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publié le 3 octobre 2017 Beauté › Bons Plans Beauté

Google has also mimicked Apple's 3D Touch functions without the hardware to match. Long pressing on an app icon reveals an, albeit limited, list of shortcuts. On Google Maps, for example, a long press brings up an option to go home or go to work.All the tweaks and improvements to Android Nougat pale into insignificance against Google's Assistant and this feature alone should be enough to make you part with your money.Google Assistant uses a so-called smart reply feature to offer what Google calls appropriate, contextually aware smart suggestions for quick replies and it learns how you prefer to reply, in order to tailor the responses to make them more personal. This includes adding more options in the predictive text replies, or making more of spoken replies.During tests on the recently released Allo app, the assistant was able to answer most questions asked by WIRED and this capability and convenience increases when built into the Pixel device.Pressing and holding the centre 'home' button activates the Assistant, as does saying 'Ok Google'. Swiping right from the home screen also shows Google suggestions. This uses your Google search history, when signed in, to show updates to websites you've recently visited, your local weather, news and in our case, the latest information about Man City including upcoming games and previous scores.

During our hands-on at Google's event, the Assistant picked up our voice accurately in the loud hustle of the press room so was even more accurate in the quiet of our living room, or on the tube. It still feels odd using voice commands, but the voice recognition on Google's Assistant is so accurate that we could easily get used to it. Google's Assistant may be the software that takes voice commands from the novelty to the everyday.That said, the suggested responses are easy to use if you don't want to use your voice. They're a little clunky at first as the Assistant learns about your behaviour, which will require a little patience, but after a day or two's use we noticed a difference.Elsewhere, the way the Assistant uses context to answer questions is quite astonishing. Google's Assistant finally feels like the futuristic promises of intuitive AI come to life. However, it still has its flaws - it often presented us with web results when we wanted a snippet read out in a similar way to how Siri works, but, on the whole, it's a game-changer. Google made a lot of the battery life on its Pixel phone, as well as how fast it charges. In its official marketing material, Google said: A combination of hardware and software keep your Pixel going all day long. When you need a quick charge, you can get up to seven hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. So you can always move at your speed.

The Pixel XL will supposedly last for 130 hours with audio playback (up from 110 hours on the smaller Pixel) and 14 hours on Wi-Fi and 4G (up from 13 hours). This was accurate, and may even be underselling the XL. During our tests, the Pixel XL lasted more than 24 hours. In that time we streamed music, downloaded eight apps, had notifications switched on all day and watched three short YouTube videos, plus played Pokémon Go for about an hour. We unplugged it at 5.30am and it was still running – albeit on 2 per cent – the following morning.One criticism was that the phone became hot when charging, but nowhere near as much as when we were charging the Pixel.The quick charge claim is also not as straightforward as it sounds. This does apply when charging from the wall with the official Google charger and we were impressed how the charge raced up (despite the increase in temperature). However, when using an alternative USB-C cable or charging off our work computer, the charge time was drastically reduced. A positive from this, though, is that Android Nougat on the Pixel will reveal if it's 'fast' or 'slow' charging and show how long until the battery is full.

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It should also be noted that the USB-C cable brings with it the problems of Apple's proprietary Lightning port. You can't simply use your existing Android micro-USB chargers and with only a handful of devices running USB-C, the chances of you being able to borrow one from a friend are low.During Google's event video promos and demos, the firm said its phones have the best smartphone cameras on the market without the unsightly camera bump - a reference seemingly aimed at the likes of Apple.The Pixel and Pixel XL have the fastest shutter speed available, but with such tiny differences compared to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it's not noticeable when used for a short period of time.The picture quality itself, however, was noticeable. Apple applauded the iPhone 7 sensor for letting in 50 percent more light than the iPhone 6, yet the same photo taken in the same light on the Pixel was drastically sharper and brighter than one taken on the iPhone 7.The rear-facing camera on the Pixel XL is 12.3MP and comes with so-called phase detection and laser detection autofocus with a f/2.0 aperture. The front-facing camera is 8MP with f/2.4 aperture and fixed focus.For the best results, Google advises leaving the camera in HDR+ Auto mode but we saw a boost in image quality with HDR+ On. This adds shutter lag, though.

The video stabilisation was impressive and matched the demo Google gave during its launch event, while Smartburst was able to track an overactive four-year-old with ease. The latter feature is one that has been available for a while on a wide variety of handsets, though.Whereas the likes of Apple and Samsung have been trying to scale back some of its on-screen camera controls, Google has found a nice balance between putting them on the screen without it feeling obtrusive and without the controls being overly complicated.Exposure and white balance, for example, can be changed with a swipe and a press. The Pixel and Pixel XL come in Quite Black, Really Blue and Very Silver. Although the Really Blue is not yet available in the UK.Both phones are available in an 'aerospace-grade aluminum unibody' with glass shade covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The Pixel is slightly heavier than the iPhone 7, but the Pixel XL is significantly lighter than the iPhone 7 Plus. By comparison, the 5.5-inch OnePlus 3 weighs 153g and the Samsung S7 edge is 157g; both lighter than the larger Apple and Google models.However, the Pixel and Pixel XL both felt cheaper and less sturdy than its rivals. Although they use aluminium and glass, both feel plasticky. They are more comfortable to use one-handed – we criticised the iPhone 7 Plus for making our hands and wrists ache – but our overall opinion of the devices was reduced as a result.Android fans will find a lot to love about the Pixel and Pixel XL. They bring some nice touches and useful features to good-quality, albeit not great quality, hardware. Battery life on the Pixel XL is brilliant and gives the iPhone 7 Plus a run for its money. It will certainly outdo older Android models you may already own.

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If you prefer iOS, the Pixel XL is unlikely to be the phone to steer you away because of the similarities to the iPhone. That said, the pure Android on Google's Nexus phone has always been welcomed among a sea of skins and bloatware found on rival phones and Nougat, almost pure, on the Pixel looks beautiful and works well.Both handsets are very similar to Apple's iPhones, though, which in themselves have adapted elements from Samsung, HTC and OnePlus, meaning the result is a myriad of handsets with very similar specifications, for very similar prices, with very little to set them apart. A phone needs a unique selling point that isn't just a gimmick to make it stand out, and on the Pixel this the Google Assistant.Having Google Assistant built-in elevates the Android Nougat software and Pixel phones from good to great. Going back to an iPhone and its below-average Siri will be difficult and this one feature could be enough to sway even the most passionate Apple fans.An electric car that uses an innovative salt-water-powered battery system has been given approval to be used on public roads in Europe.The Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine (what a name) is powered by a flow battery that uses ionic salt water as its storage medium.It was first showcased as a prototype at the Geneva Motor Show, but it's just been granted permission to take to the roads in Germany and, by extension, the rest of Europe. The car -- which has been fourteen years in the making -- was inspected by the German authority on road safety, TÜV Süd, and finally awarded a registration plate.

Technical director Nunzio La Vecchia described the move as a historic moment and a milestone for our company and maybe even for the electric mobility of the future. Five years ago while working for Koenigsegg, La Vecchia had tried to launch another Quant car -- this time a solar-powered one -- but it failed to materialise. Some critics have suspected that the Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine would suffer the same fate.Flow batteries such as the one that Nanoflowcell has developed involve having two chemicals -- usually metallic salts -- dissolved in liquids inside the battery and separated by a membrane. Ion exchange takes place between the membrane, although the liquids themselves do not mix. When the battery is charged, electrical energy causes a chemical reduction reaction in one of the liquids and an oxidation reaction in the other. When the battery is in use, the reverse reaction takes place. Nanoflowcell has made this process very efficient so that the batteries can be small and the prototype car has a range of up to 600 kilometres -- at least according to the company. Nanoflowcell claims that it can deliver five times the performance of a similarly-sized lithium-ion battery. Speed-wise, the four-seater Quant car is projected to achieve 350 kilometres per hour, and 0-100 in just 2.8 seconds -- which are optimistic figures putting its top speed above a 1992 Jaguar XJ220 and acceleration close to that of a 2007 Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero. We'll look forward to a test drive by The Stig. Flow cells can go through 10,000 charging cycles with no noticeable memory loss.

Now that the vehicle is street legal in Europe it's possible for the company Nanoflowcell to move into the next phase of development and planning, with the company even mooting an IPO. We've got major plans, and not just within the automotive industry, said Nanoflowcell chairman Jens-Peter Ellermann, suggesting domestic energy, maritime, rail and aviation uses.smartphones including the Orange San Diego which are powered by an Intel chip. It also packs in an impressive looking screen and a powerful battery. Design Lots of smartphones have big screens these days, but the RAZR i manages the trick of making its already sizeable 4.3-inch screen look even bigger by stretching it out to within a gnat's wing of the edge of the handset. The bezel is barely there, which makes for quite an engrossing experience when you're watching movies of winging your way around the web. Of course, it helps that the screen is a Super Amoled Advanced model with a not-quite-HD resolution of 960x540.The screen is protected by tough Gorilla Glass and the phone's rear casing is made of DuPont Kevlar fibre, which feels warmly rubbery to the touch. It's also covered in a splash guard coating, which might help protect against rain and spit, but probably won't endure a soaking. The SIM and microSD card are hidden behind a single elongated plastic grommet on the side.

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