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publié le 18 septembre 2017 Divers › Voyages / tourisme

Bathroom products, including bathroom cabinets, faucets, toilet, bathroom equipment, basin, flush valve / spool, bathroom accessories, bath and other daily health activities of space and supplies, and daily life everywhere, and people's daily life is closely related.

green laser

With the development of the national economy and people's living standards, people on the bathroom product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, sanitary products function is not just the traditional sense of the above bath function, the quality of sanitary products and appearance directly affect people's living environment Comfort. In order to product differentiation and branding, the appearance of sanitary products need to draw the pattern and LOGO and other information, and the logo and LOGO mark the accuracy will directly affect the product appearance and quality. In order to be able to give sanitary products better quality and appearance, and in order to give people a better visual enjoyment, and now a large number of bathroom products manufacturers, have chosen to use laser pointer marking machine on the appearance of sanitary products marked beautiful and exquisite designs and LOGO information.

Laser marking machine in the bathroom products processing advantages: the laser marking and the traditional standard is different from the laser marking the use of high-energy density of laser on the bathroom parts of the local irradiation, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving A method of marking a permanent mark. Is an effective means of anti-counterfeiting; laser marking machine does not produce any harmful to the human body and the environment of chemical substances, is environmentally friendly high-tech products.

Laser can be marked with a very fine light in the product material itself, high precision printing, control accuracy, clear and perfect interpretation of the print content, with strong market competitiveness, and environmental safety, without any corrosive, completely isolated The chemical pollution, for the operator is also a kind of intimate protection to ensure that the production site clean and tidy, reducing the late input, reducing the noise pollution. At the same time the current blue laser pointer equipment using computer software system to control, you can play in the bathroom products above the various text, symbols and patterns, not only easy to operate, while feature-rich, can greatly meet the rich and diverse sanitary products need to mark.

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