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publié le 16 janvier 2018 Beauté › Maquillage

“First, the control sequence was not the same as what we'd been told, so that involved rewriting the program on-site to take this into account.”“Next, the original programmer liked to do 'clever' tricks with his programs. These always come back to bite you years later - and indeed we were seriously puzzled as to why variables were apparently changing themselves and screwing up our corrections.”WG and his colleague “realised the guy had discovered a way of bulk updating large blocks of data, which he'd proceeded to use enthusiastically, blissfully unaware that this also corrupted variables in the 'gaps' that he wasn't using but we were trying to!”“After this was sorted we connected up the new valve, which had been pre-wired for us, only to discover that the 'telltale' that was supposed to send back a message to tell us which way the valve was positioned wasn't changing, so we went to examine the valve itself.”Inspecting the valve mean climbing narrow metal stairs and gantries.“My colleague got there first,” WG recalls, “and came out with a burst of the most interesting invective. You see, this valve was driven by compressed air, and our electronics just supplied a trigger. This normally works fine, but you do actually have to pipe in an air supply! We then had our only short break while the factory maintenance crew frantically rigged up a temporary air line.”

Before long the valve was switching over correctly. But WG and his mate wanted to double-check to make sure all was well and when they did, found that the main plumbing had been done in reverse.“Our first thought was to just change the software so the 'off' state of the valve was reversed, only we were quickly informed that when unpowered it had to be in the open position.”The maintenance crew climbed the gantries again and, amid “much banging and swearing” went over everything in as much detail as possible.”“We weren't happy that the valve common was shared with the signal common, but weren't going to try to re-run over 70 ft of cable woven into the factory structure, so put filters on the PLC inputs and hoped.”Job done! Or so WG thought until control system's monitor died. WG thinks all the switching things off and on did for it, and fair enough after 25 years' service. One trip down into the offices to find an unused monitor later, and WG thought it was finally time to head home for some egg nogg.But first, a final test to make sure the night's work hadn't caused a problem elsewhere in the factory.

A main divert valve stuck but that had nothing to do with WG's work. But he had to hang around to make sure all was well.“We started at 8:30AM and worked through until 10:00PM without stopping, except the one time for a cup of tea and a snack (supplied by considerate shop-floor staff).WG made it home for Christmas, albeit without knowing if his work had done the trick because the client wouldn't run the whole system until the new year. His clients, however, declared themselves happy. Which was enough at the time!Have you been called out to work over the festive season? We'll be running On-Call stories every day next week, so if you've a Christmas cracker to share, send me a Christmas card. Stolen medical information is a prevalent problem across multiple industries, according to a new study by Verizon.The issue is compounded because many organisations outside of the healthcare sector do not even realise they even hold this type of data.Common sources of protected health information are employee records (including workers’ compensation claims) or information for health programs. These repositories are frequently poorly protected.Medical data loss is not just a problem for the healthcare. According to Verizon, 90 per cent of all industries have suffered a data breach that resulted in the loss of medical data, including: retail, finance, mining and educational sectors, amongst others.

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Verizon’s researchers analysed 931 incidents of confirmed protected health information breaches involving more than 392 million records. The global study covered 25 countries across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.One in five health record breaches involved privilege misuse. Staff not infrequently abused their privileges in order snoop and look at medical records health on the same local area network or on a weakly secure database server on the corporate intranet.Loss of unencrypted devices is a major problem for the healthcare industry itself. Around a third (31.3 per cent) of incidents where human error was involved in one way or another in data breaches were down to lost devices.The one positive trend in this area over the last five years is that it’s taking less time for organisations to realise they have a problem. Even so only 31 per cent of incidents are found within days: 31.25 per cent took months and 18.75 per cent took years to find.Verizon’s 2015 Protected Health Information Data Breach Report was compiled by the same team that puts together the firm's Data Breach Investigation Report, a benchmark annual study of data breaches.The health information reports focuses on the problem of medical data loss, from how it is disclosed, to who is causing it and what can be done to combat it.

The report contains incidents contributed by organisations including the CERT Insider Threat Center; CrowdStrike, Deloitte; the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, Kaspersky Lab and the US Secret Service, amongst others. The study also includes the US Health and Human Services incident database and a significant number of incidents from the US Veteran’s Administration, as reported to Congress.“Many organisations are not doing enough to protect this highly sensitive and confidential data,” said Suzanne Widup, senior security analyst and lead author for the Verizon Enterprise Solutions report. “This can lead to significant consequences impacting an individual and their family and increasing healthcare costs for governments, organisations and individuals. Protected Health Information is highly coveted by today’s cybercriminals,” she added.According to recent studies reference in the report, people are withholding (sometimes critical) information from their healthcare providers because they are concerned that there could be a data breach.“Healthcare organisations need to realise that patients trust them with their data and if that trust is broken, the implications can be huge,” Widup concluded.

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The number of external and internal actors in personal health information breaches is nearly equal with just five percentage points difference, meaning there is more insider misuse than hacker action in this area than for data privacy breaks more generally. Detailed health records make it easier for criminals to engage in both identity theft and medical billing fraud.Differences are also evident in how the breach occurs. The primary action of attack is theft of lost portable devices (laptop, tablets, thumb drives), followed by error which can simply be sending a medical report to the wrong recipient or losing a laptop. These two, combined with a third area of employee abuse, make up 86 per cent of all breaches of personal health info data breaches, according to Verizon.Earlier this years the FBI issued a warning to healthcare providers stating that “the healthcare” industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors, and warning that the possibility of increased cyber intrusions is therefore “likely.”Verizon’s report – which offers insights and recommendations on best practice in protecting health-related private data – is available here. The ship is a year from completion, so there is plenty of time yet to bin it for a more up-to-date and secure version of the venerable operating system.The Ministry of Defence is not returning our calls, but this could always be, as one reader says, “comedy wallpaper on a technician’s laptop...”

You can check out the BBC News report about the Queen Elizabeth here. The XP wallpaper makes its appearance at 1m 25s.A 47-year-old who posed as a 13-year-old girl in order to extort more than £40,000 from paedophiles was sentenced to nine years in prison earlier this year.Lee Philip Rees, of Marlborough Road in Roath, Cardiff, was found guilty at Cardiff Crown Court of 31 counts of computer hacking, distributing indecent photographs of children and blackmail. He was sent down in June.Rees had been placed on probation for possession of indecent photographs of children back in 1989. He was arrested in 2011 after his wife, from whom he was separated, and her new partner passed his laptop – along with their suspicions that it contained indecent images – to the police.The scam, as Rees admitted, involved pretending to be a teenage girl in chat rooms to bait paedophiles. Rees tricked his victims into downloading a remote access tool along with a video. Through this, he planted obscene images on their machines and took screencaps of it before threatening to forward their personal details to local schools and the media. He also maintained a website where he published his victims' details.Although he was arrested in connection with the scam in 2014, Rees went on to blackmail a further victim while on bail, according to the South Wales Evening Post.

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