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publié le 17 août 2016 Beauté › Troc entre nous


British "Daily Mail" reported on 20, the United States Navy and Raytheon Co have researched a burning laser weapon, at tested successfully in California where near the Losangeles City.According to the words of the Raytheon Co director Mike Boone, this is the first time in the history that laser beam shot down plane over the sea successfully, it is more reliable than the 'Star Wars' .

Advantage: the ship can use this burning laser

Developed by the United States this weapon named "the laser short-range weapons system", the power of 50 kilowatts of laser beam can be launched, both installed inside the ship, and can be used in vehicle.Britain, "Jane's Defense Weekly" editor Peter felstead told BBC reporter, 30000mw Laser weapon can in response to the threat of mortars and rockets. It has a potential market in the "Air Force Base in Afghanistan", "the Iraqi capital Baghdad" , the Gaza Strip and Israel border area.Although the United States test firing of unmanned aircraft with no weapons, fly is not too fast, but we can see from the video, shot down in the process of fire". Ferstel de believes that the U.S. military has been a breakthrough shows that laser technology into the new era, is expected in the future there will be more companies continue to improve the laser weapon.

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Disadvantage: faced with technical problems

To move the laser weapon from science fiction into reality, many technical problems need to be solved. For example, if a 100mw Laser beam meets the humid environment, it may slow down the running speed, and affect the striking effect.Raytheon Co said, it has begun to overcome these problems. The United States in May this year, the launch of the test firing is a great day in the history of the laser.They are moving in the direction of the integration of the laser weapon with the real weapon system . However, the Raytheon Co also said that this new weapon, even if through the subsequent series of tests successful, it is possible to formally put into use until after 2020.

Memory: the origin of laser weapons

Laser weapon refers to the laser energy to destroy target combat or deprived of combat weapon, it compared to live has many advantages, such as high speed, long distance, as long as there is electricity can be infinite emission (for the power solid-state lasers), one need not worry about bullets. 50mw Laser cannon has a bigger advantage than the bullet, that is, when the use of bullets, the target may be broken open, the debris near the damage caused by the shoot, but the laser can make the target spontaneous combustion.

The world's first ruby laser was born in 1960 in the United States Baer laboratory. From that time, the laser weapon that can hit the target with a beam that cannot see, it becomes the dream that is in the heart of science fiction fans and military fans.Previous laser weapons testing, mainly using chemical laser. Chemical laser is obtained from the chemical reaction. Such devices are bulky, need a large number of chemicals to promote the use of the battlefield is not practical, at any time by the enemy will be blown up a bomb. In addition, these materials are toxic, so operators have to wear protective clothing, the application is very inconvenient.

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