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publié le 2 juillet 2016 Beauté › Maquillage


The Laser Pointer is going to be it for power. Anything more then 5mw you are getting into DANGER! Any refraction of the beam will blind you if it enters your eye. That is why there is a limit to the power output. Laser sights are intended for close combat situations. I have mine mounted on my Saiga Kushnapup 12 gauge. This 200mw green laser is a perfect home defence weapon. It's basicaly a point and shoot weapon. It takes the lift and aim out of the equasion and that is presious time when you are defending your home in the middle of the night. If you are buying one of these (or any laser pointer ) for daytime long range you are wasting your money! Again the laser is NOT intended for long range defence.

high powered laser 10W

This high power laser is the first laser have ever bought for a rifle and i love it it goes sooooo far and at night you can actually see the beam and it looks sick. I have this mounted on my AR-15 and its very accurate worth every penny.

Found a laser that is heavy duty and functional for tactical use. I ordered this item on December 27,2012 and it showed up in my mail box on January 2, 2013! Fast! I will order another one foe my other AR. I recommend buying this laser from this seller!

I love this 100mw green laser . I use it in an indoor range so I don't have any visibility issues to speak about. It seems very bright and is quite powerful as I could see it 50 ft away on a fairly bright day. (The day I got it we took it outside to test the visibility claims.) To be honest I would be surprised if they had anything stronger than this that is legal to sell in the US. The adjustments for wind and elevation are the best feature by far. I have a few other accessories that require allen wrenches and it is horrible in comparison.

My polycarbonate Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 was not holding onto the 200mw green laser well enough so if you bumped it or pressed the button it would change the zero slightly. I tightened all the screws and since I was using a black zip tie for the cable once I attached the pressure switch, I decided to use an extra to hold the mount forward. I tightened the tie down as tight as I could and now you can crank on the laser pointer keychain without it loosing zero. I don't know if you will run into this issue on your weapon or if you should even try it if it isn't a tiny .22 like mine and doesn't get near as hot as yours might.

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Interesting laser sight.

I got this so I could use the Laser Pointer without having to hold a button. Great exercise for my dogs at dusk. Feels solid and well constructed. It looks like a tactical flashlight with an assault crown but the brightness is nowhere close to being tactical. You won't be blinding an assailant with...
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