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So you get Windows 8.1 on the SK Hynix 32GB SSD, but it's a bit of a waste to have to buy it, as most users will discover they need to upgrade as there's so litte space to instal apps. Click for a larger image A final word on the internal storage, the Vivo Mini will take mSata SSDs with capacities up to 256GB. If you planned to get a bigger SSD, it does look like you'd have to swallow the cost of the 32GB SSD with the purchase, as there was no sign of Celeron models with larger drives for sale.Of course, there's the barebones version, but you'll need an OS. Also, with the ready-made Windows model the Asus WebStorage app offers a 100GB cloud service, free for a year.Having used WebStorage before, it was annoying that my user ID was not accepted to sign in. It reported, This WebStorage ID is already existed [sic]. I know, it's my old account. I ended up trying to log in from the WebStorage website to find out what the issue was. It appears that as my previous WebStorage foray had long since expired, the account was now in limbo.So, needlessly, I had to create a new account using a different email address. Come on Asus, if you're going to provide a cloud service, you could join the dots better than this.AI Suite 3 RAM SPD listings. Note the fan speed showing (bottom right). Click for a larger image Where Asus does excel is at system level and even at this end of the food chain the Asus AI Suite 3 provides some useful utilities to keep an eye on things, as well as making tweaks to USB charging, its 802.11ac Wi-Fi configurations and easy BIOS updating.

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If you're not so interested in gazing at RAM speeds and would rather more conventional entertainment, then Asus provides a couple of audio utilities. You can fiddle with a graphic equaliser if you fancy, select presets and configure you audio set-up.Audio options include a graphic EQ and various presets or a enhancements using Waves MaxxAudio If you prefer an easy option, the AudioWizard, powered by Waves MaxxAudio, will tailor the sound to the type you choose; recording, movies, music, gaming and speech. As you're not trying to make poxy laptop speakers sound listenable, the results should satisfy in everyday use on headphones or a hi-fi. If the VivoMini is destined to become a living room PC then you'll find screws in the box if you want to mount it on the back of a monitor.Admittedly, the unappetising 32GB SSD in this base model did colour my experience of using the Asus VivoMini UN42. In short, building a Windows PC around this this capacity is best avoided, as Windows updates will inevitably eat too much of it.

Presumably the thinking behind this is to match a Chromebox on cost, but Google's OS doesn't store apps on its SSD and Asus can't seriously think that Windows with Bing is a comparable system.That aside, the VivoMini UN42 is an exceptionally quiet mini PC with a low power consumption that, as Asus states, is for everyday home computing. If you don't stray too far from that notion, you should be reasonably satisfied, assuming you invest in a larger storage option or go barebones instead. Vulture at the Wheel On the June 6 1936, Audi – or Auto Union, as it was known at the time – first visited the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb course with its 550hp Grand Prix car. Rain spoiled Hans Stuck’s runs on the day, but in practice he had equalled Raymond Mays’ course record of 39.6 seconds up the 1.5km hill in rural Gloucestershire. Just over 50 years later, on July 6 1986, the team returned, with Hannu Mikkola driving the legendary Sport Quattro. He managed to shave a fraction over 10 seconds off Stuck’s time, albeit on a much-improved road surface and in dry conditions.

And on June 8 2015, it was El Reg's turn to take to the hill, at the wheel of the new 367hp Audi RS3 Sportback – which shares some of its DNA with the mighty S2, at least in the sense of being powered by a 2.5 litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine driving all four wheels. In an attempt to discourage the assembled hacks from binning it on the way up the hill, no times were recorded on this occasion – at least, not officially.One of the TV commercials for the RS3 shows it being born from the R8 supercar, and the launch event was big on heritage, with a full range of current RS models for comparison – RS Q3, RS4 Avant, RS5 Coupé, RS6 Avant and RS7 Coupé – and a selection of previous generations to admire.In truth, the RS3, with its relatively small, five cylinder, turbocharged engine, has much more in common conceptually with Mikkola’s Quattro than it does with the R8. But away from the hill and on normal roads, the RS3 has a Jekyll and Hyde character that does make you feel like there’s a supercar lurking just under the body panels.

Utterly docile and well-mannered – if a little noisy – in Comfort mode, with the comfortable (and optional) Nappa leather seats on our test car providing good support and soaking up the last of the firm (but not overly harsh) ride, the RS3 feels like a slightly harder-edged hot hatch.Switch it into Dynamic mode and the steering weights up, the – again, optional – Magnetic Ride Sports suspension firms up and the throttle becomes more responsive when pressed. But, impressively, the car remains as comfortable in normal driving as it was in Comfort mode.We only had four hours in the car, excluding the runs up the hill, but neither the ride nor the noise became tiresome, as other supercars-in-shopping-trolley-clothing have in the past. This is despite its sonic signature never leaving you in any doubt about the car’s capabilities. That noise, though, isn’t exactly musical. It's not unpleasant, but it's very... mechanical.And with the latest-generation, 7-speed, twin-clutch, semi-automatic gearbox and a Quattro system now capable of sending up to 100 per cent of the power to whichever end of the car needs it, the car is never intimidating, even when you start to press on. Grip isn’t limitless – it was fairly easy to get a four-wheel slide on through the last corner of the hill climb – but it is prodigious. But when you do press on, the exhaust note changes and the power comes in like a tidal wave, building all the time and never getting close to its limits on public roads.Which raises a question about this class of car. It is, as Audi claims, supercar-quick – albeit ‘90s supercar quick. 0-60 comes up in 4.3 seconds and while the standard car is limited to 155mph, you can request that the limiter is removed, unlocking the potential to hit 174.

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When the first generation of supercar hatches hit the roads in the early 2000s – the Volkswagen R32, Ford Focus RS and Alfa 147 GTV among them – people asked what was the point of 250bhp hatchbacks that were clearly never designed to have that much power and often struggled to put it on the road effectively. And the point was that they were a hoot. They shouldn't have ever been built, but they were and they worked surprisingly well, considering.A dozen or so years later and nobody is surprised to see the Mercedes A45, the BMW M135i and the second-generation RS3, all with north of 350bhp and all handling all of it as though it was the most normal thing in the world. The RS3’s 367 horses are complemented by 343lb ft of torque – both up over 20% on the previous model.Exclusive EE management was warned that its popular Power Bar phone charging devices had serious safety risks before they were given to customers, the Register has learned. A Power Bar subsequently exploded, injuring a young woman badly enough that she required hospital treatment, and some Power Bars have since been recalled.

Last month, 26-year-old medical student Katy Emslie suffered burns to her hands and spent five hours in A&E and had plastic/reconstructive treatment after her Power Bar, which was charging from her laptop, exploded in the middle of the night while she slept.Internal EE documents seen by The Register make it clear that serious safety concerns regarding the Power Bar had been raised at the company before the device was launched: but it was launched anyway.EE, Britain's largest mobile operator, promised never-ending power for its millions of customers by offering them free Power Bars, which they can collect from the company's retail outlets - and later return them to be recharged, swapping for a freshly-charged Bar. Early in the project EE carried out a risk review through its own safety and sustainability team. It claimed risks had been assessed and that the product met legal requirements including European battery regulations. But it is unclear how detailed that exercise was.

Specific concerns raised within EE in the documents seen by the Register included variable quality in the cells used in manufacture, a risk that the Power Bar could easily be overloaded and catch fire if used with a faulty cable, lack of measures to ensure that Power Bars circulating among EE's users and shops would remain within their safe lifespan, a risk that bars being charged en masse in shops might suffer thermal runaway and burn down buildings, and other dangers.Unfortunately, given the alleged risks to the user, the Power Bar has been a big hit among customers, with EE having to regularly expand its stocks. Even given the existing concerns over safety, El Reg understands that no product improvements were made to later batches of the device.On Wednesday lunchtime, EE recalled thousands of Power Bar devices and said that the only chargers that posed a potential fire risk came from one faulty batch – models labelled E1-06.“We strongly refute any suggestion that safety concerns were ignored or dismissed without careful consideration. The product was subject to a rigorous testing process by our safety and products teams and all EE Power Bars meet EC electrical safety standards.”

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I imagine that anyone would react the same way as HLW upon encountering bacon-scented underwear: to express their distaste using the classic Gonnabee-Hugh method.Those of you who have a fetish for this kind of thing might wish to avail themselves of such porcine-perfumed pleasures by picking up...

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Verizon’s report – which offers insights and recommendations on best practice in protecting health-related private data – is available here. The ship is a year from completion, so there is plenty of time yet to bin it for a more up-to-date and secure version of the venerable operating...

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