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To prevent global warming, you need to completely change the transportation matrix, replacing the internal-combustion engine en masse. That's Tesla role in the Muskian system.To power Tesla's cars, you need electricity that isn't generated by fossil fuels. That's where SolarCity comes into the picture. Musk wants to capture the free energy of the Sun.And just is case it all goes to hell, the planet become uninhabitable, or an asteroid bears down on Earth, SpaceX is there to, as Musk puts it, make us "multi-planetary." We could use Mars as a lifeboat.Musk's whole system runs on power gathered from the Sun, and if you want to do that at any kind of scale, you need to store the energy. That's where the batteries come in. Tesla wouldn't be Tesla without its innovative, idiosyncratic battery design – thousands of laptop-style lithium-ion cells, wired together. This design enabled Tesla to be the only electric car maker selling a vehicle that delivered range on par with the gas-powered competition.

Over the years since Tesla's founding and Musk's arrival, the company has steadily improved its power-management capabilities. With that has come reduced cost. Until now, those savings went mainly to Tesla owners, who were paying $100,000 for a battery plus a car. But now Tesla wants to put the battery at the center of a save-the-Earth system – making it affordable to acquire one and encouraging at least the beginnings of a major revolution in how customers store and use energy. That's why Musk tweeted about the Thursday event by referring to the batteries as the "missing piece."The point is that Musk has been thinking this way all along. It wasn't like he woke up a year ago and said "Let's do a better job of commercializing our batteries!" The batteries have been a driving force in the Tesla story for its entire history.In case you have any doubt about that, just look at the $5 billion battery factory – the Gigafactory – that Tesla and Panasonic are building in Nevada. Musk wants to be delivering 500,000 cars by 2020. But he's going to need million of li-ion battery cells to power them.

This is how big thinking works. So while Thursday's Tesla announcement might not be quite as sexy as pulling the cover off a hot new car, in the long run, it could matter far more to life on Earth.The New York-based company on Tuesday introduced the Here One, a more polished version of the Here Active Listening earbuds that raised $635,000 on Kickstarter last year — as well as $17 million in funding — and resulted in a waitlist that ran more than 100,000 customers deep. They’re up for pre-order today for $299, with a full release set for sometime this November.For those not familiar with the original Here, the core concept behind the Here One remains the same: to augment and mold the sound of the world around you. Though they look like the kind of truly wireless earbuds we’ve seen from Samsung, Motorola, and others in recent months, they’re closer to in-ear processors — with internals that company CEO Noah Kraft says are “about as powerful as laptops from 5-10 years ago” — than traditional Bluetooth earphones.

So, if you’re walking down a city street, the idea is for you to lessen the sound of passing crowds and screeching cars, without shutting everything out the way a pair of noise-canceling headphones might. If you’re at a concert, you could boost the bass and add effects to what’s playing, similar to how you’d mess with the EQ settings for music on your phone.The company claims that it’s fine-tuned this sort of selective noise filtering with the Here One, making it so you can amplify or cut out specific sounds — boosting the voice in an office, for instance, while drowning the air conditioner — instead of whole frequency ranges. doppler labs here oneDoppler Labs You need to keep the earbuds tied to their companion app to make all this work, but from there you can customize the filtering yourself, or choose from a number of preset settings made for specific scenarios (“Office,” “Airplane,” etc.). The hope is that you won't have to do that, though — Doppler Labs says the app will first put you through a two-minute "onboarding procedure" that lets the Here One automatically tune its filters to your ears.

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While the original Here buds were intriguing as a concept, the fact that they couldn’t actually play music limited their appeal. The Here One can work like any other pair of wireless in-ear headphones, which should greatly help their chances. Whether or not their sound will compare to other $300 earphones remains to be seen, though.Still, Doppler Labs is adamant that the Here One’s noise processing puts the earbuds in their own category. Beyond the selective filtering noted above, the company says you’ll also be able to “layer” sounds over whatever you’re hearing.Kraft gives the example of being at a baseball game and having real-time commentary draped over the top, or making it so you can hear cars while you’re streaming music on a bike ride. He says the company is working with “several partners” to expand upon this idea going forward.The problem that might limit all of this is a familiar one: battery life. The company says the earbuds will get about 5-6 hours on average, with that going down to 3-4 through continuous streaming. The case that holds them doubles as a charger, and is said to provide two full charges.

In any case, it’s clear that Doppler Labs has put some thought into the idea of creating a wearable that people could feasibly use all day long. We’ll test the Here One in the fall to see if it lives up to that promise.Today, Google announced the Pixel C, a new tablet hybrid that runs Android, with prices starting at $499.An optional $149 keyboard turns it into a laptop/tablet convertible that looks a lot like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.The big Pixel C reveal comes not long after Apple announced the iPad Pro, its own tablet-with-a-keyboard. Microsoft is a trendsetter, apparently.I got some brief hands-on time with the Pixel C at Google's event. And I have to say, this thing is looking like a flop.Without the keyboard, it's a pretty standard, if super-high-definition, Android tablet. With the keyboard, it's a half-functional laptop that's not going to win over any converts.In other words, the Pixel C is an Android tablet with a high-definition display and an optional integrated keyboard.

A Google employee explained that the idea of the Pixel C is meant to show off to Android developers where their apps fall short with keyboard controls, and to push the market forward in that regard.If you're not going to use the keyboard, this Google employee agreed, you may as well buy something like the slightly cheaper Nexus 9 tablet, which has a similar form factor.Closed up, it looks like a slim, svelte laptop. It takes its design cues from last year's Google Chromebook Pixel laptop, down to the fact that you can tap the case to see a battery indicator.To make it into a laptop, though, you have to take the keyboard off its magnetic connectors, flip it around, place the tablet flat on top of it, and lift it up to a good viewing angle.The Google staffers in attendance were able to make the process look quick and slick, but attendees — myself included — were pretty clumsy about taking it off and flipping it around.Once it's in place, it looks like ... well, an Android tablet with a keyboard attached.

The keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth, has some cool features. It's backlit and it charges right off the tablet itself while it's folded up, so you'll never have to worry about charging it, in theory.But I found typing to be a little difficult on it. A Google employee assured attendees that the keyboard was actually the same size and proportions as a standard keyboard, but everything just seemed off by a key or two.The Pixel C doesn't even come with a stylus like Microsoft has on the Surface Pro and Apple introduced with the iPad Pro. That's going to make it a harder sell in an enterprise setting, and leave it in the dust with the next wave of productivity apps.So for your entry-level price of $648, you're getting an Android tablet with a cool keyboard, and a bunch of apps that won't work super well with it.Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 3 runs a full version of Windows 10, meaning that you get the entire range of Windows apps.And the iPad Pro comes with some cool new multitasking features that make it easier to get stuff done, plus the support of companies like Microsoft and Adobe to bring specialized versions of their productivity apps.

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I'm willing to be proven wrong, and I hope to get more time with the Pixel C soon. But at first blush, this looks like an interesting Google design experiment and little more.The warm weather is upon us, which means it’s just about time for people to start moving around. Maybe you’re heading back home, maybe you’ve got a business trip to make, maybe you’re just starting to plan your next vacation. Whatever the case, a few good gadgets can make hitting the road (or skies) altogether less exhausting. (Relatively speaking.) So below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite travel-friendly tech. They’re varied, but all of them will help you survive your ride in their own way.Whether you’re riding shotgun with the family or stuck on a cross-country flight, at some point during your trek you’ll probably want everything around you to just shut up. You can try asking politely, but a better idea would be simulating the same effect with a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Bose’s QuietComfort series is the cream of the crop here, and its in-ear QuietComfort 20 is the lightest and most portable of the bunch. It’s also $250. If that’s too much, Phiaton’s BT 100 NC isn’t really close to the QuietComfort’s silencing tech, but it’s more than solid for $100, and sounds pretty great to boot. Just make sure you’re cool with its neckband-style design first.Now, not all of you will need noise-cancelling to enjoy some music on the go. If you’re just looking from something cheap, light, and nice-sounding, I like the detailed and bass-forward sound of the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro — though by now you should know that there are lots of other ways you can go.For all the devices claiming to threaten its existence, a good laptop is still the most natural blend of “something for entertainment” and “something for getting things done.” They’re eternally good for travel. If you grab a super thin Ultrabook, they’re aren’t much of a hassle to toss in a bag, either.

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