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publié le 28 novembre 2017 Beauté › Tatouages

Still at the planning stage is a device called abTouchPhone, a prototype of which was sealed in a plastic box to stop us from touching it or phoning with it. Acer reckons there could be a demand for a desktop office (or even domestic) phone with a large touch-screen display and video conferencing support. In the past, many have tried this kind of thing – even Amstrad – but all have failed. Perhaps Acer will come to market at the right time. We wish them luck.Look at the green options for your network kit, too. In reality, there's not a vast amount you can do with power savings on switches and routers. However, even if you save a few watts by having (say) the switch run inactive ports at low power, and ensure that the fans are thermostatically controlled rather than just hammering away all the time, then it's a start – so long as it doesn't cost you much to implement.can't just spin down all the disks when they seem inactive because of the lag of spinning them back up when something wants to read from them. So in reality, a storage vendor's approach to greenness is largely about choosing the number and type of disks wisely.

Flash storage will save power, but will cost you more to buy than spinning disks, and if you want to stick with spinning disks then the same's true with cheap SATA drives (which are perfect for non-speed-critical applications) compared with more high-end ones.And the vendors will also tell you to go virtual, for the reasons I've already mentioned, and to ensure you turn on all the de-duplication options in order to reduce the total storage space requirement (the performance hit is generally modest).Oh, and to be fair, you'll find that they do actually spin down disks when they're not required, but of course the controllers do it cleverly so as not to impact service excessively.You should always consider the greenness of the data centre because it has a direct tendency to save you money. Use less power and you'll pay less. If you use less power by virtualising and having less kit then you'll pay less for both power and data centre space. And if you avoid using your own kit entirely and throw it on someone else's cloud, then you're even greener and most likely more efficient too.

You should indeed look at the green credentials and policies of your data centre provider. If you have two providers with roughly equal technical credentials then the environmental awareness aspect of what they do is a key part of their overall ethical trading approach: and you know, I think that matters.A note of caution, though: remember what industry you're in and what your purpose is within your organisation. If you're called to explain to the CEO why his finance system was down for 36 hours at year-end while you were hugging trees with your data centre manager, the meeting's unlikely to end well.Your job is to provide your organisation with a suitable level of service and an accepted level of reliability, and if you can do that with a green undertone then great – and there are many, many providers who can help you do so.Green technology that sounds like science-fiction is gradually becoming not just fact but second nature. Hence, you're becoming increasingly able to run your world efficiently in terms of both power and money.

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Just don't sacrifice service levels to save a squirrel – you'll end up sacrificing your career instead. Pixelmator is Apple-only: there’s a quite capable iPad version, now with touch-based watercolour painting, and this version for the Mac, which integrates with the new Photos app. That just means you can browse your Photos library in a Browser window within Pixelmator. The Browser has a search bar but no other filters, and when I added new pictures to Photos they refused to show up in Pixelmator until I restarted it.The white-on-charcoal user interface looks slick, with its tiny bright jewel-like icons, but bizarrely it neither uses an enclosing window nor supports OS X’s Full Screen mode. This means its image window and palettes just float around over whatever other apps are open, like GIMP’s used to do before its developers realised this was driving everybody up the wall and offered a single-window mode.Here’s Pixelmator launched and ready for action. What? No, me neither. With no enclosing window and self-hiding palettes, it might as well be running in stealth mode – click for a larger image To add to the confusion, whenever a modular dialogue is displayed the palettes disappear, and a file dialogueue appears automatically whenever no file is open. This even happens if you’re using the Browser and therefore have no need of a file dialogue. I can’t imagine the circumstances in which this would not cause you to repeatedly mutter “what the hell?”

Pixelmator can open raw files, but there’s no raw pre-processing module to rescue detail or tone from the original data before the image is baked for editing. Since 16-bit colour is supported, you still have a lot of headroom, but it seems like missing the point of shooting raw.Features roughly correspond to those that the general Photoshopper would use most. The Paint Selection Tool feels a bit splashy but, with care, can produce acceptable cutouts; you just don’t get any alternative methods. The Warp Tool applies Liquify-style operations directly to the image.Although the floating palettes can feel cluttered, they make it easy to browse for images or filters. Tools include a Healing Brush to instantly remove small blemishes – click for a larger image There are layers, which can have layer styles such as shadows, but no adjustment layers, so most tweaks aren’t editable later. One exception is the Repair tool, which often does a good job of filling over unwanted objects but isn’t very controllable when it doesn’t. This can be applied to an empty layer (using the Sample All Layers mode) rather than directly to an image layer, achieving a non-destructive edit. But you could have achieved the same thing by duplicating the image layer.

Layers can have raster masks, but to create a vector mask you have to add a separate shape layer and group it using a Create Clipping Mask option; there’s no clipping path support. The Effects Browser applies customisable operations such as Levels and Curves, but the Lighten Shadows and Darken Highlights functions are not good at bringing out detail.You can see how your finished image will look when compressed for web use, but there’s no quick way to compare this to the original – click for a larger image Image slicing is supported, and the Export for Web option lets you test output settings for formats such as JPEG and GIF in the main image window, with a lot of pauses for previewing. A before/after display would have helped here. You can also upload images direct to Flickr, Facebook and so on.Pixelmator represents a sterling effort to refine photo editing to the essentials, but it falls short of the tool set you’d need for more than basic work.Something for the Weekend, Sir? “Augmented Reality is a terrible expression,” says the AR demonstrator. “It’s a pity it doesn’t have a better name. So we call it XXooming. With two Xs.”

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Oh dear, I can tell this is about to be a presentation involving a string of brand-new made-up terms designed to mask the abject failure of the technology in question to have achieved anything remotely useful in the last 20 years. Half an hour of wordification and expressionalisationity awaits. Solutionise, baby. Bring it on.Rather, this is a public presentation of how a talented developer has added AR features into a children’s book. Now that you know this, hopefully the fnar-fnar has become an eww-yuk.Basically, the demonstrator hadn’t prepared his lines. There are many creative industries in which you can wing it during a presentation, but IT isn’t one of them.Your kit is certain to go wrong at some point and your company’s product is guaranteed to come across as a complete turkey, so a thoroughly rehearsed patter is essential.IT demos are cursed. Indeed, any use of IT in public is destined to end up in very public humiliation for the user. Listen to talk radio on any given day and, sooner or later, you will hear newsreaders struggling with their own computers.

Back home in the comfort of their own bedrooms, radio professionals practice simultaneous reading, speaking and scrolling and it works every time.But as soon as the red On Air lamp illuminates, all ten hells of buggeration break loose, as batteries mysteriously drain, screens go wonky and mice stop working – all of which becomes increasingly evident to the listener as the newsreaders' barely strained voices try to shout over ugly bleeps produced by a full keyboard buffer or the ringing of their own mobile phones.Product Roundup Gaming laptops have a reputation for being big and heavy and providing battery life that is counted in minutes rather than hours. Slowly, though, increased power efficiency in both CPU and GPU designs has given rise to a new generation of gaming laptops that are at least semi-portable.Designs such as MSI’s 22mm Stealth Pro have slimmed the gaming laptop down to almost Ultrabook dimensions, even if the 17-inch models we look at here do still tend to weigh in at around 3-4kg.

Even more impressive is Gigabyte’s X7 Pro, which manages to cram an SLI rig into a chassis measuring just 23mm thick.Currently, Razer still lacks a UK distributor for its headline-grabbing Blade laptop, and the 17-inch version of Acer’s new Nitro wasn’t available in time for this review, so we weren’t able to see if the sleek design of the 15-inch Nitro translates successfully to the larger format.Of course, some companies still take the old-fashioned approach, with Asus and Dell’s Alienware subsidiary turning out laptops that could fell an ox. Still, as shows that for big panel portables, you still get some choice.Asus doesn’t bang the drum for its Republic Of Gamers brand as much as it could, but the RoG G751 provides bang up-to-date gaming performance at a competitive price. That said, the design of the G751 is a little dated. At 53mm thick and 4.2kg it’s the fattest laptop I’ve seen in many a year. Still, it does have some nice touches, including a sturdy keyboard that has a nice, responsive feel to it – and even a dedicated Steam key to get you straight into the action.The Intel 2.5GHz quad-core Core i7-4710HQ is a common CPU in gaming laptops, but it’s complemented by high-quality storage, graphics and audio components. The combination of 1TB hard drive and 256GB solid-state storage helps it to achieve strong scores of 5116 and 5367 in the general-purpose Home and Work suites of PCMark 8.

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