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publié le 13 octobre 2018 Beauté › Troc entre nous

Despite the low-ish specs, there's no getting around the Surface Go's disappointing battery life. It clocks in at around seven hours of use and we've seen some figures banded about at six - although we think for real-world use that's a little bit on the harsh side. We did get oven seven hours out of it once.The Surface Go uses Windows 10, as you'd expect. But here it's in S Mode. This is a special mode of Windows that doesn't enable you to install desktop apps. Instead, you can only get your apps from the Windows Store.Now, it is easy to switch out of S Mode to install desktop apps (there's a special app in the Windows Store to perform the switch) but it is irreversible.Microsoft claims it is more secure to be in S Mode because dodgy applications can't be installed. However, if you consider yourself a relatively sensible user in terms of the apps you install, we'd recommend switching it out of S Mode right away.

That's for two reasons. The Windows Store is limited in terms of apps; firstly because all the apps have to be approved by Microsoft; secondly because developers don't see the advantage. Google Chrome isn't in there for example, while we found some apps like which are free normally but are pay-for in the Store. Microsoft wants more devices to use S Mode and so developers may increasingly develop apps for the Store (mind you, we've been saying that for years) but at the moment support remains patchy.Additionally, S Mode restricts you to not only use Microsoft Edge but also to use Bing as your search engine. This is nothing short of ridiculous. Edge has become a really good browser and has enough features for many, but restricting it yet further simply doesn't make sense.

Elsewhere the Go has cameras front and rear, which is a welcome addition for Windows Hello. This enables you to log-in with your face and works well but you do need to be within a certain angle of the camera - it doesn't seem as wide-angled as Apple's Face ID, for example.The Surface Go isn't a do-anything device like the Surface Book 2 - and neither should you expect it to be given the price difference between the two. Instead, it's a super-portable machine for doing bits and pieces on the go. Emailing, taking notes in a meeting, and watching a bit of iPlayer on the train on the way home.It has all the successful hallmarks of Surface and, while the additional costs of the keyboard and pen are annoying for your bank balace, they're integral to how you should think about using this device (especially the former).

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Surface Go could have smaller bezels, it could have a lot better battery life, and it probably could be leaner with an ARM-based processor. But changing the chip would not only annoy Microsoft's great mate Intel, it would limit it in other ways: after all, this is a full PC you can install desktop apps on (if you take Windows 10 out of S Mode). And with this level of portability, that's certainly not to be sniffed at. Now with Apple Pencil support, the entry-level iPad is even more of a winner than before. In terms of pure tablets, this is the best. What the Surface Go brings to the party over and above this device is the ability to use Windows apps and work in the same way as any other laptop (well, if you buy the Type Cover keyboard).The Surface Pro 4 is getting on a bit and we're expecting it to be replaced soon. Even if there is a new one, that doesn't change the fact it's a rival to the Surface Go simply because it's more of a performance version.

The best Android tablet we've seen yet, the Galaxy Tab S4 also has some PC-rivalling capabilities thanks to Samsung's DeX. It's not far off being as expensive as a Surface Pro even if the S Pen stylus is included (the keyboard isn't). MSI, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer which forays into high-end gaming laptops has launched a new product for the Indian masses. The company has unveiled its first professional laptop in India which the company is calling as PS42. The professional will be available in two variants with the top-end variant featuring the latest 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor which will be clubbed with a Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics card. This would be enough to power the device through some basic graphics intensive software. 
The MSI PS42 sports a 14-inch full HD IPS-level display which is surrounded by narrow 5.7 mm bezels at all the sides. The screen-to-body ratio offered by the device is of 81 percent. MSI has used its own True Color 2.0 technology which gives the display an ability to provide almost perfect colors. In addition to this, the content creators will e able to calibrate their display as per their own requirements.

Under the hood, the MSI PS42 is backed by an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor which is paired with a Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU graphic card to take care of the graphics. The MSI PS42 comes with 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD. The laptop features a slim frame measuring 15.9mm and weighs just 1.1kg making it an ideal to carry around. Ports and other hardware The PS42 comes with Nahimic 3 audio engine speakers which enables the laptop to produce an immersive 7.1 channel cinematic surround sound effect. The professional laptop features dual exhaust thermal design so that the device does not get overheated even with intensive usage. As for the ports, there are two USB Type-C ports, two full-sized USB ports, one 3.5mm combo jack, and one SD card reader. MSI is also claiming that the PS42 is backed by a powerful battery which can last up to 10 hours with a single charge. We would like to test the device before verifying the claims. Pricing and availability: As mentioned earlier, the PS42 will be available in two variants. The low-end variant with Core i5 processor will retail at Rs. 77,990 and the top-end variant with Core i7 processor will be available at Rs 99,990. Both the laptops will be available for sale at all leading online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm and also on MSI retail stores across the country.

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Plugging in the power -- or at least what you think is power -- to a USB-C powered laptop can connect your computer, and the valuable personal data on it, directly to hackers. Your personal financial information, passwords and documents stored on the laptop could help a cybercriminal steal your identity. The laptop may even be used to attack your employer’s computers and network.The European Union is already moving to require all smartphones be compatible with USB-C power adapters – itself a move that endangers users’ privacy. If the EU made a similar standard for laptop computers, it would threaten to make the problem worse, by increasing the number of people vulnerable to what is basically the digital equivalent of pick-pocketing.

Mobile phones have been hackers’ targets for years. Phones that are left behind or stolen can contain sensitive personal data that can let a criminal open a new bank account or take out a loan.However, a far more insidious way to get the data is to simply connect to the phone and steal everything it holds. As the phone is not lost, the user may be unaware that anything is wrong. Attackers try to get access to mobile phones via their internet connections and local wireless connection technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.But some attackers are finding a weakness in phone charging. Many newer phones use the same port – one of several types of USB – for both connecting to a computer and charging. A charger could be modified to attack your phone via that trusted connection. This has led some researchers to recommend never using public USB chargers for your smartphone.

Older mobile phones, including some smartphones, that used power-only connections didn’t have to worry about this issue. Users of these devices can plug in to public multi-device charging stations without worry, as there is no connection to the device’s data. For those with combined data and power ports, however, the same port that many people only use to power their phone is commonly used by hackers and even law enforcement to access the data on it.Until recently, laptop computers had enjoyed some protection, with most having a dedicated power port to connect their chargers to. Other purpose-specific ports allowed connections to desktop monitors, conference room projectors and other devices, without need for concern. USB-C changed this, with one high-speed port now able to provide and receive power, send video signals to projectors and monitors, and connect to USB thumb drives and numerous other peripheral devices.

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