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publié le 26 février 2019 Divers › Sport

This is a wager that is placed at the start of any given set. There will be a target number of games for the players to reach – 2, 3, 4, or 5. The first player to win that number of games within the set will be deemed the winning side for the wager. This is an either/or wager, so the odds won’t be particularly lucrative, with the betting edge usually given to the better player.

The largest determining factor in this wager is who serves first in that set. If Player A is serving first against Player B, and both hold serve each time, Player A will get to those milestones first just because of the order. For Player B to win in this scenario, he or she must break serve within those first few games.

So should you always wager on the player that serves first in the set? Well, not necessarily. Breaks happen in every match, so you must identify when you think one might be coming. Also, bet on sports online legally on the player serving first will not return as good of odds as taking the player serving second. Use the following guidelines to make your choice on a race to ‘x’ number of games live wager.


If this is not the first set in the match, take a look at what has already happened in the match. Are the servers dominating, or were there multiple breaks in the first set? If it is a match that is not being dictated by serving, you might be wise to back the second server and get the increased odds.

Head to Head Service Games

Check the stats to see how each player has fared historically against the others’ serve. Some players just see the serve of a certain opponent well, even if that opponent is usually a good server. Finding an edge in this area can help you pick a winner.

Recent Success

Tennis players get hot just like players in any other sports. Even if one player is ranked well below the other, he or she may be riding a hot streak that could carry them to victory. Keep an eye on the recent results of both players to see if one is on better form than the other.

This type of live wager can be useful if you see an early break coming within a given set. Usually, you would want to use this bet if you think the underdog will pull ahead early in the set, only to be caught in the end by the better player.

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