work into why they went wrong. This would provide much-needed insight into how batteries and their manufacture could be improved.

Scientists and engineers in battery research have a closely related problem. Research on battery safety is more important than ever, but it is very difficult to get obtain batteries that are actually faulty. You can artificially introduce obstacles into a model production line, but then you are only investigating a self-created problem, which limits potential to learn new lessons.The Note 7 recall could provide researchers with a huge batch of potentially faulty batteries. Samsung, with their millions of recalled handsets, could turn a corporate and environmental nightmare into a benefit for scientific research by initiating a global crowd-sourcing consortium of hundreds of academic battery laboratories.One of the big questions is what is going wrong with the Note 7 batteries? A previous mass recall of faulty batteries by Sony in 2006 was down to the presence of small metal particles left in the battery cells by the manufacturing process. As the battery was charged and discharged, or put under mechanical pressure, these particles led to the growth of little trees of metallic lithium known as dendrites in one of the electrodes. These eventually penetrated the battery’s other electrode and caused a short circuit. They then heated up like a wire in a traditional light bulb and ignited the flammable electrolyte in the cell, consuming oxygen from the positive electrode material.

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It is not yet known if the Note 7 battery has suffered a similar problem. Today’s battery technology has moved on, packing more energy into the same space than in 2006. Modern batteries are built using advanced manufacturing techniques that coat powerful thin layers of active electrode materials onto thin aluminium and copper foils.Metal particles of the kind that caused the problems back in 2006 would cause modern batteries to fail before they leave the factory. But the Note 7 battery problem could be caused by much smaller dust-type particles, small voids in the electrode material or manufacturing inconsistencies.All lithium ion batteries undergo the so-called “formation” process after the mechanical manufacturing. This involves charging and discharging them a fixed number of times in a way that forms internal protection layers and allows any side-reaction to happen in a controlled way. Cells that show any irregularities will be recycled. But this process can’t (yet) detect symptoms that would point towards a future failure. We would only know about such a problem once hundreds of thousands of units have been manufactured.

Samsung’s problem does give us an opportunity to study battery failure in much greater depth. This could allow us to improve future manufacturing technology and defect detection. By agreeing on a portfolio of diagnosis methods with the firm, scientists around the world could find out what’s wrong with the faulty cells. They could also work out methods to spot problem cells before they dangerously heat up, and fix the production process accordingly and introduce a new post-production check.The biggest problem perhaps would be Samsung’s guarding of its intellectual property, which may explain why the company hasn’t had its Note 7 batteries tested externally already, despite it being considered good practice in the industry.But the risk of corporate damage resulting from the disclosure of a few company secrets would arguably be much smaller than that caused to consumer confidence by battery failures on any future models.Harry Hoster is Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of Energy Lancaster at Lancaster University. The original article appeared on The Conversation

Any iPhone 6S handsets manufactured between September and October 2015 are eligible for Apple’s free repair scheme. In a support document, Apple noted that a “very small number” of handsets had been “unexpectedly shutting down”.Anyone with an iPhone 6S that they believe might be eligible will need to take it into an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider to be checked. If the screen or phone is damaged a fee may be charged for the cost of related repairs to access the battery. Apple advises anyone intending to get a battery replacement to back up their data to iTunes or iCloud, turn off Find my iPhone and erase all data and settings.The repair scheme is being carried out worldwide and covers any affected iPhone 6S batteries for three years after the handset was first sold. Apple is offering a refund to any customers who have already paid to replace their batteries for the same fault.SolarCity was applauded when it announced its plans for solar roofs earlier this year. Now, it appears it is in the business of creating solar islands. The island of Ta’u in American Samoa, more than 4,000 miles from the United States’ West Coast, now hosts a solar power and battery storage-enabled microgrid that can supply nearly 100 per cent of the island’s power needs from renewable energy.

The microgrid is made up of 1.4 megawatts of solar generation capacity from SolarCity and Tesla and six-megawatt hours of battery storage from 60 Tesla Powerpacks. The whole thing took just a year to implement.Due to the remote nature of the island, its citizens were used to constant power rationing, outages and a high dependency on diesel generators. The installation of the microgrid, however, provides a cost-saving alternative to diesel, and the island’s core services such as the local hospital, schools and police stations don’t have to worry about outages or rationing anymore.“It’s always sunny out here, and harvesting that energy from the sun will make me sleep a lot more comfortably at night, just knowing I’ll be able to serve my customers,” said Keith Ahsoon, a local resident whose family owns one of the food stores on the island. The power from the new Ta’u microgrid provides energy independence for the nearly 600 residents of the island. The battery system also allows the residents to use stored solar energy at night, meaning energy will always be available. As well as providing energy, the project will allow the island to significantly save on energy costs and offset the use of more than 109,500 gallons of diesel per year.

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