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publié le 7 février 2018 Beauté › Régime / minceur

3. Linux is not in the public domain. Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches. That's the way that the license works.Back in the dotcom bust period of 2001, Steve Ballmer went on something of a rant about the licensing terms of open-source software and created this memorable gem.The fact is, open source has never been so popular, and far from being a cancer it has spawned a whole host of useful code and has left companies like Red Hat with very healthy balance sheets. What Ballmer should have added is that Linux is cancer to Microsoft's business plan.That attitude led to the long and fruitless fight against Linux in a proxy war using litigation by SCO, which was at least partially funded by Microsoft. With SCO now in the dustbin of history after countless millions were wasted in legal fees, the whole affair looks like a colossal waste of time.

Redmond is still remarkably resistant to open source but appears to be coming around on the issue. Some things are too big to ignore – Apache springs to mind – and Microsoft could have benefitted from taking a little more time to work with the open-source community rather than fighting a Canute-like battle against it.2. $500, fully subsidized, with a plan! That is the most expensive phone in the world and it doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard, which makes it not a very good email machine.This quote, from a TV interview shortly after the iPhone was announced, shows just how badly Ballmer didn't get the mobile market. Ballmer was scathing about the device, pointing out that Microsoft was selling millions of phones and suggesting that Steve Jobs had made a very big mistake with the iPhone. The rest, as they say, is history.Ballmer took personal control of the Windows Phone team in 2009 after the operating system became an industry byword for how not to do a mobile OS in the face of the polished performance of iOS and Android's popularity. The results have been mixed, to say the least.

While Windows Phone 7 did win some adherents, and Phone 8 looks likely to wrest third place in the market from the struggling BlackBerry, we're still talking about a tiny percentage of the entire smartphone market. Microsoft's attempts to extend its position from the desktop to the handset are continuing, but there's no way it's going to seriously challenge Android or Apple any time soon.This is the quote for which Ballmer is best known after he put in a disturbing performance at Microsoft's 25th anniversary celebrations in 2000. A shiny-faced Ballmer leapt around the stage clapping his hands and chanting the words developers to illustrate where Microsoft should be putting its attention. Ballmer was praised by some for his enthusiasm but the sight of him screaming at the audience with huge sweat stains in his shirt spawned the Monkey Boy meme that still haunts him to this day.

He carried on doing similar presentations for a while, shifting the chant to web developers at one stage, but has now retired from such antics, telling the Web 2.0 conference in 2011 that at his age it was just getting too tiring.Nevertheless, the internet never forgets, and there have been some truly inspired remixes of Ballmer's chant which El Reg suspects will be around longer than he is. Faced with a mounting backlash from UK authorities, The Guardian newspaper has announced that it will collaborate with The New York Times to release further documents detailing the activities of the UK's Government Communications Headquarters.In a climate of intense pressure from the UK government, the Guardian decided to bring in a US partner to work on the GCHQ documents provided by Edward Snowden, the paper said in a statement on Friday. We are working in partnership with the NYT and others to continue reporting these stories.

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The move comes after GCHQ agents reportedly smashed up hard drives and computers belonging to Guardian staffers when editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger refused to turn over materials leaked by Snowden.In a separate incident, the Metropolitan Police detained David Michael Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, for nearly nine hours in Heathrow Airport, citing the Terrorism Act. Miranda's mobile phone, his laptop, and several memory sticks were seized, and Miranda was reportedly compelled to turn over passwords that gave police access to computer and mobile phone.For his part, Greenwald – the journalist at the heart of the Snowden affair – told Reuters he is undeterred by such strong-arm tactics, and that he will be far more aggressive in his future reporting.

By partnering with a US newspaper to release UK-related documents, however, The Guardian hopes to gain the advantage of the strong free-speech protections afforded by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.In particular, US courts have held that prior restraint – the suppression of speech before the speech has actually taken place – is unconstitutional except where such speech might have serious consequences for national security. Information regarding UK government policies, however classified, is unlikely to meet that standard in the US.Besides The Guardian, Snowden has shared some documents with The Washington Post in the past. It was not immediately clear why The Guardian chose The New York Times as its partner for future disclosures about the GCHQ.Meanwhile, a second UK paper has begun reporting on GCHQ activities, purportedly based on documents leaked by Snowden, but Snowden himself has cast doubt on the latest coverage.On Friday, The Independent reported what it claimed were details of a top-secret British spy base in the Middle East, including information it alleged The Guardian had promised the government not to disclose.

But in a missive to Greenwald on Friday, Snowden said he had never worked with or even spoken to anyone at the Independent. Moreover, he directly accused the UK government of planting misinformation designed to discredit past reporting of the documents he provided The Guardian:The journalists I have worked with have, at my request, been judicious and careful in ensuring that the only things disclosed are what the public should know but that does not place any person in danger ... It appears that the UK government is now seeking to create an appearance that the Guardian and Washington Post's disclosures are harmful, and they are doing so by intentionally leaking harmful information to The Independent and attributing it to others.Greenwald himself added that he was also suspicious of the timing of The Independent's coverage, and that he resented the paper's insinuation that The Guardian had agreed not to disclose certain information.Speaking for myself, let me make one thing clear, Greenwald wrote. I'm not aware of, nor subject to, any agreement that imposes any limitations of any kind on the reporting that I am doing on these documents. I would never agree to any such limitations.

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The Independent stood by its coverage on Friday, with editor Oliver Wright taking to his Twitter feed to refute Snowden's assertions.For the record: The Independent was not leaked or ‘duped’ into publishing today's front page story by the Government. In response, Greenwald reiterated the questions he asked repeatedly in his Friday column: If The Independent has documents obtained by Snowden from the NSA, where did it get them? Who provided them, since Snowden himself did not?By comparison, The Guardian explained on Friday, although Snowden has never worked directly with The New York Times, any future reporting the NYT does on documents Snowden provided to The Guardian will be done with his approval.It is intended that the collaboration with the New York Times will allow the Guardian to continue exposing mass surveillance by putting the Snowden documents on GCHQ beyond government reach, Guardian reporter Lisa O'Carroll wrote. Snowden is aware of the arrangement. Something for the Weekend, Sir? DAY 1 I arise at 02:00am and clatter about the house noisily. This is my preferred method of waking up the family without the ignobility of knocking on bedroom doors or the inevitable upset that follows from vigorously shaking shoulders or throwing iced water into faces.

I have booked a cheapskate pre-dawn flight and I do not intend to miss it. The last thing I do before leaving my front door is to switch off our cable modem router.Over breakfast at Gatwick, it looks as if my daughter is frantically texting her friends. How can this be possible? Surely they can’t be awake. No, it turns out she is trying to locate a free Wi-Fi connection but, this being rip-off Britain, they all require prepayment and complex sign-up procedures. You don’t even get a few free minutes.Later that day, however, all thoughts of cybermessaging and social interwebs are forgotten as we bask in the glory of intense Mediterranean sun...DAY 4 Starting to get a little bored of basking. I toy with the idea of checking my email, only to discover than I can’t. The holiday flat appears to be disconnected from the world of communications: not only is there no Wi-Fi, there is no internet available, nor indeed any telephones. My handset says ‘No Service’.

This is puzzling because I had deliberately avoided booking an apartment in the back of beyond. It was certainly not my expectation to be holidaying in some kind of French homage to the set of Straw Dogs, nor had I any intention of being rogered by a gallic Charlie Venner. Indeed, the flat is in a town centre - a small town, admittedly, but not some bleak moor or remote island. Ah well, back to the basking.DAY 5 I am getting fed up with the people in the holiday flat upstairs. They are very noisy. They are Germans. Of course this latter detail is quite irrelevant and I am determined that neither I nor my family should stoop to clichéd, Sun-reader style discriminatory name-calling based on the family’s innocent nationality.

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