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publié le 27 novembre 2017 Beauté › Bien-être

There’s also a 1.2GHz model with 512GB storage for £1,299.00, or you can step up to 1.3GHz for a total price of £1,419.00. Needless to say, though, user upgrades and repairs are out of the question. The RAM and solid-state drive are soldered onto the motherboard, resulting in a repairability score of 1 out of 10 from iFixit.We had no problems using Apple’s BootCamp to install Windows 8.1 on the MacBook, which allowed us to run the PCMark 8 benchmark software. The MacBook achieved scores of 1779 and 2168 in the Home and Work suites of PCMark 8. Those scores are comparable to other Core M laptops that we’ve come across, such as Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro, but they’re still way behind the 2530 and 2937 of the MacBook Air.To be fair, the MacBook handled routine web browsing and wordprocessing perfectly well during the time that I had with it, but that sort of entry-level performance is still disappointing for a laptop that costs well over £1,000.00.

Running PCMark 8 constantly ran the MacBook’s battery down in four hours and 15 minutes, which is respectable given the size and capacity of the MacBook’s modest 39.7Whr battery. We’d expect less strenuous use to just about stretch to Apple’s claim of nine hours, but the Broadwell update that was given to the MacBook Air just recently can stretch to almost 12 hours of Wi-Fi web surfing, so the pixel-packed Retina display is clearing taking a toll on battery life.Then, of course, there’s that solitary USB-C interface. It’s there primarily for charging the MacBook, which means saying goodbye to the popular Magsafe connector that has avoided many an unpleasant accident for MacBook owners over the years. If you want to connect any conventional USB devices to the MacBook then you’ll need to buy a suitable adaptor.Most people will just sigh and cough up £15 for the basic USB-C to USB adaptor that Apple sells, but it really stings you on the price of its more useful Multiport adaptors. These include both USB-C and USB 3 interfaces, which means that you can charge the laptop and plug in a USB device at the same time. The Multiport adaptors also include either HDMI or VGA interfaces for an external monitor, but they cost £65, which is pretty disgraceful given the high price of the MacBook to start off with.

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The design of the new MacBook is world class. It’s wonderfully slim, light and sturdy, with the added bonus of a high quality Retina display. However, the MacBook’s entry-level performance is disappointing, and the limited connectivity may deter some people from taking the plunge until USB-C becomes a bit more mainstream. Of course, Windows has evolved and the past is not the future: Windows on Phone is architecturally closer to Windows on PC today than it has been.Also, Microsoft has introduced Universal Apps – apps from its store that can run on PC, phones, Xbox and 3D HoloLens.So what can these new platforms of Windows Phone, Xbox and HoloLens do to counter balance the PC?HoloLens and Windows Phone were the flagship PR initiatives at BUILD, but – tellingly – these weren’t mentioned by Myerson in his Windows 10 forecast.Of the two, HoloLens is the exciting new innovation. Yet there’s a big difference between exciting the inner nerd, as it’s done again so successfully, and in turning a product into a sustainable commercial hit.Right now it’s not looking like anything can lift Windows Phone; sales are somewhere between flat and negative, trailing a long way behind Android and iOS; the new hope is growth for low-priced handsets in emerging economies and markets, such as India.

Microsoft’s been here with Surface, the multi-touch table, and Kinect, the hands-free controller for Xbox. The latter became a niche product. Kinect set a Guinness World Record for units sold and helped drive record sales of the already-old Xbox 360 in the Christmas 2011 shopping period. But Kinect became a liability for Xbox and Microsoft was forced to sell it separately to Xbox One in June 2014, after which the console’s sales doubled, hitting that eventual 10 million number.The lesson is clear: cool, new ideas quickly become disposable gimmickry. Does the fate of Surface and Kinect await HoloLens? The omens are not promising.All of this poses a problem for Microsoft. BUILD saw the company once again try to attract developers from larger and more successful mobile platforms. Past efforts have fallen flat and there is nothing here to make us think Microsoft will succeed this time.Microsoft has released a limited set of its own Visual Studio tools for what is a particularly demanding class of IT person. It has a track record of rolling limited or low-priced and free editions of Visual Studio for different platforms without robbing the core Visual Studio business. Further, Android and iOS apps won’t be accorded write-once-run-on-Windows-10 status by Microsoft.Redmond talking up Windows 10 with Windows Phone and HoloLens is an attempt to wow developers and bring them over to the Windows platform in general, to help boost the fortunes of these two platforms and – yes – Windows 10 as an operating system.

But why should devs trade already popular mobile platforms for Microsoft’s lame nag, or go with something that’s very likely to see its bubble burst?Myerson is right to think it’ll be laptop, notebook and desktop that shove Windows 10 forward. It won’t, however, be upgrades from Windows 7 – upgrades are always a tiny number of any new Windows operating system’s uptake curve. It’s sales of brand-new PCs that deliver true volume.That will leave Microsoft right where it’s always been: betting on the swinging pendulum of consumer PC sales and business PC sales.The question is whether the Android and iOS developers will think that’s a target worth their time. The answer is likely to be “no.” Again. Join me below for a quick tour of the top contenders. Spoiler: after 25 years, Adobe still has no direct competition. The Windows workhorses are good value for money, but to the experienced hand they still lack Photoshop’s robust finesse, and they have yet to emulate esoterica such as the ability to create, import, manipulate and even print 3D models. I’m picky, though: for many purposes they’re very capable.

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Elsewhere, you get varying takes on the basic tonal corrections, limited selection and repair options, and user interfaces that focus on making the basics more usable rather than expanding technical or creative scope.PaintShop Pro comes as a 300MB download; you can get it cheaper (around £34) if you shop around for the boxed DVD. The Ultimate edition (£63.99, or £47 boxed from dealers) adds Authentic Perfectly Clear one-click image enhancement and Reallusion FaceFilter3 retouch tools.You can opt to install a 32-bit or 64-bit version, or both. The latter is faster and can use more than 4GB of RAM, but if you have 32-bit Windows, or 32-bit plug-ins, you’ll need to stick to the 32-bit app. Photoshop plug-ins are supported, although not all will be compatible.PaintShop Pro’s Learning Centre palette (right) is intended to help new users, but makes the Edit interface even more dense with content. You’ll soon learn which bits you can safely put away – click for a larger image The modern dark grey user interface offers three modes: Manage, Adjust and Edit. The Adjust mode confused the heck out of me; eventually I realised the only way to open an image in it is to browse that image’s folder first in Manage, rather than using File > Open.

The Manage mode, duplicated in miniature in Adjust’s Organizer pane, can handle raw/JPEG pairs if you shoot that way, but when you actually open a raw image it appears in something called Camera RAW Lab, which is so primitive you’d be better off with JPEG.The Adjust mode offers a different approach to editing, more like the tool set of Lightroom plus an array of fancy filters that you can apply with one click – click for a larger image The Edit mode is the Photoshop bit. Selections are aided by a choice of Smart Edge and Edge Seeker options for the Lasso tool plus a Smart Selection tool similar to Photoshop’s Quick Select, or an Object Extractor module lets you define an area to cut out. These tools aren’t bad, but Smart Selection consistently froze in testing under Windows 8, a problem reported by users months ago that apparently hasn’t been fixed.Magic Fill and Smart Carver help with object removal. The Warp Brush is handier than Photoshop’s Liquify module, since it works within the main UI, quickly and smoothly, and there are manual barrel, pincushion and fisheye corrections.The photo browser, Manage, provides comprehensive rating and tagging facilities, again rivalling the likes of Lightroom – click for a larger image 16-bit colour is supported, but all editing is in RGB, with no Channels palette, although you can split an image into separate greyscale files for the CMYK plates, or save CMYK TIFFs.

Layer support is fair, with grouping and adjustment layers. This latest version finally gains the ability, via Text and Shape Cutters, to use a vector shape as a layer mask, but the way masks are handled is clunky and clipping paths stored in image files are ignored.PaintShop Pro is let down by its primitive raw processing – if you’re bothering to shoot raw, you’ll want better tools than this to get the most out of your pictures – click for a larger image Macro scripting and batch processing are supported, and the overall range of features is excellent – although that means the app, or at least the Edit mode, is as off-putting as Photoshop.For an app that’s accreted features over many years, PaintShop Pro X7 feels acceptably fresh as well as comprehensive. At around £60, plus £40 for each annual upgrade if you want it, it’s less than half the price of Photoshop – but as someone who uses Photoshop for paid work, I wouldn’t switch.

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