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publié le 23 avril 2018 Beauté › Hygiène

These increasingly popular machines run Google’s Chrome OS, which effectively turns the Chrome web browser into a super lightweight operating system. They aren’t of much use without an Internet connection as a result — though web apps like Gmail and Google Drive have gained more offline functionality over time — and they can’t run more involved processes like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel. But since you can watch movies, listen to music, write up documents, store files, edit photos, and do a million other things through the web already, they’re enough for most needs. They’re also highly affordable (Chromebook Pixel aside).The latest Toshiba Chromebook 2 is our current favorite in this category. Its Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM don't look like much on paper, but they (along with the included SSD) absolutely breeze something as airy as Chrome OS. You still have no choice but to stick to the basics, but doing so here is much faster (and quieter) than it is on a similarly priced Windows machine.

We should note that Toshiba sells a $430 model with a Core i3 processor too, but that's just about overkill for Chrome's needs, and anything over $400 is a little too pricey for all a Chromebook offers. (The latter point is a big reason why we think the Toshiba is a better buy than Dell's nicer-feeling Chromebook 13.)You also get 7-8 hours of battery life here, which is just about average for a Chromebook, but still excellent next to its Windows-based rivals. There's only 16GB of storage on our recommended configuration, but if you use Chrome OS as it's intended, that's not a massive loss. It's just part of the compromise.What really sets the Chromebook 2 apart is its vivid 1080p IPS display. It’s gorgeous, and although it can pick up some glare, in many ways it’s a better screen than that of a $1,000 Macbook Air. Add to that a comfortable enough keyboard (that's now backlit), a responsive trackpad, superb speakers, 802.11ac WiFi support, and a relatively stylish design, and you have a fantastic overall value at $330 — so long as you can accept Chrome OS’s limitations.

If the Chromebook idea interests you but you want something a little more spacious than the 13-inch Toshiba above or the sea of 11-inch alternatives, have a look at the Acer Chromebook 15. It’s one of the few other Chrome OS devices with a 1080p IPS display, which looks good, even if its colors and viewing angles aren’t as vivid as those of the Chromebook 2. It’s not the best-looking device around, and its larger frame means it isn’t exactly travel-friendly, but it’s sturdy and well-made. Its keyboard is dependable, too.The real hook here is its performance. The Chromebook 15’s fifth-gen Intel Celeron processor easily breezes through Chrome OS, loading web pages quickly and powering through handfuls of tabs with aplomb. It also gets more than 9 hours of battery life on average, which is great even by Chromebook standards. If you’re looking for a Chromebook that’s better suited for getting things done, this is the one to buy. In response to the growing popularity of Chromebooks, various laptop makers have started churning out $200ish Windows machines that run on similarly modest specs. Now, because they use the same full-on OS available on $1,000 notebooks, these devices aren’t nearly as responsive as their Google-bred alternatives. They usually have to cut corners on hardware to hit their price point, too.

At the same time, they do run a full-on OS, so they have access to desktop apps like Word, Excel, or anything else you’d use outside of a web browser. (Just don’t expect to get heavy Photoshop editing out of their entry-level processors.) The idea is to sacrifice some speed and build quality in exchange for greater offline capability. In the best cases, all of this makes for a decent secondary or travel-centric device. They’re like modern netbooks.As of this writing, the Lenovo Ideapad 100s is the best of those best cases. Like any other ultra-budget notebook, it’s not strong — its modest Intel Atom chip and 2GB of RAM can’t handle too many open apps or tabs at once, and gaming is just about impossible. It only has 32GB of storage, its keyboard flexes, and it doesn't support 802.11ac WiFi. Its trackpad is strangely devoid of all multi-touch support, too. It’s a $180 laptop, in other words.Still, when used in moderation, the Ideapad is surprisingly fluid next to its peers. Word and the like are perfectly agreeable, and there’s never too much lag once everything’s up and loaded. The keyboard is well-sized and comfortable outside of that flexing problem, and the 11.6-inch 1366x768 TN display is accurate enough for the money. It’s all good enough to get lighter stuff done. It also comes pre-packaged with a free year of Office 365 and 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage.

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What really sells the Ideapad is its build and battery life. It’s plastic, but it’s colorful, smooth, and sturdy, with a flexible hinge that helps mitigate the display’s iffy viewing angles. It doesn’t explicitly look cheap. The battery, meanwhile, lasts an excellent 10-11 hours per charge. Don’t expect this — or the HP Stream 11, or the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook — to act as your primary device, but if you’re frequently on the move or you only have $200 to spend, the Ideapad 100s should serve you well. It’s worth noting that there’s a 14-inch model, too, but we don’t think it’s worth sacrificing portability for something this underpowered.If spending close to $400 on a new pair of dress shoes sounds pricey to you, now's a great time to scope out Allen Edmonds' clearance section. You're still paying a couple hundred dollars for shoes, but knowing that you'll get tons of mileage out of them in the years to come should make you feel assured in your purchase.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of lace-ups for the office or more casual slip-ons for weekends, this sale is not to be missed.Whether you want to improve your public speaking skills or learn how to make your own website, Udemy has an online course that can help you better yourself and bolster your resume. This month, you can take 30% off thousands of classes when you enter the code 'JUNEINSIDER' at checkout. A portable charger is a must-have for anyone who's constantly on the go. Anker is known for its quality gadgets, and this external battery is no exception. Not only is it small enough to slip into your backpack or laptop bag with ease, it charges your phone quicker than a lot of its competitors and can juice your phone up to three times. Currently, you can snag this charger for $22 — the lowest it's ever been on Amazon.If you're looking to redecorate your home this summer, have a look at Design Within Reach's mid-summer sale. Now through July 28, you can save up to 60% on furniture, lighting, and tabletop accessories.

When it comes to finding high-quality wardrobe staples at affordable prices, very few brands do it as well as Everlane. Currently, the clothing company is giving customers the opportunity to name their price for two men's shirts: a knit v-neck sweater and a linen short-sleeved shirt. The site lists three prices for each, so everyone can feel like they're getting some bang for their buck.There's no better time than summer to whip up a fresh fruit smoothie or frozen margarita. And today, you can save some $100 on an excellent Vitamix blender. With three pre-programmed settings and a spill-proof lid, this option is a great way to blend any beverage without creating a mess. Traffic jams happen, trains get delayed, and the weather can be unpredictable some days. A few handy commuter essentials, an umbrella for sudden rain showers or headphones to drown out distracting conversations, will make all the difference when you’re en route to the office though.

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As it stands, your workbag’s got your laptop, wallet, and smartphone neatly tucked in there, and below are 13 additional things that will prepare you for just about anything. Because, it's always better to have what you need when you need it.If you still need to buy a briefcase or messenger bag to hold your stuff, we've got you covered on that front, too.You can certainly spring for a luxe pair of Master & Dynamics, but a cheap pair of in-ears will drown out most noise on the subway, bus, or train just fine. For a step up from the ones that came with your smartphone, we recommend Sony's MDR-XB50s.You'll be glad to have that an extra charging cable stowed in your laptop bag when your phone's battery life is less than 10% (see #7 for more on that) or you need to quickly connect it to a PC. Be prepared for the season's unpredictable weather — rain, snow, sleet, and then some — with an umbrella that's compact and strong enough to handle sudden gusts of wind. Stick with neutral colors like black and gray, as they're the most professional-looking.

Since nobody's perfect, it's best to assume you'll probably spill something on your dress shirt from time to time. Keep a stain-removing pen in your bag so you can erase signs of your lunch quickly and effectively. You should know by now that reusable water bottles are a cheaper and greener alternative to disposable plastic ones. They're also an easy way to cut superfluous costs.Cold weather and chapped lips tend to go hand in hand. Keep a tube of lip balm within reach for instant moisture relief. (If you have a particularly dry spot on your face — maybe around your nose when you have a cold, say — you can apply it there, too, if you don't have moisturizer readily accessible.)RavPower's 6,700mAh pack has enough juice to get you through emergency situations, charges quickly, and is as short as a credit card. For $16, it's an affordable way to ensure your phone stays alive while you're on the go. You can check out more options here.Jot down some quick bullet points during business lunches or your thoughts on the subway ride home from work in something with more substance to it than the "Notes" app on your phone.

Tissues are just plain convenient to have on you — never more so than when you feel a sneeze coming on. While you're at it, it can't hurt to have a package or two of Emergen-C at the ready during flu season. A miniature bottle of Advil is another thing you may want to consider packing. Your morning cup of Joe can leave your breath feeling not-so-fresh anymore. Mints are the easiest fix when your toothbrush isn't available to you. This'll allow you to back up important documents when you're traveling or giving a presentation out of the office on the cheap. SanDisk's USB stick is capable of holding anywhere from 4 to 64GB of files, and it's tiny, even by flash drive standards. With Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad Pro now available, it's not all that surprising to see its 12.9-inch version on sale at Best Buy. That said, Apple's iPads are still king of the hill in the world of tablets, and the 12.9-inch Pro gets close to blending the productivity of a laptop with the portability of a smartphone, making it a top choice — albeit a pricey one. If you've been on the fence about buying one, now's a good time to go all in. If you're planning a few long weekend trips to take this summer and your luggage is looking a bit worse for wear, this week is a good one to upgrade it.

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