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publié le 2 mars 2018 Beauté › Boxs Beauté

The effectiveness of the whole scheme is a matter of some dispute among foreign policy and security analysts with some even arguing it ultimately galvinised Iran's nuclear efforts.That issue aside, the stealth and disguise of early version of Stuxnet came at the cost of vastly increasingly the difficulty of creating the cyber-munition, according to Langner:I estimate that well over 50 percent of Stuxnet's development cost went into efforts to hide the attack, with the bulk of that cost dedicated to the overpressure attack which represents the ultimate in disguise - at the cost of having to build a fully-functional mockup IR-1 centrifuge cascade operating with real uranium hexafluoride. And while Stuxnet was clearly the work of a nation-state - requiring vast resources and considerable intelligence - future attacks on industrial control and other so-called "cyber-physical" systems may not be. Stuxnet was particularly costly because of the attackers' self-imposed constraints. Damage was to be disguised as reliability problems.

And unlike the Stuxnet attackers, these adversaries are also much more likely to go after civilian critical infrastructure. Not only are these systems more accessible, but they're standardised. In fact, all modern plants operate with standard industrial control system architectures and products from just a handful of vendors per industry, using similar or even identical configurations.In other words, if you get control of one industrial control system, you can infiltrate dozens or even hundreds of the same breed more.Langner's research adds a missing chapter to the already complex story of Stuxnet which continues to interest both military strategists and security researchers because it showed that malware could be used to physically sabotage equipment even in closely guarded facilities.

"The Stuxnet revelation showed the world what cyberweapons could do in the hands of a superpower," Langner concluded. "It also saved America from embarrassment. If another country - maybe even an adversary - had been first in demonstrating proficiency in the digital domain, it would have been nothing short of another Sputnik moment in US history. So there were plenty of good reasons not to sacrifice mission success for fear of detection."The publication of the article [PDF] coincides with the release of a white paper by Langner on Stuxnet, entitled To Kill a Centrifuge: A Technical Analysis of What Stuxnet’s Creators Tried to Achieve. The white paper combines results from reverse engineering the attack code with intelligence on the design of the attacked plant and background information on the attacked uranium enrichment process to provide what's billed as the most comprehensive research on the Stuxnet malware to date. The exotic laptop lads at Eurocom have just unleashed another in their series of very peculiar contraptions: the Panther 5SE laptop.Eurocom won't like us calling it a laptop: the official name is “Mobile Server supercomputer-class laptop”.

Supercomputer is perhaps a bit over the top, even if the computer can pack a 12-core, 24-thread E5-2697 v2 running at 2.7GHz. Eurocom says it's the first to have built that CPU into a portable.Calling it a mobile server may also be stretching the friendship. The claim of server status is sustained by the presence of four disk drive slots, the ability to handle those under RAID 0, 1, 5 or 10, four memory slots capable of collectively housing 32GB of RAM and readiness to run major server operating systems or even VMware's ESXI hypervisor. The claim starts to wobble a little when one considers that Eurocom classifies the battery as a “battery/UPS” and says it offers just an hour of operations. The presence of just one gigabit ethernet port may also worry sysadmins, although it's possible to add more thanks to the presence of an ExpressCard slot.

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Eurocom isn't suggesting sysadmins will lug this 5.5kg, 419 x 286 x 57.9~62.1 mm beast around for daily use. Instead it's being suggested the Panther is a portable server one could implement during a crisis or in locations where schlepping in a bigger box is out of the question.The company does believe the laptop could be used on your lap, talking up the 300w power brick as ensuring much of the heat the computer produces will be outside the laptop's main chassis.Vulture South took Eurocom's online configuration tool for a spin to see what the machine would cost when built with 32GB of RAM, 4.5TB of disk (1TB capacity is the largest offered for disks two through four) Nvidia GBX 670MX graphics card, that Xeon E5-2697 v2 Windows Server 2012 and a spare battery. The price emerged at £5,423 or $US7,672, not-insignificant sums.It's almost certainly possible to buy comparable or superior servers for a better price, but those servers wouldn't be as easy to fit into the overhead bin on a plane. Or offer the chance to develop your musculature quite like the Panther.

Review It’s been quite some time since I looked at a new MacBook Pro. However, I spend a lot of my time looking at an old one. I’ve a first generation Unibody model. What a great idea that was. Just unscrew the back for easy access to the RAM and the drive.The battery wasn’t easily swappable, but hey, you could whip the HDD out with a twirl of just two bracket screws. Wow, with this form factor Apple had come such a long way since its alu-body MacBook Pros that involved removing layers of circuitry just to upgrade the internal drive.The easy upgrading on the Unibody was one of the reasons I bought it. So here I am looking at Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 13in and the word "upgrade" doesn't appear anywhere in the user guide. It’s the entry level Retina display model, so it features a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-4258U CPU with Integrated IRIS graphics 5100, 4GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM and a 128GB SSD. As with the 15in model, the 13in gets the Haswell CPU refresh and Thunderbolt 2 and, of course, the display. Apple has managed to lose 40g but the size is near identical to its Ivy Bridge predecessor.

Skip back to the more portly Unibody MBP 13in generation – the last lot came out in 2011 – and you’d have been lugging around a thicker model with extra 500g in weight and no Retina display either.As has been mentioned many times, the MacBook Pro is no longer upgradeable. You buy the configuration you want can afford and that’s it. OK, so world + dog knows this now, but how this impacts on a laptop lifetime’s use takes a moment or two to sink in. £1100 you say? And this is to drive into a computing cul-de-sac.One of the first things we check out on a new Mac here at Vulture Central is its benchmarking prowess up against PC laptops we’ve had a gander at. To do that involves Boot Camp, Apple’s utility to enable the Mac to run Windows natively so we can fire up PCMark. A consequence of this is that we also discover just how nicely it plays with Windows. My rather diverting experience with a MacBook Air this summer revealed you needed the USB stick containing the Boot Camp drivers plugged into the left port. Like you’d know right?

This time, I wasn’t going to be caught out: left port it was going to be, even though I couldn’t find a tech doc that insisted on it. Yet this MacBook Pro fell at the first fence; the simple task of partitioning the drive. It was just hanging and the Activity Monitor bore this out too with its “Boot Camp Assistant (Not Responding)” message. I gave it a little while to redeem itself, but no. Force quit.Second time lucky though and, more to the point, having already installed the various updates including one for the EFI firmware, the installation was a breeze with the latest Boot Camp 5 (Build 5358) drivers in tow. Apparently some Haswell MacBook Pro early adopters hadn’t had the best of times with Windows 8 and updating to 8.1, but it would seem the latest batch of updates smooths out the creases.

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That said, Boot Camp did kick in rather suddenly once the partitioning was established, in the blink of an eye displaying a grey screen… of death? I wondered. Moments later it began to reboot from the Windows 8 CD. Just remember to reformat the Boot Camp partition and away you go. That first part took about 25 minutes with the Windows 8.1 download and instal adding another 30mins. So you should be done in an hour.Part 1 I turned 45 this year, a psychological milestone that rammed home the fact I'm not in great physical shape.My diet's rubbish and my usual efforts to keep trim and fit – cycling – have been curtailed by a combination of lethargy and kids' sport commitments that keep me off the road when my bike club sets out on weekends.

Which is why when I heard about “treadmill desks” my ears pricked up. Also known as walking desks, these devices are very slow and quiet treadmills with an ergonomically designed desk over the top. The idea is that you stroll through the day at a pace that permits typing and other work while accruing enough gentle exercise to avoid the life-shortening things that happen when you spend a lot of time sitting.Author Neal Stephenson's a walking desk user and summarised the argument for them in an essay titled “Aresbestos” that quotes various sources to the effect that frequent gentle exercise may be as good for you as the occasional vigorous hour in the gym.Aresbestos also says Stephenson's own conversion to a walking desk helped to fix persistent neck and back ailments.I get headaches and cricked necks at work too, so out went my IKEA chair and in came the Infiniti TR1200DT-7, a treadmill desk branded LifeSpan in the USA and UK.

The TR1200DT-7 is easy to set up, thanks to guide rods that align the desk and treadmill. A nine-pin D-cable and power cable link the two so data can flow to a small control panel in the desk that displays speed, walking time and how many steps you've taken and offers up and down buttons that drive a motor to get the desk to comfortable height. There's also Bluetooth, which chats to an Adobe Air app to bring stats to your desktop.The desk looks surprisingly large, but was devoured by the combination of keyboard, mouse, monitor and MacBook Air. Its rounded shape is clever design: the desk sits at chest level for many people and if had had sharp corners it would be an accident waiting to happen.Once I turned on the treadmill it was immediately obvious I just could not type while walking. I decided to stand and type and quickly learned the importance of the desk's long, gel-filled wrist wrest, as it put my hands into a comfortable typing position and also supported just a little of my weight.

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