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publié le 22 décembre 2018 Beauté › Troc entre nous

If your computer is showing charger being plugged and yet the battery percentage is not increasing, it could just be a case of software malfunction or the battery may be too old and might be charging too slowly. It is also possible that the charger itself is faulty and you may need to replace it. This article looks at the problems and offers some troubleshooting tips when it is showing charging, but the battery percentage is not increasing.Sometimes restarting the laptop may fix the issue. Simply shut down your laptop while still in charging mode. Restart and see if it helps. If not, follow the given methods. One of them might work for you if your battery percentage is not increasing.

Hard Reset the Windows 10 device
Soft reset is where you use the Reset This PC option to reset your Windows 10. But we are not resetting Windows 10 OS here. We are resetting the device that is running the operating system. It is called hard reset.

Unplug the charger
Turn off the laptop
Open the backside of the machine and remove its battery
While keeping the battery away from the machine, press and hold down the device’s power key for at least 30 seconds to discharge its capacitors completely
Put the battery back into the slot where it goes
Turn on the device
Plug in the charger
See if the above steps helped. If it is still showing charging but the battery percentage not increasing, you may want to check the next method.

Uninstall the battery device driver and reinstall
It could be a case of the faulty or damaged device driver. A reinstall might fix it.

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Unplug the charger
Open Device Manager from the WinX Menu
Expand all the entries in the Device Manager
Expand Battery
Click Uninstall for all the Adapter or Battery entries you see there
Your computer will ask for confirmation, and you just press Enter key
Once the device driver for the battery is removed, restart your computer
On restart, come here again, right-click on Battery and select Scan for Hardware Changes
Your computer will automatically search for the the battery device driver and install it.
Plug in the charger and see if the problem is fixed.
Battery percentage not increasing

You may want to check your charger as well. If you can, get another charger from a friend or a store and see if changing the charger helps. If it does, good. If it doesn’t, it could be a case of broken Windows 10 that can be fixed by running Reset This PC option from Settings.Binge watching a season requires commitment and a lot of battery. Tired of that ”battery low” notification? Try out these hacks and thank us later!

Adjust your screen brightness
Your laptop’s brightness takes away a lot of the battery. I know you want to keep your display clean and bright, but this destroys the duration of your battery. If you adjust the screen brightness up to 50-75%, this will help to preserve the battery of your PC. The dimmer the screen, the longer the battery lasts.

Change power settings
If you own a laptop that has windows 10, follow these instructions:LIKE A COLLEGE graduate ready to head off into the workforce and start a career, Apple has graduated the iPad from tablet school. As he prepared to lift the curtain on the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro last week, CEO Tim Cook explained that Apple sees the iPad as a personal computer now. Apple says that new designation makes iPad the top-selling line of PCs in the world.It’s a fair comparison. After using a new iPad Pro 12.9 for a few days, I can say that it's most definitely a refreshing, positive step forward for the iPad. It could also be called a "computer." Is it the right computer for you? That's another story.

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As Thin As Can Be
The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPad Pro is what it’s missing. Like the iPhone XR and its peers, the Pro has no home button. Instead, its screen stretches from edge to edge... to edge to edge. All four sides are rimmed with thin and equally-sized black bezels, making it easier to forget where the top of the device really is. Sometimes iOS will actually point out where the power button is on the edge because, rightfully, it thinks I may have forgotten.

The back of the 5.9mm aluminum shell feels incredibly sturdy, and sheds the tapered edges that have defined the iPad for most of its existence. The back is now flat like the bottom of a box, right up to the side. The design looks like a refined version of the iPhone 5. The shape also feels like what the original 2011 iPad was trying to accomplish—this time with no bump in the back, except for the camera.The Liquid Retina LCD displays are huge, stretching 11 or nearly 13 inches, depending on which model you choose. They’re gorgeous and packed with pixels. Like the iPhone XR, the corners of the display are rounded thanks to precision-milled glass and a host of other tech treats. Color is vibrant and precise enough for Photoshopping and minute color tweaking if needed. (Apple tests the color accuracy of its displays in 160 different points.) The Pro also adapts the warmth of its display to the lighting in your room.

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