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publié le 2 mai 2018 Beauté › Bons Plans Beauté

Its ultra-thin design won’t be for everyone, however. If you’d rather a slightly more traditional, though no less affordable, keyboard, the Logitech K380 feels good, looks good, and isn’t a burden to carry around.If you’re the type who spends your rides plowing through books, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a great buy. The Kindle ecosystem is far and away the most reliable of the e-reading crop, and the fine display, big battery, and built-in backlight of the Paperwhite make accessing it very smooth. The only noteworthy issue is that it’s not waterproof; if that’s a concern, Barnes & Noble’s Nook GlowLight Plus should do the trick.You don’t need me to explain why your smartphone is an important travel accessory. There’s a good chance it runs your life as it is. But if you’re a frequent traveler in the market for a new phone, it’s worth picking up an unlocked model — i.e., one that isn’t tied down to a particular carrier.You’ll still pay a little more for it upfront — though times are changing — but one perk you’ll gain in return is the ability to swap out SIM cards and switch carriers if you’re heading overseas. You’ll keep coverage and avoid pricey roaming charges as a result, and most of the time you’ll even make a little more cash when it comes time to resell the device.

None of this really changes which smartphones are best, though: The iPhone 6s is still great for most people, what with its wonderful camera, blazing fast performance, full display, and eternally supported app store. There isn’t really anyone for whom it’s outright bad. Just about all of that applies to the Samsung Galaxy S7, too, and its camera is even better. Huawei’s Nexus 6P is a fantastic alternative for phablet aficionados, meanwhile, and the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 is a well-rounded choice for those on a budget.And if you just need a cheapo old-school phone in case of emergencies, you can look to something like the Blu Tank II. Don’t judge.Alright, you’ve made it to the hotel, and you want to relax a bit before heading back into the wild. You can catch some Netflix on one of many solid media streamers, but of the cheaper and more compact dongles on the market, I like the new Roku Streaming Stick.

Its UI doesn't heavily favor one service the way the Amazon Fire TV Stick does, it doesn’t require an outside device like the Google Chromecast, and it's faster than both. It can bypass the pesky captive portals that keep some streamers from connecting at hotels, and its app now lets you connect headphones for private listening. For $50, it does almost everything you need, and does it well.You can liven up that hotel room (or the drive to it) by blasting some music (or just some NPR) through a quality Bluetooth speaker. There’s an overwhelming number of options to choose from, but the JBL Flip 3 nets you a full, smooth sound, about 10-12 hours of battery life, water resistance, and a sturdy, colorful design for less than $100. It’s good value.If you’re backpacking or generally heading outdoors, though, a more diminutive speaker like the JBL Clip+ might work better. As its name implies, it has a built-in carabiner clip that lets it easily attach to a bag or belt loop. It also has the same water resistance. It can’t get as powerful as the Flip 3, naturally, but its sound is still crisp, clear, and largely free of distortion. It’s a superb choice in the $40-50 range.

As we’ve noted before, HooToo’s series of TripMate devices are explicitly designed to make traveling more convenient. The TripMate Titan is the high-end model of the group, and acts as a serviceable portable battery, travel WiFi router, and network-attached storage all at once.It isn’t outstanding in any one of those areas, but it’s the rare all-in-one that actually does multiple things well. It isn’t particularly big, either. For $59 (normally), it’s a fairly affordable way to consolidate a few handy devices into one.Still, many of you may not need a travel router or NAS to make it through your trip. A portable battery, on the other hand, is almost always something you’ll be glad to have brought with you.Anker is a tried-and-true name in that market, and its new PowerCore batteries are smooth, slim, and efficient. At $20 for a 10400mAh unit or $40 for a 20100mAh pack, they aren’t overly expensive either.That they have near-perfect user reviews on Amazon at the moment should give you an idea of how reliable they are. If you have a long ride ahead, there’s just a heightened sense of security that comes with having one of these things around. They’re usually worth the bag space.

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Then there’s the obvious power-related stuff. Regardless of what gadgets you bring on your travels, it can never hurt to have a few spare microUSB and/or Lightning cables around in case one gets misplaced along the way. Again, Anker has reliable and affordable options here with its PowerLine microUSB Cable and Lightning-to-USB Cable.Likewise, if you wind up in a hotel room that doesn’t have enough outlets to charge all your devices, a small power strip like Belkin’s SurgePlus Mini Charger can come in handy.Finding steady internet on the go (or in a spotty hotel room) is a notorious hassle, but you can bypass much of that annoyance with a mobile hotspot. If you can’t or don’t want to use your phone as such, Verizon’s Jetpack MiFi 6620L is a dependable, consistently well-reviewed option. Like most MiFi routers, it’s not cheap, but Verizon’s network has long been the fastest and most expansive in the country. If you live on the road, it could be a wise investment.Finally, your gear will be more prone to disasters when you’re outside the confines of your home. As such, it’s worth another reminder that you should really go out of your way to backup your data before heading off. If you’re working with a handful of important files in particular, bringing along a spare flash drive is a simple and space-efficient way to keep them safe.

The differences between most USB sticks aren’t enormous, practically speaking — just make sure you buy a USB 3.0 one — but the SanDisk Extreme gets you proven fast read/write speeds and a fair amount of space at an affordable price. With a 4.6 rating after 1,800 Amazon reviews, it’s shouldn’t let you down.After a number of delays, Intel has finally started shipping its fifth-generation core processor, codenamed “Broadwell-U,” the company announced on Monday at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.The new Broadwell chips are extremely small processors that offer better performance than the previous “Haswell” chips.Broadwell brings down the size of the chips’ transistors from 22 nanometers (nm) to 14 nm. To give you an idea how small that is, a human hair is about 80,000 nanometers thick.Intel claims this smaller size will lead to big gains in battery life — "up to 1.5 hours," says the company — plus better performance, faster start times, and so on.The smaller design also allows for the production of super-slim devices, such as Samsung’s new laptop that’s about half an inch thick (the Macbook Air is 0.68 inch thick). Intel says the chips will be applied across a broad range of devices, from 2-in-1 tablet/notebooks, Chromebooks, and mini PCs.

Laptops with the first version of Broadwell started shipping in September, but those were mostly for combination laptop-tablet devices, and didn't ship in huge volumes. So today is really the beginning of the Broadwell generation of computers.Intel has been investing billions in R&D to manufacture next generation processors. It promises to further shrink the chips to 7nm.Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is taking yet another leaf out of Apple's book — by launching a laptop.After previous rumours suggested as much, Taipei Times reports that the chairman of Taiwan hardware company Inventec has confirmed that it is building Xiaomi's first foray into notebooks. In just five years, Xiaomi has come from nowhere to become one of China's biggest smartphone manufacturers, and one of the most valuable startups in the world. It's worth $45 billion (£29.4 billion). It sells cheap Android devices with impressive specs in developing countries, along with a fitness trackers and a number of other products.But along the way it has been criticised in some quarters for its products' similarities to Apple's own: Apple design chief Jony Ive once hit out at the company's designs, labelling them "theft."

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Xiaomi, for its part, denies the claim. But one way the Chinese startup is indisputably similar to Apple is in its astonishing fanbase. It has been referred to as the "Apple of China," and almost uniquely for an Android device manufacturer, has been able to develop a level of customer loyalty to rival Apple's own.They are key to the startup's rapid growth. The company spends almost nothing on marketing but has enjoyed a meteoric rise through careful cultivation of its following. The company holds flash sales for "Mi-fans," holds "festivals," and even throws parties in expensive nightclubs and holds giveaways for its most devoted fans. Immediate sell-outs of new products only add to the excitement. Xiaomi's smartphones can also be understood as a kind of Trojan horse for its other products. Its customer base, as well as passionate, is also young. The company is selling water purifiers, televisions, and other products that it hopes its customers will come to buy as they "grow up." Ben Thompson outlined this in a post on Statechery in January:

What is more interesting, though, is what will happen when [Xiaomi customer] Han and his peers finally do get places of their own. They will need to buy TVs, and air purifiers, and all kinds of (relatively) high [cost] goods. And which brand do you think they will choose? If Apple can sell a battery charger to my coworker, I'm pretty certain Xiaomi can sell an air purifier to Mr. Han, and, sooner rather than later, just about everything he needs for his new house.Xiaomi's smartphones are currently priced far below the iPhone price point (in fact, they're cheaper even than the average price for Androids). Its phones and Apple's iPhones aren't necessarily in direct competition right now. But Xiaomi is attempting (and succeeding) to install strong brand loyalty into its young customer base with growing purchasing power — exactly the kind of people who Apple would seek to target in markets like China. The forthcoming laptop, then, is another attempt to tie users into the Xiaomi ecosystem. The report from Taipei Times is light on details about the device itself. But a Bloomberg report published earlier in the month said it might be targeting the premium end of the market, citing "people with direct knowledge of the matter." This puts it on a collision course with Apple: the MacBook Air (as well as Lenovo's ThinkPad) are cited as potential competitors.

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