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publié le 23 novembre 2017 Beauté › Soins

To wrap things up, the stereo speakers built into each side of the tablet are a bit puny so while the sound is rich and detailed there just isn't quite enough of it. The 2MP webcam is a bit ordinary too. At this level I expected something just a wee bit more impressive for video chatting. Asus also bundles a handy battery-powered pressure-sensitive pen/stylus.If you get past the limited physical connectivity and rather mundane battery life, the T300 has a lot going for it. It’s beautifully made, powerful, handsome, has a top notch screen and is impressively thin and light.If like me, you have all your music and video files saved on external storage and in the cloud and you plumb into a USB hub every day as a matter of course, then the T300’s compromises in these areas shouldn’t present much of a problem. Indeed, this may be the first tablet-laptop combo I’ve tried that I could actually live with as a tablet and a laptop. It seems Asus is still the daddy of convergent devices. We have all seen it: you engage a third party to support one or other of your systems, which means they need to be able to connect remotely and log in. And those of us who are old enough have also seen, when picking up the pieces of something that broke, that the last login before the crash was from “acme-support”.

Which of the 25 people in the third party's support team was that? Or was it even one of them, since if they all know the credentials for that account then it is likely that others do too.In the same vein, I come from the good old days of Unix when you could only log in directly as the “root” user (the omnipotent super-user) from what was called a “secure terminal” – generally the console plugged physically into the box.To become the root user from any other terminal required you to log in as a normal user with your own ID and then switch to the root user – which was logged. These days the default configuration on many Unix/Linux systems is to allow native root access from anywhere, which kills accountability.Generic logins are the work of the Devil, and they generally exist because it is a faff to create a login for each individual in a team. Yes, it is a faff, but once it is set up you generally don't have to expend much effort on starters and leavers in the team, and the payback with regard to audit logging is huge.

Sharing your login credentials should be a capital offence. At the very least it should be a disciplinary offence.If a user tells someone his or her password and then it is used to do something stupid or malicious, then two people need to be sacked: the person who did the action and the person who hindered the diagnosis by disclosing their credentials and sending the IT team in the wrong direction.Oh, and talking to the IT support team should be like talking to your bank. Your bank will never ask you for your debit card's PIN, and neither should the IT gang ever need to ask you for your password.They should have sufficient access to diagnose a problem without needing to log in as a user. If they do need to see what the user sees they should remote-control the desktop and walk through the process with the user present so the user can be sure they are not going to break anything.Yet people share credentials and get away with it. Just don't do it.

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Another thing: can your users sync their personal phones to your mail server and do email on the hoof? Yes? Well, they shouldn't be able to.What happens if a user leaves the business – or gets punted? Answer: they take their confidential company email with them.There is really no excuse. There are so many mobile device management packages on the market that allow you to offer corporate email on users' personal devices while being able to ensure it is blown away if they leave.These packages usually either involve a “sandbox” email application that users can access only if their device is in contact with your corporate security server and that server says, “yes, this is a permitted activity”; or they hook into the enterprise-related features built into device operating systems such as iOS which allow remote wiping of data.Loads of companies permit users to access their corporate email natively. They shouldn't.What prompts you to create a new user in your corporate Active Directory database? A form filled in by a manager who has just recruited someone? Users calling the help desk the day they start and asking to be created? Wrong answer in both cases.

In an ideal world the HR department would have the ability to create and remove users via a nice friendly non-technical interface where they just tick the boxes relating to the user's role.The next best thing is for HR to request the IT department to do this, which is common as not many companies have a system that is sufficiently friendly for the HR people to use.What about when you engage a third party to do some work and this requires them to have access to your systems? Requests like that don't go through HR – it is just a contractual relationship with the service provider.The average company has a hefty list of active user accounts for people who no longer work there But in fact they probably should go through HR – or at the very least a single, specified “clearing house” that can monitor and control comings and goings.It is particularly important that when non-permanent staff's logins are created they are configured with the individuals' end dates so the system automatically disables their accounts when they are due to leave.

When a full-time member of staff leaves the HR department knows about it (they have know to stop paying them) but contractors very often just vanish into the night with nobody noticing – or disabling their login, their remote access and so on.The big mistake when taking someone on and setting them up is to leave their finish date blank and not follow up later. The average company has a hefty list of active user accounts for people who no longer work there.I have an intense dislike of connecting non-company computers to the office LAN. They are not part of the directory service, they are not strongly controlled, and even if they are not part of the corporate directory service the users can often still authenticate as corporate domain users and copy files in and out.If you do have a burning desire to connect users' computers to the LAN, at the very least use a network admission control mechanism. Any computer popping onto the network will be dropped into a quarantine VLAN where the company server can interrogate it and check its operating system patch level and virus/malware protection.If it is not satisfied then the device is pegged within that VLAN (which is generally provided with basic internet access so the user can download the necessary updates) until such time as the system can re-check and satisfy itself that the machine is safe to admit.

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If you do take this approach, though, don't let non-corporate devices onto the main LAN that your company machines sit on. The motivation for connecting things to the cabled LAN should simply be to ensure they have speedy access. Once admitted they should still remain in a network outside the firewall and access corporate resources only via a virtual desktop or similar.Finally, while you are doing all of the above you also need to be able to monitor what is going on and report on it both for the IT department and as a regular management reporting exercise.Whatever systems you choose to use for governing the security of your mobile devices, you should not neglect the reporting aspects of the tool during the evaluation and selection process.The negative side of the reporting task – checking to see what nefarious activity is going on – tends not to get a lot of attention, and rightly so. If you have protection in place then you generally don't find people trying to bypass it.The main use for it is when a user's own machine connects into the quarantine VLAN and is found to have inadequate virus protection and is riddled with infections. Again, you won't have allowed these infections into the network, but you still want to know that there are sick computers knocking on your electronic door.

On the positive side, though, if you can report in the day-to-day stats that a high percentage of your sales team are using their Android tablets to progress customer leads, but that nobody's really using the system uptime tool, that's great: you know where to concentrate your efforts in expanding systems and where you can discontinue stuff because it turned out nobody really wanted it.Does your mail server permit people to set auto-forwards on their email inboxes? Probably. Do you know where people are forwarding their email to? If not, find the report on your mail system that shows you.I mentioned earlier that you shouldn't let people access their corporate email directly from their personal devices. I have seen companies that have restricted such access very sensibly – so the users have simply set auto-forwards on incoming email to send the messages to their Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo accounts, which in turn are viewable on their phones.Which is, of course, even worse than simple phone-based email access.

Any company with any sense also monitors internet access over its corporate connections and blocks access to nefarious sites. You are perfectly entitled to control and log what happens on your corporate network, which includes your connection to the internet – after all it is your network. If you have any sense your staff are contractually bound to a usage policy that makes it clear what you can access.Do you have a guest wireless network for visitors? Monitor that as well if you can because if someone accesses anything illegal you may in extreme circumstances end up answering some difficult questions posed by men in blue uniforms.You would be really daft not to monitor internet access at all. I have seen members of staff object to certain entities being blocked, but while things can occasionally get fraught it is my experience that more often than not common sense prevails.As Gordon Gekko didn't say* in the 1987 film Wall Street: “Greed is good”. I would add that “B*ll*ckings are better”.Many moons ago I was working with a company which had pretty solid policies and processes but not much discipline – the IT team was great and they did some amazing work, but as is often the case they were a bit informal and gung-ho.

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