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publié le 26 septembre 2017 Beauté › Boxs Beauté

The crowning glory this year came with the introduction of the Google Nexus 10, a 10in tablet with the same resolution as a 30in professional monitor, costing a mere £319. What a difference a year makes.It might seem as if Ult rabooks have been around for ages, but they only came of age in 2012. The introduction of this new class of portable laptops was Intel's way of taking the fight to Apple, of cajoling manufacturers to produce sleek, light and powerful Windows machines as good as a MacBook Air.By stumping up the cash to market the Ultrabook brand, and applying strict requirements on manufacturers governing slimness and performance, Intel hoped to create a completely new category of laptops.And you know what? It worked. We've seen more sexy Windows portables in 2012 than in any year we can remember, kicking off with the superlative Dell XPS 13, Asus UX31 and UX21, followed quickly by the HP Envy 14 Spectre, and later the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A.

More recently, the ranks of Ultrabooks have been swelled by the arrival of Windows 8-specific hybrids such as the Sony VAIO Duo 11, the Toshiba Satellite U920t, pushing the concept to the limit.The "full-frame" sensors in professional SLRs have around four times the surface area as the sensors found in most consumer and mid-range SLRs, are capable of collecting more light, and offer a significant improvement in image quality over comsumer APS-C models. Yet prices have long remained out of reach for keen amateurs.In the latter half of 2012 we saw a development that could finally herald a trickle down of full-size sensors to more affordable cameras. After years of producing exclusively professional full-frame models, Canon and Nikon announced two targeted at consumers: the 24.3-megapixel Nikon D600 and 20.2-megapixel Canon 6D.When we reviewed it in November, the Nikon D600 instantly became our A-Listed SLR and already, after launching at a body-only price of around £1,600, the price has fallen dramatically. With this fabulous camera now available for a fraction over £1,200 it represents a dramatic shift in the enthusiast camera market, and a seriously tempting purchase for anyone who takes photography even remotely seriously.When Nokia announced it was putting a 41-megapixel sensor in a smartphone, we all rushed to double check the date. Surprisingly, it wasn't April Fools Day and Nokia (eventually) came through on its promise, with the Nokia 808 PureView arriving in the PC Pro Labs in July.

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You might have expected such a ludicrous concept to fall flat, but far from it – the Nokia 808 PureView was (and still is) the best camera phone we've ever used, capable of superbly detailed stills and video quality that wouldn't look out of place from a top-end camcorder.The genius of Nokia's 41-megapixel sensor, however, isn't that it produces high-resolution photos. It's brilliant because it allows for lossless zooming without the need for complicated optics, and incredible low-light performance at more standard resolutions.Such a shame that Nokia chose to team such a spectacular snapper with a Symbian not-so-smartphone.This time last year, we were putting the finishing touches on a Labs covering both compact and full-sized tablets. Our top recommendation was the Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition – an 8.2in tablet that cost £330 – the best of a fairly average bunch.Since then it's been all change. Soon after the Labs was published, Samsung weighed in with its £200, 7in Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, then later in the year the £159 Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD showed us all that you don't have to pay £300 plus for a top quality tablet.With such excellent hardware threatening to take a significant bite out of Apple's tablet pie, the technology giant was forced to react. The result was the superb iPad mini; but Apple couldn't quite bring itself to match the prices of its cutthroat rivals.

In 2011, we wondered if it was possible to improve on the Amazon Kindle. It was simple, it was effective and better still it was cheap. Barnes & Noble came up with the solution in 2012 – build a light directly into the frame of the reader.It's a brilliant idea which means it's possible to keep on reading when the lights are low, or when you're in bed without disturbing your partner. And, as the tiny, white LEDs are highly power efficient, the battery in your ebook reader is still likely to last for weeks rather than days.It's such a good idea that Amazon itself has since copied the idea, introducing it in the even more dazzling Kindle Paperwhite.Fibre broadband isn’t new – some people have had it since 2010 – but in the past year BT has undertaken a huge expansion of fibre services into residential areas, bringing the technology into the mainstream.For anyone previously stuck on flaky ADSL, the switch to a solid 76Mbits/sec internet connection is transformative. Suddenly there’s no need to worry about downloading large games and applications, even while you’re simultaneously watching a high-definition TV stream.

There are catches: some of BT’s fibre packages come with a 40GB monthly download cap, which is easy to hit when your connection speed is so fast. Some types of traffic are throttled or dropped altogether, to discourage people from sharing vast audio and video libraries over the network.But you don’t have to accept BT’s terms: plenty of other ISPs, including Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk and Zen, offer their own fibre packages, so you can choose the package that suits you best.Someone at VMware, I reckon, is a Doctor Who fan. Not only have we had the cliffhanger ending to Tuesday’s session, with the data centre administrators griping about the awkward and ever-changing requirements to run vSphere Administration consoles on their super-nerd custom-special workstation PCs, but also, yesterday, we had the (partial) answer to a mystery, which involves an iPad that's considerably bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.This is the result of a good few years of development and acquisitions, and has hidden behind a variety of codenames while development has been in progress. This year it's demonstrable, and it's called Mirage - a stack of technologies, protocols, and tools that conspire to hoover up your laptop's hard disk in its entirety, make it safe within a farm of VM hosts, and then either put it back down on a newer machine when you upgrade, or play the same image within the VM Hypervisor, displaying everything that was on your old laptop via the new iPad remote access client.

VMware's demo of this feature looked like a human sacrifice to the Demo Gods This is how the "bigger on the inside" trick works. VMware's View 5 hosts the laptop VM, which has been collected and made virtual - including warts, holiday snaps, bookmarks and all - by a centralised management process with installable agents on everything that might fall prey to its intentions. Once your laptop is imaged, it can also stay synchronised with its virtual version, presuming that you have a reasonably reliable net connection.VMware's demo of this feature looked like a human sacrifice to the Demo Gods: a fumble-fingered exec took a tumble on stage and spread the parts of his ThinkPad far and wide, and then picked his iPad up, performed a cloud login and opened the same PowerPoint presentation in the VM's display window as he had just closed on the now-nuked ThinkPad.Other snippets for tablet users were finger-friendly wrappers for old Windows GUI tools. A method of picking an entry from the Start menu on that remote server-hosted PC VM by flipping through a Cover Art-style parade of icons may seem like just a decorative measure, but only if you've not tried using older releases of a Windows GUI via a pure finger-powered tablet. Adding a bit of finger-friendliness and smart mouse substitution makes all the difference.

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Manufacturers the world over are trying to solve the problem of how to build the perfect convertible Ultrabook, and Lenovo believes it has the answer with the ThinkPad Helix. I spent some time with a pre-production model at CES 2013, and in the main I’m impressed.While I’ll come to its foibles later, let’s first take a look at the number of problems it solves.One – people want the option of a high-speed laptop when they need it, but they don’t want to hold something horribly heavy when in tablet mode. Check. The 835g screen lifts from the hinges if you press down on the catch to the left.Two – they want power, but they also want enough battery life. No problem. You get six hours of life from the tablet and a further four hours from the base. Bearing in mind this is a full Ultrabook, so a Core processor will be inside, that’s an excellent compromiseThree – you want a machine you can do proper work on. Again, check. The ThinkPad Helix includes a full keyboard with 1.6mm of travel, and as you'd expect from a ThinkPad it's a pleasure to type on.The 11.6in screen is a respectable choice for using at length, and it’s helped by being so bright – according to the specs, it’s a 400-nit display. We appreciate the 1,920 x 1,080 resolution too.

It's also clear that Lenovo has put a lot of thought into the way people will use the Helix. It’s weighted the tablet screen so that it's less inclined to tip when in laptop mode – a big problem with some other convertible tablets – and it tilts back by up to 135 degrees, which is enough.It’s harder to be convinced by Lenovo’s claims that there’s a genuine advantage from one of the Helix’s key features: that you can “rip and twist” the screen so the screen faces in the opposite direction to the keyboard.To quote Lenovo’s press release, “this mode, called Stand mode, transforms Helix into a mini-movie theatre or business presentation central”. If you do end up buying the Helix, do let me know how many times you actually do either of those things.The release goes on to say that, from the Stand mode, “users can also fold the screen down to use it as a tablet while keeping the base connected for added ports and connectivity”.Again, I’m doubtful as to how often most people will want to do this, but I’m happy to be corrected in the comments below. For the record, the tablet includes a USB 2 and mini-DisplayPort. The base adds two USB 3 ports and duplicates the mini-DisplayPort.

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