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publié le 23 janvier 2019 Divers › Beauté Addict

More economical sex dolls than sex workers

There is a huge fascination behind the production of things - for example, a simple toy like a kaleidoscope is much more complicated than you think. A new video in the Super Deluxe version lets us know the background of the sex dolls. However, it is even more creepy than the concept of the sex doll itself.

The doll's robot skeleton also mimics the real body to replicate real human motion. However, the robotic body has not yet developed a robot for gender - but developed the company's welcome and service robot - the company is creating a product for stores and restaurants to act as hostess. According to the British hypnotist, sales of sex doll continue to soar in the UK.

Sex dolls (also like dolls or puff dolls) are sexual toys of the size and shape of sex toys used to help masturbation. Sexual dolls may include the entire body's face, or just a pelvic part with sexually stimulating accessories. These components are sometimes vibrating and can be detachable or interchangeable.

So far, the most realistic and affordable on the market are silicone doll and TPE doll. The traditional method of making silicone doll components is to use molds and shaped castings. Creating a human face with a 3D printer means that the assembly line process will be greatly accelerated, so robot production costs will be lower. She told us: "I think this is dangerous because it makes it harder for those who are worried about social connections or participation to solve any fear of preventing them from becoming part of the social operation, but we may do so."

When asked about the legal consequences of making a real doll replica of a real person without knowing it, the four mothers said she had no doubts. Sex dolls are described as "crafted", durable and non-greasy, with "full discretion" from "White Gloves Doorstep Service"

Will sex dolls make sex workers unemployed? The main beef of many sex workers and sex dolls is not moral, but economic. Obviously, robots can replace human workers by 2030, and sex workers don't want to be the first displaced person. Unlike legal brothels, which are not allowed to advertise publicly, sex doll brothels may go all out and advertise on billboards, just as a Vancouver agency recently did. In addition, because the cost of a one-hour doll is less than one hour of cost of life, of course, sex workers and sex dolls are difficult to provide the same service. In a world that teaches men to be emotional, it is common for sex workers to play the role of a therapist, providing a form of asexuality for many clients who may not be able to enter other places (think of speaking and hugging). What are the concerns that have been adequately replaced? Can we believe that the booming sex doll industry will not become an emotional crutches for those who refuse to express? The jury may be at that lunch for a long time.

Sexual dolls In the past few months, African men have become passionate about them. These dolls, which are manufactured in the shape and shape of a female human, have complete holes. And, obviously, most of these people will do anything in the sun and make themselves one of these "creations."

“After my wife gave birth, we stopped sex, and I felt a deep sense of loneliness. But when I saw sex dolls in the urdolls store, I fell in love at first sight. When I took Akumi for the first time. My wife is very angry. These days, she reluctantly endured," said Hakumi, who lives in Tokyo with his sex dolls and family.

“They just showed me a photo,” said the owner of a series of sunbed shops in West Midlands. Sex doll manufacturers "break the pattern of traditional doll construction" by introducing 3D printing in the process. “In conversations with me and my colleagues, we get as much information as possible about the woman or man they want to create.” The post attracted thousands of comments, either supporting his position on the doll, or Describe this relationship as a basic error.

Studies have shown that men who rely on these dolls for sexual gratification often lack empathy. This makes them selfish, because sex dolls don't ask their owners to offer anything. Love relationships are getting harder and harder, because unlike dolls, humans have expectations and requirements for other important people.

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