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publié le 2 mai 2018 Beauté › Troc entre nous

(It's also worth noting that earlier this week, Xiaomi launched an MVNO — a mobile network. This lets users buy phone contracts directly from the company, again reinforcing the ecosystem and reducing reliance on external companies.) Right now, Apple is in the midst of an aggressive expansion in China. The Chinese smartphone market may be shrinking, but it's still the largest on the planet. That makes it vital for Apple (and for all its products, not just iPhones). As such, Xiaomi's new laptop, if Bloomberg's sources are right about its "premium" status, puts it in direct competition with the American tech giant.Xiaomi currently operates in China, India, Brazil, and a number of other developing markets. It says it doesn't intend to launch in markets like the US for "a few years" at least. Questions have also been raised about the company's growth after its sales started to flatline this summer — despite launching in new regions. It now looks unlikely to hit its target of 100 million smartphone sales a year.

If and when its products finally land on Western soil, there will be a huge question to be answered: Can it manage to cultivate the same kind of customer following in the West as it has managed back home? If it can — and that's a big if — that's when things will get really interesting for Apple.Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich isn't a big fan of tablets, and thinks the new tablet-laptop combinations (or 2-in-1's) will only further dampen the market going forward.Speaking at Intel's annual Investor Meeting Thursday, Krzanich said the new 2-in-1's powered by Intel's latest line of chips, called Skylake, will only decrease the use case for tablets as the performance gap continues to widen between the two devices."There's not a reason you have to go to a tablet device. The tablet business is just not a growth business – it's a declining business," Krzanich said.Krzanich stressed that Skylake is the "best product we've ever produced," pointing out the performance improvements it brings across battery life and new features in the Windows 10-backed, 2-in-1's that make the need for a regular tablet almost obsolete.

"Our partners and us have worked together to produce what we believe are just world class products," he continued. "Combine that with the Windows 10, and it's a very unique situation that we believe is being set up for 2016."Krzanich's comments may have been pointed at Apple's iPads, which has seen its sales continuously decline, despite owning the majority of the tablet market. It may have also been in response to recent reports about ARM-based Apple chips performing better than the ones built on top of Intel's x86 architecture.Krzanich added that Intel's been shipping less chips for tablets lately. Last year, Intel said it hit 40 million tablets, but this year, it's expecting somewhere around 30 million.This isn't the first time we've heard about 2-in-1 devices potentially killing the tablet market. Some of the analysts we spoke to back in September, when Skylake was first released, said similar things about the fate of tablets."It's taking the good parts of a phone and tablet, and then adding it to the benefits of a PC," Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, told us in reference to the 2-in-1's being built on top of Skylake. "If Intel, Microsoft, and its big partners, like HP, Lenovo, and Dell, can get aligned, they will revive the PC market — and I do think it'll come at the expense of larger tablets."

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Sales of personal computers may be declining, but Lenovo — the top seller of PCs world wide — says it has a plan to deal with the drop.Lenovo is making products it calls "2-in-1" and "4-in-1" solutions. Instead of having to buy both a tablet and a computer, for example, their products allow users to convert one product into many.Gerry Smith, Lenovo's Executive Vice President, says his company is putting a lot of investment and engineering into multi-purpose devices."W e're actually combining our PC and our tablet business together right now and looking at, 'How do we take these different form factors,'" he told Business Insider at the World Economic Forum on Thursday. "If you look at the whole detachable PC market, it's actually growing, and a lot of people don't look at it that way. And so our goal is, 'Let's not just look at PCs, let's look at the whole PC usage model' and we'll go out and have devices across all of that."The key to turning one Levovo device into many is in the device's hinge. Lenovo has created some patented ones that can be bent all the way around, turned into stands, switched on and turned into projectors, or even hung on walls like televisions. Others Lenovo hinges — like on the Helix — are completely detachable , allowing users to remove bulky keyboards, speakers and battery packs and just use a screen as a tablets whenever they want:lenovo convertible tablet thinkPad helix 2nd gen detached laptop mode 5Lenovo

Lenovo says the hinge on its new Yoga 900 Laptop is made from more than 800 parts and was inspired by the flexibility of links on a watch. This enables the computer to fold fully in half and turn into a tablet or be tented for watching video.Another new Lenovo product, the , Yoga Tab 3 Pro, has a hinge with a hole in the center for a nail so you can hang the tablet like a TV on a wall. It also has a projecter on its hinge, and the ability to tilt the tablet so typing is easier. It looks a little goofy, but it might be useful.lenovo yoga tablet 3 pro hang mode 1Lenovo"I think [detachables] are going to boom as a category because people want simplicity and they want something light," Smith said.He described a meeting a few years ago with Lenovo's executive team, when the company decided to go all in on detachables. The executives were presented with numerous products and tasked with picking the best one to take to market. Instead, they decided to let customers choose.

"We brought out all these samples and said 'Let's pick one' and then we looked at each other and said, 'Why pick one? Let's go make the investment across all four, and let the customer decide,'" says Smith. "Customers really don't know what they want sometimes...I think the market is going to grow, and it's just a matter of offering a wide range of different innovations."David Roman, Lenovo's Chief Marketing Officer, agrees. "We see very strong growth in the convertible space, in the 2-1 space, and the 'All in ones' are actually a growing space," he told Business Insider Thursday. "We see the ability for companies, like Lenovo with the investments in new technology to come up with things like an OLED displays which didn't exist before. Therefore it's an entirely new market, so we're sort of looking at managing that whole portfolio of products and there are some parts of it that are in decline, there are some parts that are high growth."A 4-in-1 product might be good for consumers but bad for Lenovo's business. Instead of buying a tablet and a laptop, consumers will only buy one device. But Smith and Roman believe if they focus on building functional, reliable devices at affordable prices, it will all work out.

" We're a high volume, lower margin, but higher volume model [than a company like Apple]," Roman says. "And you can look at a lot of other industries, like retail and Walmart, and that's a model that works."Tesla will report third-quarter earnings next week. The second half of October has been rough for Elon Musk's startup electric-car maker. The biggest issue arose when Consumer Reports pulled its "recommended" rating for the company's Model S sedan, citing an annual owners survey that found the vehicle wanting.That sent the stock into a decline, although it now appears to have stabilized at around the $212 level.Who knows if Wall Street is just holding its breath ahead of an earnings report in which Tesla will admit that it can't make its 2015 goal of between 50,000 and 55,000 vehicle deliveries — it has about 17,000 to go in the fourth quarter? Regardless, a well-know and outspoken voice in the industry says that Tesla could be in trouble.Bob Lutz was General Motors' car guru before and after the company's bankruptcy. Before that, he put in stints with Chrysler and BMW. He's a car guy's car guy.And writing in Road and Track, he's someone who's worried about Tesla's future."Tesla's showing all the signs of a company in trouble: bleeding cash, securitized assets, and mounting inventory," Lutz writes. "It's the trifecta of doom for any automaker, and anyone paying attention probably saw this coming a mile away."

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[C]heap gasoline isn't helping Tesla's case. Right now, prices around the country are hovering close to $2 a gallon. If that's bad news for the Prius and the Volt, it's worse for the Model S.In addition, there's never been any secret sauce to the company's battery technology. The automakers that bought into Tesla's tech early did so to avoid having to pony up development dollars on first-generation battery packs of their own. Now that Audi has announced it's getting into the EV game, Tesla should be even more concerned.I talked to Lutz last year when the paperback edition of his book, "Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership," came out. Then, he was fairly direct about the reality of Tesla's market position."There's nothing about [Tesla's] battery technology that can't be copied by another car company," he said. "Or it could simply buy batteries."Lutz argued that Tesla's success is due in part to design, and I tend to agree with him. Prior to Tesla, electric cars were boring and virtuous. After Tesla, they became hot, fast, and sexy.But Lutz has now advanced his critique of Tesla. His new concern is costs, and he's focused on the difficulties of operating "stores," aka dealerships, that aren't independently run by a dealer network:

Nobody has ever been successful with company stores, though plenty of manufacturers have tried them. When I came to BMW in the Seventies, it had five factory stores. The idea was, like Tesla, to be in control of the retail environment and give customers an upscale experience. They were all money pits.I think Tesla CEO Elon Musk figured that if factory stores work for Apple, they'll work for Tesla. But the fixed costs for an Apple store are next to nothing compared with a car dealership's. Smartphones and laptops don't need anything beyond a mall storefront and a staff of kids. A car dealership is very different.Lutz goes on to maintain that, despite his admiration for Musk, Tesla could be headed toward the same fate as nearly every other startup automaker in the past 100 years: failure.I'm not so sure. Almost a decade ago, I also wrote about how Tesla wasn't long for the world. And although Musk and Co. went through several crises and flirted with bankruptcy, the company hasn't merely survived — it's prospered. I learned then to be very careful about underestimating Tesla's resilience.

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