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publié le 27 septembre 2017 Beauté › Régime / minceur

Cycling computers and apps are nothing new, but one firm has taken the idea further, creating a smart bike that automatically shifts gears for you.Cambridge Consultants is taking advantage of electronic gear shifters, ditching the cable between the handlebars and the back wheel in favour of a low-energy version of Bluetooth, which sends the signal to a smartphone app.Electronic gear shifters are found on high-end bikes - the demo bicycle is a model used in the Tour de France, a spokesman said. The shifters can be automated, and are paired with sensors that feed data to the app's algorithm. This allows the bike to intelligently change gears when going up a hill, or maintain a set cadence or speed for training purposes.A smartphone can be mounted on the handlebars, but in the demo booth at CES 2013, Cambridge Consultants were using a tablet, allowing a spokesman to increase the challenge for the cyclist on the stationary bike.The system was designed to aid coaching and collect data for competitive cyclists - similar technology was used by Olympic cyclists at the velodrome last summer, but this system requires only a smartphone, rather than a laptop with expensive software.

Cambridge Consultants said its smart bike can also help amateur cyclists avoid gear combinations that put too much pressure on the chain, and shift down gears when a user brakes too quickly. It can also be used to aid workouts, letting users do the sort of thing you'd do in a gym on the open road, a spokesman said.The sensors and Bluetooth components cost around $10 in parts, so adding the system to an expensive bike with electronic gear changing wouldn't push up the overall cost. Cambridge Consultants said this highlights the possibilities of using smartphone processing power at the heart of such systems, using sensors to bring the internet of things to life.Cambridge doesn't sell directly to consumers, but said it was in talks with manufacturers to get the system on bikes soon.If cycling isn't your cup of tea, Cambridge Consultants have also automated a more relaxed pursuit: tea.The idea follows on from automated capsule coffee machines, which use a pre-packaged capsule of grounds to make the perfect cup. While those systems do make tea, they run hot water over the capsule contents - which isn't ideal for brewing tea.

In order to let it steep, the Tê system puts the capsule of tea in a beaker of water, spinning it and running air bubbles through it. While the process is a bit more complicated than dunking a bag into a mug, the tea was certainly lovely.As with the smart bike, Cambridge Consultants isn't taking the device commercial itself, but looking for partners to produce it.Most of us today need the internet, be it information, communication or entertainment. The source of the internet is basically from your ISP, which enters your home using a copper wire, either via cable, Ethernet or telephone lines. This is then connected to your PC using an Ethernet port. However, using the internet on the PC only restricts you to your desktop or laptop. With most devices featuring wireless connectivity, having a wireless (Wi-Fi) router at home or office has become a necessity.

Now comes in a wireless router, which takes an internet connection from a cable wire and wirelessly feeds it to all your devices using Wi-Fi signals. However, wireless routers are bound to an RF signal range, which is just around 10 – 25 metres. While some high-end routers have a higher range, other budget routers suffer—thanks to cheap and low power antennas and amplifiers to cut costs. Apart from the routers capabilities, the wireless signals are also hampered by objects in its path. Obstacles such as walls, furniture and alike, cause the Wi-Fi signal range to drastically drop at larger distances. For example, if your router is in the living room, there are high chances of the signals failing to reach your bed room. This makes you think on opting for a new, high-end router, so that you can get sufficient range in all rooms. However, you may be in shock when you buy the new router only to find out that the signals are still weak where you need it. Reason—router wireless range differs from house to house and based on obstacles in your room. Solution—opt for a range extender.

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A range extender is nothing but a simple wireless amplifier, which helps further increase the range of an existing wireless signal (router), by being the middle man. It picks up a weak signal from a router, amplifies it and boosts it further on. A wireless range extender needs to be placed between the router and the device. Therefore, instead of upgrading your wireless router for more expensive ones, you can make use of range extenders.Toto Link, a Korean manufacturer, has entered India with a range of products. The Toto Link EX300 is one of the products and a Wi-Fi range extender. It is an entry-level wireless accessory and features a 2.4GHz 2T2R network with two dipole antennas. The EX300 2.4 GHz 2T2R Wireless N Range Extender from TOTOLINK is designed to expand existing wireless network signals and coverage. Users can extend their wireless network just by placing this extender between the wireless router and wireless devices, so more wireless devices can access the Internet, such as iPads, iPods, notebooks, smartphones, game consoles, and TV. With two antennas, the EX300 receives and sends data with high stability and meet user's demands for wireless Internet access on hard-to-reach areas.The EX300 features a 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed, supporting 802.11 b/g/n standards with backward compatibility. The range extender sports a mini size with a portable design. It features a built-in power supply with an attached power plug—so simply plug in, power on and start surfing. The compact design is good enough for those who need it while travelling—increase the range in your hotel room or holiday home.

The device has a power switch on the left side and a reset/WPS button on the front. Along with the WPS switch are three LED indicators for power, Wi-Fi, LAN. On the two sides are two non user-replaceable antennas, but can be moved to multiple directions to get perfect range coverage.Apart from being just a range extender, the Toto Link EX300 also features security features such as WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES) encryption to ensure the security of wireless connection. Users who know the SSID and encryption key can connect to the network, so that they do not need to worry about being occupied by others.You can also connect your laptop to an Ethernet port provided on the bottom of the device for physical access to the network. This is a great option for those having a media player, network storage or gaming consoles that don’t feature wireless networking, or for those who don’t want their guests to gain access to the wireless network by sharing the password. Apart from being an extender, you can also configure the device to be an access point (AP) or a network client. Installation and setup of the Toto Link EX300 is pretty simple. You can do it from your tablet or a PC, with any internet browser. Simply plug in, power up and connect your laptop, desktop or tablet to the wireless network that is beaming from the extender, or your PC to the Ethernet connector.

But the installation could be a little tedious for a novice. It requires you to setup your network card (or wireless adapter) to a particular IP address as the range extender does not feature a DHCP network and takes this information from the base router it will connect to. The default IP address of the range extender EX300 is, and you will have to manually enter a static IP address in the range for your network adapter. The user manual inside the box will help you start configuring in detail. Sadly, there should have been an easier method or a simple DHCP network to set it up.To begin with, setting it to is good enough. Once done, your PC or tablet will connect to the range extender and you can now open your browser and hit the address Once done, you can enter the user name/password as admin/admin to enter into the firmware for setting it up. Now you can configure the device as a range extender, client or AP as required. Once configured, you can start using the device instantly. However, in order to use the device in other locations, you will have to go through the pain of setting it up time and again. Toto Link should have placed a button for profiles, making it easy for those who are constantly on the move.

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The range extender once configured, becomes invisible to the user, provided you keep the exact same SSID and password as that of the base router. This will make your devices automatically latch on to the network when moving from room to room.We tested the range extender in our office, where the network original was barely visible in the pantry. The EX300 was placed somewhere in between so that it could pick up the signals from the main router and extend it to the pantry area and beyond.For a novice user, we would suggest using an app called WiFi Analyzer to check the range of your existing router and best suitable place for the extender. You can then test the range of the two for a perfect location to cover the entire desired area.Once installed, we used the wireless range extender and found no issues or troubles, whatsoever. The EX300 works invisibly in the background serving the purpose efficiently. The Toto Link EX300 is available for an MRP of Rs 2,699 and on Flipkart for Rs 1,625, and we recommend using a range extender to boost the network signals to other rooms rather than upgrading your wireless router. You can also avail of the device from Creative Peripherals Distribution Pvt Ltd (E-mail:, Contact No: 9004652356).

Mumbai: While planning to have a family, the first requirement for any couple is to ensure that they are healthy with their reproductive organs. However healthy reproductive organs don’t guarantee fertility. What is very important for a man is to ensure he has good, healthy sperm that are fertile.Not everyone is certain how to ensure health of their sperm is good. After all, what is considered as sperm primarily after ejaculation is actually semen. Semen contains the sperms, which are motile and help it to get a safe passage to the uterus.We help you with tips on how to ensure that your sperms remain healthy.Smoking kills. This is a health advice that is repeatedly conveyed, but seldom paid heed to. Smoking, both active and passive has lethal effect on your sperms. The sperm DNA gets affected with smoke and creates abnormalities in the sperm cell. When trying to have a baby, make sure you abstain yourself from smoking (active and passive) from at least 2 months in advance.Doctors advice men to eat a lot of nuts to keep their nuts healthy. Nuts contain vitamins and various other good beneficial components that make your sperm healthier. Foods rich in zinc, like walnuts, almonds, bananas should be eaten on a regular basis.Apart from keeping excess flab out and keeping you in shape, a healthy workout regimen enhances the testosterone levels of your body. Healthier the testosterone levels, more passion for sex, and of course healthier sperms.How to ensure that you have good sperms? By ensuring that you keep your ball-sack cool of course.Most of us have a habit of using laptops keeping them on our laps and working, or watch movies and TV series for long hours.

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