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publié le 8 février 2018 Beauté › Maquillage

I explained to the man from Whitehall about the nature of international collaborations and the way in which, these days, media organisations could take advantage of the most permissive legal environments. Bluntly, we did not have to do our reporting from London … The man was unmoved. And so one of the more bizarre moments in the Guardian's long history occurred – with two GCHQ security experts overseeing the destruction of hard drives in the Guardian's basement just to make sure there was nothing in the mangled bits of metal which could possibly be of any interest to passing Chinese agents. We can call off the black helicopters, joked one as we swept up the remains of a MacBook Pro. The bespectacled editor said the destruction of his newspaper's kit, which he describes as a peculiarly pointless piece of symbolism, satisfied Whitehall. He related the episode for the first time on Monday in a piece defiantly stating that the destruction of the computers will have a limited effect on the Guardian's reporting of NSA and GCHQ surveillance - in fact, just as much effect as the seizure of a laptop, phones, hard drives and camera from David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, over the weekend.

Miranda was held by anti-terror cops for nine hours and his digital equipment seized at London Heathrow airport, as the Brazilian was en route to Rio de Janeiro from a meeting in Berlin with Laura Poitras, the US filmmaker who has worked with Greenwald on the Snowden files. The Guardian paid for Miranda's flight.This sort of mission has become a regular occurrence according to Rusbridger, who said Guardian hacks and their associates are flying around the world to have face-to-face meetings about the Snowden leaks, essentially because they have lost faith in the security of any form of electronic communication.It would be highly unadvisable for Greenwald (or any other journalist) to regard any electronic means of communication as safe, Rusbridger explained. The Guardian's work on the Snowden story has involved many individuals taking a huge number of flights in order to have face-to-face meetings. Not good for the environment, but increasingly the only way to operate. Soon we will be back to pen and paper.It's unclear how many machines were involved in the smash-up operation, or how they were selected. In follow-up responses to readers, Rusbridger doesn't get into specifics but does say that no drives were actually seized for forensic examination. He's keen to portray the whole exercise as both petty and futile.

They never touched the hard drives, so, no they got nothing from them, Rusbridger said. We explained to the UK government on a number of occasions that there were other copies not on UK soil. Facebook runs on four different server designs, each created to fulfil a specialist task, according to Mike Yang, a general manager and vice president of Taiwanese OEM Quanta.Quanta makes about a quarter of the world's laptop computers and has, of late, branched out into custom servers for big operators like Facebook.Speaking at the Intel Big Data and Cloud Summit in Ho Chi Minh City*, Yang said Facebook's instructions to Quanta are simple: “remove anything in our servers that does not contribute to efficiency.”“Anything”, Yang said, includes paint, a bezel, spare memory or PCIe slots and even a lid. Omitting the latter component allows easier cooling while removing spare slots trims power consumption just a little.

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Yang also said Facebook doesn't use one type of servers for all tasks, but has instead asked Quanta to devise four different servers for different chores. The Social NetworkTM therefore uses different designs for compute, storage, database and cache. Yang didn't reveal details of how each design differs, but said the company provides Facebook with servers that fit three abreast into the 21-inch-wide Open Rack format.Quanta's soon going to bring those designs to the world, as Yang said the company plans to open offices in Australia, Singapore, Germany and Japan in coming months.Those offices will have tantalising new products to sell: a 42U Open Rack rig with a centralised power unit and a matching 2U, 28-disk JBOD and a choice of servers that sit two-or-three abreast. The Open Compute Solution, to use the rig its proper name, goes on sale in October.

David Miranda, the partner of a journalist at the heart of the Edward Snowden NSA surveillance firestorm, handed over to British intelligence the crypto passwords for digital files they seized from him when he stopped over in the UK en route from a meeting with a US film-maker who was also involved with the Snowden disclosures. It has also emerged that the US government was aware that the British intelligence services intended to target Miranda during his journey.There was a heads up that was provided by the British government, said Josh Earnest, the principal deputy White House press secretary, at a press conferenceThis is something we had an indication that was likely to occur, he said, but it's not something that we requested, it was something that was done by British law enforcement officials. The United States was not involved in that decision or in that action.

Earnest didn't say if the US had received copies of the information taken from Miranda during his questioning, and when asked to rule out any receipt, Earnest replied, I'm not in a position to do that right now.Miranda is the partner of Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who has been instrumental in revealing information on highly secret, massive internet surveillance by the United States' NSA and Britain's GCHQ electronic-intelligence agencies. Miranda was stopped and interrogated by British police during a stopover at Heathrow airport while flying from Germany back to his and Greenwald's home in Brazil at the Guardian's expense. He had travelled to Germany to meet with Laura Poitras, an American film-maker also involved in the Snowden leaks.The Brazilian government has torn a strip off the UK government over the interrogation, calling the detention of one of its citizens without justification in a statement, and saying it does not want a repeat of the incident.The detention has caused a political storm in the UK, with British MP Tom Watson saying it was a clear attempt at intimidation and an attack on journalism. The Prime Minister's office has declined to answer questions on the detention, saying it was an operational matter for the police.

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David Anderson, the UK's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said that the case was unusual, since of the 60,000 to 70,000 people stopped under Schedule 7 each year, only 40 have been held for more than six hours. Anderson also said that he had requested a ministerial briefing on the case. British police say that the detention of Miranda was legally and procedurally sound.In his first interview since arriving safely in Brazil, Miranda said that he was forced to hand over the passwords for his laptop and mobile phone after British police officers threatened him with prison if he refused. Also taken were an external hard drive, two memory sticks, a games console, and two newly-bought watches and phones which were still in their packaging.They were threatening me all the time and saying I would be put in jail if I didn't co-operate, said Miranda. They treated me like I was a criminal or someone about to attack the UK ... It was exhausting and frustrating, but I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Miranda said that as soon as his plane landed at Heathrow, passengers were asked to display their passports, and that the second he stepped off the aircraft he was detained by four officers. He was then held for nine hours, the maximum allowed under Schedule 7 of the 2000 Terrorism Act.Despite this, Miranda said he wasn't asked about terrorism by his British interrogators. Instead, he was extensively quizzed about his visit to Berlin-based filmmaker Laura Poitras, the activities of his partner Glenn Greenwald, and if there were plans to publish more papers from the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.They even asked me about the protests in Brazil, why people were unhappy, and who I knew in the government, said Miranda.After nine hours of questioning, Miranda was informed that he was free to leave for a connecting flight to his home in Brazil. Since he'd missed his connection, and another flight wasn't scheduled for a while, the police released him onto British soil.

When the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) kicks off in San Francisco on September 10, Chipzilla may announce that it will radically accelerate its development of 14-nanometer Atom processors.So says a report by Barron's, citing a person close to Intel who told the financial news service that the chipbaking giant will trim its standard lag in moving a new process node from its Core line of processors down to its Atom line.Intel's current top-of-the-line process node is 22nm, and Core processors have been available at that node for well over a year; 22nm Silvermont architecture–based Atom chips for the Bay Trail platform for tablets and Merrifield platform for smartphones, on the other hand, won't be available until later this year.

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